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cage advice

  1. PrettyBirdy

    Cage recommendations

    Hi there! My friend is looking for a cage upgrade for her Indian ringneck, and by upgrade I meant HUGE upgrade. I have the a&e extra large corner cage for my cockatoo, and she wants something around the same size, or bigger. The problem is, we are both having trouble finding the size she wants...
  2. Rainbowings

    Is there best cage for lovebirds???

    I have a typical rectangle flight cage, marketed more for finches. It seems okay in size for them but with the new babies I was thinking about upgrading to something larger... Is there a best cage you've found & do lovebirds prefer height or width? I was thinking of something like this...
  3. greencheekmax

    Anyone has experience with SS cage made by Y.S pets in taiwan?

    They are also called jk pets. I saw this one 24x24B-90 Stainless Steel Bird Cage and it looks wonderful. But I haven't been able to find any more info/review about the company, and I've never heard of the brand. I wonder if anyone here knows about them? Thanks!
  4. Z

    Rescued Blue Fronted Amazon.... I think she’s sick?

    Hi everyone! I am very new to Amazon’s let alone larger birds. I grew up with parakeets and cocktails though and well I went to a reputable rescue hoping to eventually adopt a cocktail, lo and behold I bonded with a 30+ year old blue fronted amazon named Zues who’s owner passed away and the...
  5. Emmalyn

    Cage cleaning..

    Hi! I'm sorry if this isn't the right place to post this type of subject.. I have a cockatiel and recently a half a year ago switched him to a larger cage that wheels around. Cleaning it was always easy since I would wheel it outside, hose it down, and let it sun dry. I would soak all of his...
  6. Birdie76

    Nightfrights and Cage Covering

    I usually cover his cage at night in hopes to help him with nightfright's. However, I am finding that he doesn't seem to like having his cage fully covered. I came across this quite by accident. .The first thing I have observed is that he still has nightfright's despite the cage being covered...
  7. Tser

    SS Cage Shopping! (Expandable Habitats?)

    As I mentioned in my welcome post, my Congo African grey needs a new cage. Her current one is in no way unsafe or unusable, I am just very tired of the difficulty cleaning it (it's a SS and aluminum CustomCages.com/Cages by Design Hybrid style). The aluminum tracks are difficult to clean, and...
  8. Tser

    ChuChu the African grey needs a new cage!

    I am thoroughly owned by ChuChu, a Congo African grey parrot. She is the best parrot in the entire world, of course. I have had her since 1998, when she was just a few months old. Her favorite past times are destroying things, throwing food on the floor, watching her favorite shows on TV...
  9. Memowe

    What do you think of my set up? First time bird owner

    Hi everyone! My boyfriend and I are going to be getting our first bird this Saturday. We're hoping to get either a parrotlet, cockatiel, or green cheek conure. The cage is an hq flight cage. I was hoping you'd give your thoughts on our cage! Thank you all! If you have any suggestions please let...
  10. E

    Alexandrine trying to escape from cage non stop

    Hello ! I'm new to this forum. 2 days ago I got my alexandrine parakeet and he is about month old. He is still on his formula and sometimes eats seeds. So I'm kinda experienced, so far I had budgie, aggressive cockatiel and lovely Platycercus elegans (dunno the english term) He is spending a lot...
  11. PrettyBirdy

    Show Me Your Cages!!

    Hi Y'all!! I have a one year old Goffins named Frankie, and I am getting her a new cage! The one I have her in is a fine size, but that's really it, fine, not a lot of extra room, and I have always wanted something bigger for her. I just got a new job, that will have me out of the house more, so...
  12. S

    Cage help needed pliz

    Hi! I recently bought this cage to house a parrot (either a caique or a parrotlet) because it was pretty big, but now Im having second thoughts.... Here is a link to an amazon listing of the cage. What do you guys think? And if its not approppriate, what should I do? Thanks!