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  1. J

    Urgent conure ripped off nail

    hi <_> my q y/o gcc ripped his whole toe nail off while i was at work. in the span of 3 hours he managed to lose his nail (on his favourite bell), bleed everywhere and stay quiet while my mum was around. he’s been acting tired all night and i didn’t notice till i had been home for an hour and...
  2. R

    Hello everyone! I’m new here and would really love some advice!

    I actually haven’t got a bird yet and was really wondering which species you would recommend for me. I obviously understand that each bird is an individual and you can’t guarantee a bird’s personality by their species but some help would be appreciated. I’m really torn between a few species-...
  3. Madzrellie

    Changing Interactions?

    Hello! I believe this is my first post to these forums, so I apologize if I’ve made any mistakes, I’m still not used to the website. I’m also trying to add as many details as possible, so sorry if it is long. I have a DNA-sexed female GCC named Fiji (although mostly responds to “bird/birb”)...
  4. W

    Inseparable Siblings

    Hey all! I've decided to purchase two GCC siblings who are really close to each other. They are handled daily by the breeder and her husband and I'm told they are very sweet, but after reading about bonded GCCs becoming intolerant of their owners, I'm getting worried. Any suggestions for how to...
  5. RiccaE

    Bent then broken tail feather

    My baby GCC had a bent tail feather. It was roughly a 45 degree angle for a few days. Today when I changed his cage bottom, I noticed the feather had either broken off at the bend mark, or did he maybe chew it off? Is it normal for a bent feather to break off and will he be okay with just the...
  6. Mason and Kiwi

    Is this hut safe for my conure?

    I saw one hut that said it was specifically NOT safe for conures so instead I got this one. I understand they chew up their tents, but could this one be safe? There’s only soft cloth on the outside, not fur, and on the inside is more like almost plastic with some soft rubber buttons for friction...
  7. AlyDLC

    Hello and Help!

    Hey y’all. I would love any suggestions and past/current experiences. I am a new bird mom (2months) and I am completely smitten. Zuko is 8 months on the 19th and I’m thinking of bringing home a friend for him. Is this too soon for me to be a bird mom of 2? I have heard with birds 1 is 1 and 2...
  8. Brenda_H

    Help finding a GCC & Budgie sized perch stand

    I read on here often, but finally broke down and decided to post my question. Has anyone had luck finding a rolling perch that is suitable for a green cheek and budgie? Our little table top perch is tired and we really want them off the table and onto something more portable so I can wheel them...
  9. carwife

    Hello Bird People

    Hi all. I am glad to be part of this group. My name is Mary Ann and my 'lil chicken is Kiwi a green check conure. He's two and we've had him since he was weaned. The main reason for joining this group is for information and tips. I want to provide enough stimulus to keep him happy. This looks...
  10. Apollo's Mommy

    New mommy to 'special' Cinnamon GCC

    Hi all, Long story short, my baby Apollo (approximately 5 months old) fell from his cage and broke his back (I work where he was going to be sold). I spent days and days with him for three months in the back of our store rehabilitating him to where he can use his beak to help him walk. Ended...
  11. diitrex

    After-vacation aggression

    I just got back from a two week vacation, during which I left my GCC Finn with a sitter. He’s super aggressive to me now that I’ve picked him up. Every time I try to touch him he bites me hard enough to draw blood. I know that it will go away in a little bit and I just have to wait for him to...
  12. Pandemonium

    Video Phoebe's cuddles

    This little sweetheart is a lovebug :hug2:
  13. Miwwies

    Hello everyone!

    Hello everyone! I'm a 1st time parront from Québec, Canada. I have a 6 mo female green cheek conure named Kiwi. She's been with me for only 2 months but during that short time, we created a very good bond. Kiwi can say her name and she makes kissy noises. She likes to be cradled in my hand...
  14. I

    Need help with GCC

    Hi all! I came here trying to figure out a number of problems with my mothers 6 month old GCC. Firstly I'd like to add we got him from Pet Smart (Bad call i know) He was about 3 months old and hes very skitish and aggressively grooms himself? To the point where his tail feathers are all beat up...
  15. veronica2000

    Introducing Two Birds

    Hey! I’m going to write down my current plan for introducing two birds, I’m not sure if it is the best way to do it, please suggest any changes. A * means something I am not sure about. Dino: Male Hybrid pyrrhura, I think painted x gcc. Hatch date Jan 12, 2018. Single bird right now. Friendly...
  16. birdlady91

    Can they overeat mineral blocks?

    I've had my baby GCC Leo (about 3 months old) for around a week and half. He's adjusting really nicely to living in his new home, I worry about every little thing though! Is it ok that he loves chewing on his mineral block? Can too many minerals be bad for him? It's one I got from petco. (You &...
  17. Kazifasari

    GCC compatibility?

    My husband and I have a 11month old GCC named Atari (not sexed yet but we think it's a "she") who we absolutely adore. We're now thinking of getting another bird of a different species and I had a few questions for anyone experienced with this sort of thing. Does gender matter? I don't mean for...
  18. J

    Conure friendly plants?

    I'm growing some veggies in containers and recently got a hold on some container variety of pea, it grows very short and bushy with small pods just about 2-3 peas each. My GCC loves peas! I used to give her whole pods last summer. I was wondering, though, if it was okay to give her access to the...
  19. Hriday_the19th

    3-week GCC {help!!!}-IlivinINDIA.

    Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum. I did my research on which bird would be best for me and fell in love with green cheeks and am planning to buy a new this week. so went to this so-called aviary who was more of a bird breeder who doesn't like to be called so. he showed me 4 green cheek...
  20. Hotpockets

    New GCC. What counts as a bite vs a nip?

    Hi, I'm new to the forum but have lurked quite a while! The reason being that I had met a lovely 6 year old GCC at a bird specialty shop and after a few weeks ended up taking him home with me. I felt confident in his temperament because we spent a lot of time together in the store, which they...