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  1. R

    Breeding Green Cheek Conures

    Hello, I am Thinking about breeding green cheek conures, and had a few questions. First off I have bred cockatiels twice (successfully for the most part) handfeeding the last clutch. So question #1 Is there much difference breeding gcc’s than cockatiels? Question #2 Is handfeeding gcc’s...
  2. elitys

    Stinky got a Clean Cage

    Poppy (aka Stinky, Poopy, Sweet Girl, etc.) got a clean cage and a new layout yesterday. After several tries, I've finally made a layout that gets her to use all of her levels, all the way to the floor. Had to bribe her with her favorite toy (the green chain with the willow balls) to get her...
  3. elitys

    Introducing GCC to Cockatiel

    My GCC, Poppy, finally met my boyfriend's tiel, Baby, today and she hated him! She was such a mean girl! Baby was being so sweet, had his heart wings out and was singing at her, but Poppy got all puffy-necked and tried to bite him. We went to a neutral area in my house (the kitchen) and I set...
  4. ChromeClad

    HELP Is Pinot a normal Green Cheek?

    Hey guys! So, Pinot is doing great in his new home with me, but I had a few questions in regards to green cheeks. Pinot is much larger than average, and his head shape seems different than most green cheeks (he weighs 98 grams but vet said he was healthy, keel was flush) His colouration seems...
  5. ChromeClad

    Adopted 1 Year Old GCC Training Help

    I recently adopted a GCC from a neglectful situation. I've done a lot of research online learning about training techniques and desired behavior! So, the problem I'm having is Pinot (My GCC :xflove:) seems to be progressing at an alarming rate. I've had him for three weeks and he already knows...
  6. D

    Bad Aspects of Caiques? Nippier than GCCs?

    Hello, I used to have a couple GCCs and have been researching Caiques recently. I am not sure about getting one, but I have been reading up on them just because they are interesting. I might be interested in having one as a pet in a few years, but I've seen a couple people say they aren't good...
  7. C

    Urgent Dark poop? Acting completely normal, no dietary changes

    My GCC has dark poop which I just noticed today. His diet is zupreem fruit pellets and he gets a little Higgins everyday, along with fruit and vegetables depending on the day. He's acting completely normal. However when checking his toys I seen that one of his toys has dark blue paper that he...
  8. Alex Nico

    my conure seems to suck at preening

    Photos included. He didn't want to sit still for the pictures though. Hi! I've had my yellow-sided green cheek conure for over a year now, and he's always had these black spots on his feathers (mostly on his shoulders/wings). At first, I assumed it was an issue in his diet, so I did a lot of...
  9. elitys

    Healthy weight for GCC?

    I'm such a worrier. I weighed my 5 month old green cheek today, and she is 57.3 grams. I saw that 60-80 is the norm for them, and I'm assuming she's fine, but I just wanted to check that the number is probably low because she's still young. I'm going to weigh her more over the next few weeks...
  10. T

    New amateur breeder Green-Cheeked Conure ( sorry for my english )

    Good morning from Greece ! My name is Thomas and yesterday morning i saw hatched 2 from 4 eggs. I have a coulple of Green-Cheeked conure from November 2017, from Italy exhibition ( Reggio Emillia ) Male Pinaepple borned 4/2017 and Female Cinnamon Blue(turquoise) borned 2/2017 I attach photos...
  11. flockof.4

    are these stress bars?

    Hi again. I posted last night about my green cheek conure and sleeping on the bottom of her cage and sleeping a little more during the day but acting normal, otherwise. My mom and me were debating on if she was fine or not but still calling our vet to get his opinion. I completely forgot about...
  12. flockof.4


    Hi there. I’m Meghan, and I have four birds. One parakeet, one cockatiel, and two green cheek conures. I did have another parakeet but he unfortunately passed away in mid January. He was my very first bird. His name was Blue (budgie) and I got him July 16th, 2018. I wanted to get him a friend...
  13. flockof.4

    GCC sleeping at bottom of her cage

    Hi. I’m new here so forgive me if I’m a little all over the place. I have four birds, one parakeet, one cockatiel, and two green cheek conures. This is concerning my one green cheek. So, her name is Callie and I’ve had her since 8/1/19 (August 1st) and she’ll be a year old on April 27th. Her...
  14. Nestum

    Conure behavior; My first conure

    I've bought a lovely green cheek conure yesterday! I don't know the gender yet, I should know this week, but either way I've decided to call him Romeo, so I'll be using he/him for now. He's not 2 months old yet, but he's fully weaned, although he's clearly still a baby, his tail feathers are...
  15. C

    Please Share Experiences

    Within the next year or so I'm looking to get my first personal bird within a year, so no rush. For a long time I was dead set on lovebirds, because they are so sweet and I love the sounds they make. But after spending a few hours on some different threads I'm really drawn towards conures. What...
  16. tropicdragon

    Parents want to clip my GCC's wings

    With the holidays and moving cross country due to a job, things have been extremely hectic here, and my GCC Gordi has been on a lot of roadtrips all over the place. Additionally, he is male and is almost two years old which I believe adds a hormonal factor to it. I believe it is just a hectic...
  17. I

    Eclectus friends?

    Im thinking of getting a friend for my eclectus, specifically a moustache parakeet, gcc, or a quaker,?any ideas?
  18. aDORYble


    Hello everyone! I’m the new owner of a very cuddly green cheek conure who was a rehome! As we are adjusting to one another I will be seeking advice on diet and training! She isn’t my first bird (I also have two cockatiels in the home) but she is definitely the most needy of my attention! Glad...
  19. JapanBirdLover

    Training to recognize color: advice please

    Hello all, I’ve been clicker training with Apple, my GCC, for a few months now and she loves it. The clicker training helped her pick up targeting a stick, fetching a little ring and placing it gently on my hand, etc. but now we’ve plateaued. I’ve got this game which she enjoys where she goes...
  20. SantiagoThe1st

    New bird owner, very eager to learn!

    Hi all! My in-laws have 2 conures and my landlord has a macaw, now 5 years later I've finally gotten a baby green cheek conure (Santiago) who i spend every second I am able to with (8+hrs daily). I also have 2 budgies that had to be given up by their former owner. The budgies can fly and do in...