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cage advice

  1. Z

    Indian Ring Neck not wanting to leave their cage

    I’ve had an indian ring neck for a few months since he was about 2 months old from a breeder. He has done really well since we got him and steps up and loves to sit on my shoulder. The only thing is lately he has not wanted to leave his cage. I will keep the door open and he may come out once a...
  2. P

    Small rusting on our cage already?

    Hi hi! I have had the prevue Hendrix flight cage for almost 2 years (I can’t find the link I bought from now but its the largest one pictured on the right below, that I could find for three of my cockatiels) Its wrought iron and powder coated and well reviewed but its already got two small...
  3. R

    I let my cage open for my 2 budgies and they wont come back

    I've had my birds for a week now and wanted to try letting them have free flight time, as soon as they got out they went for my air conditioners, ceiling fans and wont come back down..They were there for quite awhile and I needed them to come back so i tried to grab them ( I know it was a...
  4. Hobgoblin

    Mediating the mess

    So this might be a foolish question but here it goes… How do you experienced owners keep the house clean? We have a 7 month old conure who loves to play in and outside of his cage. We have a relatively small open concept house which means he does all of his living where we do too. I’m not...
  5. TailFeather

    Should I get another bird for my birb?

    My birb(intentional spelling) Emmi is around 6 years old now she(at least what the breeder and the vet said, no blood test) and I think that she would do well with having another friend to keep her company when I’m out and about. I forget to mention that she is a Goffin Cockatoo and a pretty...
  6. StarTrick

    Disinfecting a Used Bird Cage

    Hi there, I'm picking up a used decent sized cage for my ekkie tomorrow - the original owner of the cage had a blue and gold macaw who unfortunately passed away due to circumstances unrelated to health, according to the seller. I don't want to use bleach due to the affect it has on the wildlife...
  7. claykroh

    Where the babies should live

    My caiques recently had three babies. They're doing well, and they all live in a pretty large cage for the moment. The babies are about two months old now, so they're fledging and starting to eat food. They're also getting bigger, and though the cage is large, I'm thinking it probably is going...
  8. bird_mama

    Yaheetech bird cage grate replacement

    I posted a thread yesterday and I was recommended to contact Yaheetech about their replacement parts. Sadly, they haven’t answered my calls or emails. I’m looking for a replacement grate for my cage as my CAG finds it amusing to bite it. It would be amazing if it was stainless steel since he...
  9. peachypjm

    A&E Flight Cages

    Hi! for my birthday I'm going to be getting mercury a new flight cage, and I fell in love with A&E's flight cages when I saw one at my local bird store. However, I checked the forums and saw the general guide and reviews for cages and saw some things about A&E. I'm a little hesitant to get him...
  10. S

    Grateless birdcage lining dilemma; Parakeets

    I have a cage that I don’t put the grate in since one of my parakeets had deformed feetsies and the vet said it could make her be in more pain, and want to keep it grate free for my new bird, are there any suggestion for a lining material for the tray? I can’t do paper because my very first bird...
  11. maounm

    2 months old GW macaw

    Hello everyone! My GW is 2 months now and i have a few questions. He tries to climb out of his box 3-4 times a day mostly after hand feeding and throws out some feed while trying to do so. My question is when should i put him in a cage? He doesn't perch yet but was able to climb out of a half...
  12. charlieboy

    Looking for Cockatiel Cage Advice!

    Hi peeps! Haha... get it? :laugh: Happy Easter! As some of you may know I want to get a bigger cage for my cockatiel, Charlie :) I've been eyeing this one a lot: Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight Cage with Stand, Chalk White, Large: Amazon.ca: Pet Supplies However, I've never had any...
  13. ZoraKarasu

    Wrought iron cages?

    Hi! I got a iron wrought cage. Zora hasn't moved in yet. But i just came across an article saying iron wrought cages are not safe for birds? Anyone here with iron wrought cages and how has it turned out? Also, should i paint my cage then, and with what? Thank you!!
  14. A

    Parakeets and canaries?

    Hi! I've had a pet canary for a few years now. When the weather's nice, we let his cage out in our garden. Usually, a lot of birds flock nearby because my lil baby canary is a very messy eater, but today I came home and found a blue parakeet latching on to his cage for dear life. It was...
  15. MPCacatúa

    Cage Setup for 4 Budgies

    Hello! I wanted to share my cage set up and ask if there are any improvements I should make? Also- how can I get more toys and such in the lower half so they can enjoy their whole enclosure? (most of my toys hang from the ceiling of the cage) Also- they are allowed out of the cage daily! The...
  16. A

    Advice For My New Baby Blue and Gold Macaw

    Hi there! My B&G baby is 7 weeks now. He comes with me to work and is obviously still being handreared.. I just wanted to know if/when can you start introducing fruits and veggies to their diet? I have read on a few places that says from 8 weeks... Any tips on this please?? Then he also comes...
  17. jadesha

    New lovie doesn't like sleeping in his cage

    My new 4 month old lovie, Pokka, seems to like his cage, but hates sleeping in it at night. I try to get him in at 8:30 every night as I wake up at 8:00 AM, however, I always have to basically force him to go inside and when he is in, he's always trying to escape. He loves sleeping outside in my...
  18. Frogpasta

    What to do with a non-independent bird

    Hello everyone! I’ve recently gotten a cockatiel (Gnocchi) and I love him to pieces!! He is a very well behaved bird, but he has one main “problem area”...he really doesn’t like to be left alone. I am well aware that cockatiels have a reputation of being somewhat “clingy”, but in this case I...
  19. budgelove

    Perches and Toys

    Hello! I'm researching into budgies, and planning to buy a pair in a week or so, whenever I feel adequate and knowledgeable enough to be a good budgie parent. I have a few questions, and I thought I'd ask actual budgie owners for their opinions and their experiences. I'd extremely appreciate...
  20. Frogpasta

    Cage Location - I want to put my cockatiel in the main living area, but I’m not sure how safe it is.

    I have a cockatiel (Gnocchi), and he is a social butterfly (as I’ve heard lots of cockatiels are). I am currently keeping Gnocchi in my room, because...I have cats (I feel like there should be dramatic music here), but I feel as though this might not fit my Gnocchi’s big personality. You see...