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  1. ginjaninja004

    Aggression and Biting!

    Hello! I have a 5 month old GCC that I absolutely love dearly. His name is Ollivander (Ollie) and I have had him almost a month now. The issue I am having is he is very aggressive when it is time to go back in his cage. He spends the majority of his time outside his cage unless its bedtime or...
  2. kiwi203

    Urgent Dog bit her!

    My puppy grabbed my GCC and squeezed her in his mouth. No signs of shock or lacerations, but I'm very much concerned about his saliva, and about internal injuries. She has a vet appt tonight. What should I do in the meantime? She seems to be acting normal but is wobbly.
  3. kiwi203

    GCC biting very hard?

    I have a two year old GCC. Ever since we've got her, she's been biting so hard that she'll draw blood every time, and rip out pieces of skin. She is now calming down after a year of having her but she'll still bite VERY hard sometimes. Why?
  4. S

    Green cheek conure funny smell during molting?

    Every time my gcc goes through a molt, she gets a funny musty smell around her pinfeathers. She has healthy droppings, eats a normal healthy diet of pellets, fruits & veggies, and has lots of energy. Has anyone else experienced this? I will probably just take her to the vet but since her...
  5. Parakeet88

    Tips on harness training?

    I have a GCC and I would love to harness train him so we can go for walks together. Getting him harness trained now seems like a good idea so that if for some reason I ever need to harness him he'll already be trained. I also want to do it while he's young, he's about 9 months now. He doesn't...
  6. Good_birdy

    GCC Sudden Biting

    Hi everyone. So my conure turned one this summer. Its an ever growing experience and I always try to do better. She's been enjoying cuddles, she likes to sit on my chest and get scritches. However for the past few days she'll boop my hands repeatedly and be progressively fluffing up and...
  7. Paintz

    Urgent Marzipan threw up clear liquid

    He has done this before once, when he (presumably) had a bacterial infection, but nothing came up on the tests. he seems okay, playing around like usual. Maybe he's stressed because someone was in the house earlier? maybe he licked adhesive or something off my computer mouse, or something? He...
  8. Paintz

    Hello! I'm new here

    Hello! I'm a trans boy, 18, don't really have a name picked out, but you can call me graham. I own a yellow-sided green cheek conure named marzipan who is a little older than a year now--he's my ESA who goes on trips with me. He's very sweet. the only person he doesn't like is my sister lol...
  9. Conuress

    GCC clawed by dog

    I'm still a little shaken up, but basically what had happened a couple minuets ago was that I was sitting on the couch with my conure on my shoulder. He loves my mom, so when she walks down the stairs, he always goes to her. All of a sudden, the bird took off and my dog somehow managed to swipe...
  10. GCC_Quijote

    A bitey little booger- new dish and cage guarding behavior?

    So, Quijote is one of the great loves of my life, and he bites. When things are going excellently well between us he bites much less painfully, and a simple 'ah' will get him to stop. Recently, though, he has been biting really hard. Now, he seems to be trying to give me a clear message without...
  11. Reggie

    I Have A Dilemma

    As most of you know that I adopted Cooper - my 8yo GCC - in December of last year. He was horrid when I first got him, but over time he's gotten better behaved. He's never really liked to be touched and he seems to have some kind of separation anxiety from people he bonds with. He used to bite...
  12. kiwi203


    My mom is refusing to take her to the vet. She fell behind the radiator and went into shock once I pulled her out She's all limp but alive What do I do I'm panicking this is my first bird injury
  13. kiwi203

    Cage too big?

    I recently purchased this cage for my GCC: Bird Cage Large Play Top Bird Parrot Finch Cage Macaw Cockatoo Pet Supplies Blk - Walmart.com Is it too big? She seems fine in it and cannot fit out the bars. It is recommended for sun conures and cockatoos but her old cage was so small it was...
  14. kiwi203

    GCC potty training

    My bird poops a lot. A lot. More than usual, in fact. My mother wants to get rid of her if she can't stop pooping all over the house. We've tried a flightsuit, she's terrified of it. Is there way to potty train birds to poop less, or in their cage?
  15. kiwi203

    GCC biting

    When we got my GCC in January, she was shy and bit a lot, but she's much more outgoing now. Trouble is, she still bites a lot. My hands are all scarred from her attempts to take a chunk of flesh from me. I don't understand. She's a year old, is it hormones? Or does she just not like me? She...
  16. itmegoob

    Urgent stress bars?? bronzing?? i just need help

    my conure will be a year old next month and over the past 8 months since ive gotten her her feathers have gotten worse and worse.. i give her the zupreem fruit pellets and plenty of time with me throughout the day, im just not sure what could be causing such awful marks on her feathers. i had...
  17. kiwi203

    Getting GCC used to flightsuit?

    My year old GCC is a legal ESA (emotional support animal,) to help with my panic disorder. I purchased her a flightsuit and have been easing her to it over the past week. She will bite it, let me pet her with it (albeit while she nips at me) and she will go close to it. But if I place it near...
  18. Sillybirds

    New here and looking for help finding the right bird for me gcc, meyers, pionus?.

    I have 2 parakeets currently (well actually my girlfriends), but they are bonded and dont really want anything to do with me. I was looking to get a bigger bird maybe small to medium sized within the next year and looking for help deciding. Right now I'm thinking something like a green cheek...
  19. Reggie

    Cooper's Thread of Progress and Mischief (WIP)

    I've been told several times that starting a "training journal" would be a good way to document all of his misbehaviors and try to retrain them when I know exactly what is causing them. So here's Cooper's training thread, and I hope having two separate journals (one here and one on my blog) will...
  20. Reggie

    Cooper Does The Cutest Thing...

    The last couple of weeks I've been frazzled because I only find the banana-shaped pieces from his pellet in his water dish. (Of course the rest are on the floor and everywhere but being digested.) So I sat and watched him a few days ago. I would pretend to type on my computer and I'd look over...