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  1. polaryse

    My GCC doesn't fly

    I got my GCC about a month ago, and he rarely flies- only when he's spooked. He won't willingly fly anywhere- I've tried luring him with treats, and I can tell he really wants to fly but he just won't. He isn't clipped and doesn't have any history of injuries. I really want him to be able to fly...
  2. J

    Air purifier

    I'm planning on buying an air purifier and was wondering if there's anything I need to look out for, or if any one will do. I see a lot of things about ions and honestly I have no idea what any of it means.
  3. recyclops2

    Bird cage size: good or bad?

    Hey bird owners! Semi new to owning a bird, got my GCC baby Kiwi in November. I currently have this cage! VIVOHOME 54 Inch Wrought Iron Large Bird Flight Cage with Rollin https://a.co/d/bUDYqEg was wondering if this is a good fit for a Green Cheek! When I got him, my parents picked out the...
  4. S

    Can I bring a male Cage mate for my male Greencheek?

    Hi everyone! I have a 5-8 months old turquoise-yellow side greencheek named Bingo! (Male) So I wanted to bring a cage mate for him , but I don't want them to have eggs so I don't want to bring a female. But is it ok to have two male ? Or a should I just don't bring a cage mate? (And I read...
  5. J

    Kittens and Birds

    Does anyone has experience with training young kittens around their birds? I recently found a very young kitten, I'm thinking around 8 weeks old. I originally planned to take care of him until I could find a home for him, but he's bonded close to my dog and I, and I've kinda fallen in love with...
  6. J

    Overgrown Nails

    My GCC's nails are pretty overgrown. I've noticed when she walks (especially on flat surfaces) she's pretty much walking on her nails. I haven't been able to find a groomer/vet in the area that's willing to clip her nails (her regular vet is 2 hours away), and clipping her nails at home is a...
  7. J

    Sharing human dinner?

    How safe is it to share little niblets from my dinner with my green cheek conure? I don't ever do this because I'm very cautious when it comes to my pets, but I've caught my boyfriend on numerous occassions sneaking her little bites of his food. He knows what she absolutely CANNOT (alcohol...
  8. J

    Hair Straightener

    Does anyone know if the Marquee Hair Straightener is safe? I don't straighten my hair, but my preteen little sister is spending the night with me and is insistent that she HAS to straigten her hair (preteen things lol). It's marketed as a ceramic hair straightener and I would make her use it in...
  9. J

    Bird safe plants?

    I have a 2 year old GCC named Kiwi, and I'm looking to become a plant mom. I currently have zero plants and no experience. I plan to do research and make sure all my plants are "pet friendly" (if anyone has any almost impssible to kill, pet friendly plant reccomendations, that would be helpful...
  10. P

    GCC's behavior

    Hey! My GCC starts do this movement but Idk why my bird do that. Can somebody explian to me..? Should I worry about that? I upload my youtube link. (Mona’s weird behavior (Should I worry about this?)) Thank you for reading my post :heart:
  11. TLeeMac

    Xavier’s eye

    Xavier is a two year old pearly green cheek conure. So I got Xav out of his cage this morning and he has a big pink mark on the skin around his eye. He’s a little nippy so I had to zoom to get the pic while he was eating. I’m hoping it’s just that he scratched it. This is his first injury ever...
  12. T

    Black skin under wing?

    Hi! I adopted a new gcc (I think American dilute to be specific) recently (Peaches) and I haven't noticed anything wrong with her. She doesn't have any symptoms for any other diseases from what I've observed. However, today when she stretched her wings, I noticed one of them seemed dark. I...
  13. SGonnelly9

    Green cheeked conure

    Hi, I have a 3 month old green cheeked conure, over the last day or two his voice has changed, it went from being a high pitch loud noise to a medium pitch low sounding noise, he seems to be breading g and eating fine, can anyone help me? I am concerned about him, also he doesn’t want to be...
  14. Carp5699

    Can GC conures and budgies get along

    First off I'm not sure if this is the forum to post this on, but I was scrolling through Craigslist and came across a green cheek conure that was recently posted. Didn't expect to, but I kinda really want it now. Though I doubt I'll actually be able to get it depending on how my parents feel...
  15. nthorne96

    VERY clingy 4 month old GCC

    I just got a 4 month old Green cheek conure, and I absolutely love her! She is extremely playful, loves to learn eats like a pig (picky eater who?) but I apparently am unable to even leave the room at all without her squawking as if she’s being murdered! I’ve had her less than a week so I know...
  16. J

    Green Cheek conure odd behavior

    So my green cheek conure is doing a new, weird behavior. She's around 4 years old. She has a furry tent in her cage that she sleeps in but recently at random times of the afternoon she goes in the tent and is kind of laying or in a weird position making a constant weird noise. The noise is tough...
  17. Cheekyboy

    green cheek conure displays of aggression?

    Hello all, I have a 1 1/2 year old male green cheek conure that I believe is showing signs of hormonal aggression towards one specific member of my household as well as outside visitors. When we first got him he was good with everyone for the most part, up until several months ago when what...
  18. B

    My GCC is afraid of hands

    Hi everyone, I’ve had Joey, my green cheek Conure for 5 months now and I got him when he was 10 week old. We let him roam around the house (supervised) and he is in his cage only when we are not home or when it’s his bedtime. He has always been very friendly with everyone and definitely not...
  19. cindypanny

    Pictures bump on gcc eyelid

    Hi guys, My conure has a bump on her eyelid, I don't know if you guys can see it but when i look down, it bulges out, it is like a fleshy skin coloured a bit red bump. My parrot has no issues, shes normal but I'm not sure where the bump came from. Any ideas?? could it be like tumour or a skin...
  20. T c

    Bonded rescue conures

    I kind of inherited a pair of green cheeks after their owner (family friend) could not keep them anymore. They have been in the same cage together since the original owner got them (3-4 years) and are now bonded. I've been training them every day for a few months now, but when it comes to cage...