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cage advice

  1. T

    Is this cage good?

    Hi! I'm hoping to be the proud friend of a quaker soon, and want to make sure that I'm giving him/her enough room to fly around and play when she's in the cage. Would this cage work? I'd shut the doors with clothes pins, I think, but I'm not sure if that'd be enough. It's 37 x 23 x 60 inches...
  2. Sai_ch92

    Sleeper Cage problems

    My CAG is a plucker, and it doesn't help that he's been very hormonal lately--regurgitated on my sister a couple of times. We're currently working on trying to fix his sleep schedule and diet (he is a VERY picky eater). I recently got a travel carrier to be his sleeper cage, however, he really...
  3. MxBirbo

    How's my cage setup?

    Can I have some advice on my cage setup for my cockatiel, Aries? When we're home, he's basically out of the cage the whole time unless he's ready to go to bed. (I am going to be getting him a larger cage soon!) Any advice? Praise? Constructive criticism? Thanks birb fam!
  4. Littlelovebird

    Lining for bottom of the cage?

    Hi guys, I would like some advice on lining for the bottom of the cage. Ive always had corncob litter in the bottom of Bucks cage and that was never an issue. I did the same with Skittles but she plays with the litter as if she thinks its pellets maybe. Im worried a bit as this is pretty solid...
  5. M

    Pictures Which cage for green cheek conure?

    I’m looking into getting a green cheek conure pretty soon but I don’t know what cage would be best. I heard flight cages are a good choice but the thing that worries me about the flight cages is the thinness of the bars. I was wondering if GCC’s can break the bars? These are the two cages I have...
  6. shyanashay

    Dove Cage Setup

    I’m adopting a dove soon, and I have a flight cage for it. I’d like to see pictures of your cage setups. No aviaries, just cages. :) Thanks in advance! (Ooh, if you’d like to leave Amazon links to your cage supplies that’d be great!)
  7. Rei.dot

    Cage training

    So my new boy (Wammu) is turning out to be much harder to train compared to my first girl (Yuki) . He just doesn’t recognize the cage as his house , when It comes time to fly I’ve started to dread it he will not perch on the cage to rest and doesn’t understand that he can go in his safe zone...
  8. Dextine

    Lovebird troubles

    Hi everyone! This is my first time posting anything so bear with me for a bit. I am the new owner of two lovebirds since September. They were first in a 47 x B 36 x H 98 cm cage. Ive since upgraded them to a 82 x 54 x 153 cm cage. They love playing outside the cage and dislike going back...
  9. maimaie

    New Setup Recommendations

    I posted a while back about a new cage order that did not go well... We finally got over that experience and are ready to try again. I found a cage online and chatted with the company already and feel pretty confident that we will get a good quality cage. So our GCC currently has his own room...
  10. M

    Is my cockatiel cage size ok???

    Hello, I order 2 cages for my cockatiels. I give cage size to the cage maker 24"x24"x24" for 1 pair cockatiels. But unfortunately, the cage maker make my cage 24"x24"x18". They make height 18". He can't take it return and not return my money. I heard international cage size for cockatiel minimum...
  11. Mo Amjad

    Parrot hanging out at the bottom of his cage??

    Hey guys, my ringneck has been hanging out at the bottom area of his cage lately and he's been eating some stuff from there too should I be worried?. I don't know why and how someone would make a cage this easily accessible. He plays and chirps throughout the day and is pooping fine so should I...
  12. optimisticStar

    Cage size for Rock Pebbler or Indian Ringneck

    I got Rock pebbler parrot home yesterday. It's 3.5 months old and already little bigger than cockatiel in size. I guess might be around 12-13 inches now. He is in a taller cage right now which is more meant to be for tiels. This guy I know grows upto 16.5 inches which is little longer than IRN...
  13. PrettyBirdy

    Best Travel Cage for Long Road Trip?

    Hi! So I'm going to be driving 14 hours up to Seattle in late June with two of my birds, Sam and Remmy(Frankie, 'my' goffins, is really my dads bird.) to officially move into a place there. I have had my birds quite awhile, and have gone on various lengths of car rides with them, the longest...
  14. I

    New house for my budgie, please help!

    Hello, My adorable budgie, Cipi, lives currently in a Prevue ‘house’ of these dimensions: 26 (L) x 14 (W) x 20 (H) inches 66 cm x 35 cm x 50.8 cm I want to get her a bigger ‘house’, also Prevue: 26 x 14 x 36 inches 66 x 35 x 91 cm Would this new cage be good for her, as she is alone in there...
  15. Sapph

    Cage recommendation for CAG

    My Congo African Grey is now about 12 or 13 weeks (I only know that she was born in February but not the exact day) and shes eating seeds and vegetables and shes healthy and had her vet checkup and we’re still waiting for her dna sexing results. I’m thinking girl because of physical...
  16. Bri_:3

    I need to know a cage size.

    For my bird I will be getting soon my mom ordered a cage. The dimensions are I believe 28x23x18-20. Are these appropriate sizes for budgies or cockatiels?
  17. melodydee

    New Baby Cockatiel - Welcome Advice

    Our new little cockatiel will be coming home in the next week or two once she ready and able to feed on her own. We have a little cage for her to come home in and stay for the first little while until she's ready to go into her larger cage. We have had budgies and a senegal in the past, so I...
  18. M

    What is the minimum cage size for Cockatiels and budgies????

    Hi, I put my 1 pair of cockatiels in 24''x18''x18'' cage and 1 pair of normal budgies in (not english budgies) 20''x16''x14''. But I want to know what is the minimum cage size for cockatiels and budgies?? (using for both Breeding cage and Flying cage), Thanks
  19. Flynn

    Cage Placed Near Window?

    I'd like to know everyone's opinions about cages being placed by windows. I've done some research into it, and it mostly seems negative, but whenever I put Rio by a window he seems infinitely happier. He gets super puffy and relaxed while sitting in the sun, and seems to really enjoy watching...
  20. R

    Conure Cage Upgrade?

    Ro is fully flighted now and knows how to fly so I was looking to upgrade her cage. However, even though she has the space to flap around now, she doesn't. Her cage is 14 inches deep, 31 inches long and 52 inches high. She seems very content in it and hasn't had any stress or behaviour problems...