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cage advice

  1. vrnkstxx

    Advice wanted

    Hey guys! So far our baby Luna has been a blessing to our family. We love her very much. However since she came home, her sleeping ritual changed and she sleeps more at day and is more active at night. So i decided that covering her cage at night would be the best solution. However i am...
  2. sunnysara

    Help! Hyper Female Sun Conure

    Hi! My baby Sunny is about 5 months and she's a sweetheart. The problem is, she literally doesn't stay still... Ever! She's always going flying around the house or going crazy is she's in her cage (big toy-filled cage). Also she seems to hate her cage, she does play with her toys sometimes but...
  3. Chase Hein

    New Toys!

    Hi guys, I have a vet appointment for Wally concerning the foamy droppings, but on another note, my mom gave my a bunch of bird toys for my birthday, I was just curious for everyone with smaller birds. What toys do you birds like? And also, do I have enough?
  4. redrose27

    Help Looking for new cage for Budgie/Parakeet

    Hi I’m looking for a new cage for my sister (parakeet) Kony but I am a bit stuck on what to get. I tried visiting pet stores around where I live but they are all empty as if they were raided. I could not find a cage at the store and now I’m worried on what to get. I don’t have a big budget to...
  5. W

    design ideas for birdie room!!

    nori's cage is outside and india gets very cold and polluted in the winter so i think if i was ever to have another bird i would have to make the room on the roof (where i spend a lot of time in) equally as fun a i hope to make the aviary. i love the idea of those big ropes hanging up and those...
  6. M

    Trust Issues (Indian Ringneck)

    I purchased an Indian Ringneck (6 months old) around 4 days ago and has been in its cage since. Whenever I try to get really close to the cage it starts to frantically fly side to side and also does the same when I try to change its feed. It isn't tame so would like for it to gain some trust in...
  7. M

    IRN cage upgrade!

    So I've had my ringneck for around 4 days now and is pretty skittish and freaks out when I go too close to his cage. The current cage has bowls that I have to stick my hand into the cage to change and doing this causing my IRN to go crazy. So I've decided to upgrade to one that has dedicated...
  8. Jxdeeyy

    Moving budgies into new cage!

    I have recently bought a much larger cage for my 2 budgies. I’ve put a few perches and toys in there - along with treats to try and entice them in (all of the toys in there they are familiar with and the natural wood perches in there are the same as those in their current cage). They were a bit...
  9. PippinLovebird

    Ferret Cage For Birds?

    Hey! So I have been looking into getting a larger cage for my cockatiel, Milo. And I found a large ferret cage. I was wondering if anyone has ever used a ferret cage for their birds, or if you think it would be okay? Milo is one of my newer birds and isnt the most comfortable with me yet. He...
  10. Cosmic

    Proper cage size/dimensions for a Green Cheek Conure?

    Hi! I am new to the forum and new to bird care. I have a 1-year-old Green Cheek Conure. What is the proper cage size/dimensions for a green cheek conure so she may live a long, happy, healthy life? The current cage my Green Cheek is housed in is 24 in. x 16 in. x 16 in. (L x W x H). Any other...
  11. Cosmic

    (Questions) - New to caring for birds. I have a 1 year old Green Cheek Conure. Wat do?

    I am new to this forum and I am new to caring for birds. I have a 1-year-old green cheek conure named Pipo and I also help my grandmother care for her 18-year-old Yellow-naped Amazon Parrot named Pepe. In this thread, I will only talk about the green cheek due to the location of this post and...
  12. Skyandkiwi

    Budgies in their new cage, but only on the sides of it

    Hi, So I transferred my two budgies into their new flight cage, and surprisingly it went smoothly. They aren’t scared at all and eat their treats when offered, preen, sleep and slightly move around. The only problem is that they’re doing all of this on the sides of the cage. Once they hopped...
  13. niamhk

    cages for cape parrots

    Hi! i’ve got my girl a cage for when she comes but i wanted to see it you thought it would be ok? She’ll only be sleeping in it and have about 10 hours a day out. just wanted to hear your thoughts:) it’s not this exact one but it’s very very similar to it just a different colour and brand i...
  14. P

    Pictures Advice my conure cage and toys

    Hi! I am Peaches's mom. I'm with a green cheek conure and my bird is raising it for the first time to me. And I'm always learning a lot on this website, for example his first tent is a happy hut, I don't know this is bad and I changed tents with fleece and sea grass, and I also dowel perch...
  15. C

    My cockatiel

    Two weeks ago I got a cockatiel. She is hand tame and loves eating millet! However whenever I open the cage door to let her out she just looks out and goes back in her cage. I haven’t forced her out in any way but I’m not sure what to do now.
  16. P


    HELP ! URGENT So recently my kitchen unfortunately burnt down leaving me in an apartment whilst it’s fixed, i one a rainbow lorikeet whom lives in a reasonably small cage, i was wondering, what do i do? I’m unable to let him out as i’m stuck in this apartment and at school, this apartment is...
  17. tiki07

    budgie natural branches! help.

    Hello everybody. Today I went outside and got some branches from trees nearby. I didn't think much about it so I did not really take a pic of the trees to identify them. I removed the branches bark, then washed them with vinegar and hand soap just in case. Then, because my mom wouldn't let me...
  18. LoveToki

    New A&E cage!

    I finally decided on a new cage for Moki..I love it...the 20x20 All Living Things Skyskraper from PetSmart.com she started out in was definitely too small. She was extremely happy with it..immediately climbed to the top perch and hung almost upside down and spread her wings for all to see LOL...
  19. Beakz

    Bird doesn’t like cage

    So my baby Ringneck has been spending a LOT of time outside of its cage. Pretty much all day, but the problem his he poops all over the house and goes where pleases , this is becoming a problem! During the night time I offer him a sunflower seed for stepping up and then after for stepping down...
  20. M

    In need of a cage

    Hi everyone, I recently purchased a sun conure. I will be able to take him home in a week since they are still trying to wean him. In the meantime I'm trying to prepare everything and would like some advice on a good and affordable cage. Would like to try to keep the price range around 300 and...