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  1. Cosette Gagne

    Window Perch

    Hello! My GCC loves perching on my window as close as he can to get the best view outside. I've decided I want to make him a better perch than what he has (view pic for reference). I'm going to go for PVC and attach it with suction cups on either end to make a perch the length of the window...
  2. Cosette Gagne

    Second Cage??

    Hello parronts! I currently have an extremely spacious cage for my GCC. Pic attached. He's fine being in it while I'm within view but the moment I step into another room he starts whining. He's my alarm clock which I really dont mind... loud screeches in the morning are very welcome in my...
  3. diitrex

    Hormonal and VERY BITEY GCC!

    Hi everyone! My GCC is about 1 and a half years old, and as of 3 or 4 weeks ago he started getting... frisky. Having researched GCC mating behaviors, it has come to my attention that he is absolutely decided that my brother is his mate. Which is A: sorta gross and B: super inconvenient because...
  4. Cosette Gagne

    Conure Biting Issue

    My GCC is a biting fiend. He does it in a friendly manner with me but with my boyfriend he gets aggressive. Like when he took him out of the cage today without me here, he lunged straight at his fingers instead of the treat he had in his fingers. He will never lunge at me... But my boyfriend...
  5. Cosette Gagne

    Molting? GCC

    Hello all! This is my first post. I've been lurking on the forums for a bit. Got my Yellow sided GCC in March of this year. He is now 6 months old. I believe he has started molting but I'm not quite sure. We have had a couple really nice, warm days here in New England. I took him for a walk...
  6. luckyducks

    Cage suggestions?

    We're getting ready to welcome a little pineapple GCC towards the end of June, and I'm working on slowly getting things ready before that. We're slowly switching out our pans with ceramic, bird-proofing the house, removing dangerous chemicals and the like. I've got some perches and toys...
  7. A

    Eating Quirks?

    Is your bird ever....weird...when they eat? My GCC cant seem to just sit still and eat. I know conures are known for being little clowns but he has like....a little pattern that he does lol. Is this normal? Anyone else have these little quirks? Tried to post a video but it didnt upload for...
  8. A

    How did you stop birdy bites? :(

    I have a 4 month old GCC named Jäger. Shop owners warned me that birds go through a sort of "teething phase" just like other animals. He lets me handle him almost perfectly. Hes starting to learn the idea of stepping up onto my hand (associates it with the idea of coming out of the cage), i can...
  9. _aryxn_

    Urgent Broken or Injured Wing?!?

    I have a green cheek conure and shes a sweetheart and she is very bonded to me even though I have only had her for 10 days. She is clipped, but she still manages to always fly very well and always flies onto me. One day, I noticed she isnt as active, or flighty and is more fluffed up throughout...
  10. Leafstem

    Possible early signs of PBFD?

    hi everyone! I have a GCC who will turn a year old in a little over a month so she’s pretty young. Something I’ve noticed for a while is that the feathers on her rump seem to be a bit odd. I thought it was just her molting but her rump area seems to be a bit sticky. I give her scritches there...
  11. _aryxn_

    1 or 2 Green Cheek Conures!?

    Hi I am planning on getting a green cheek conure (or two). I need some info on keeping two conures together. I will probably get two young green cheek conures that are the same gender and from the same batch. I will also house them in a very large $350 cage and they will have adequate space. The...
  12. Asula

    Is my conure bathing too much?

    My conure bathes every day. Usually that's fine but lately im noticing her feathers are looking fringed and a bit on the down side. It's only her wing and back feathers. So, I'm wondering if it's because shes bathing too much or if it's some kind of vitamin deficiency? Any help would be greatly...
  13. pelmenyi

    Building trust

    Honey has been doing a lot better with me giving her treats but still working on building the trust to get her to be more active. Small things do scare her but its a work in progress. And she has been getting better with me giving her scratches but only when I move at a very slow pace.
  14. pelmenyi

    A new mother of two

    Good evening! It all started off with my budgie Quinn and got a GCC recently. I decided to come on here for help and to help. My parakeet was quite easy to tame and step up unlike conure, Honey. She's a shy bird who tends to scare easily and doesn't know how to step up. She's getting used to me...
  15. J

    Urgent conure ripped off nail

    hi <_> my q y/o gcc ripped his whole toe nail off while i was at work. in the span of 3 hours he managed to lose his nail (on his favourite bell), bleed everywhere and stay quiet while my mum was around. he’s been acting tired all night and i didn’t notice till i had been home for an hour and...
  16. R

    Hello everyone! I’m new here and would really love some advice!

    I actually haven’t got a bird yet and was really wondering which species you would recommend for me. I obviously understand that each bird is an individual and you can’t guarantee a bird’s personality by their species but some help would be appreciated. I’m really torn between a few species-...
  17. Madzrellie

    Changing Interactions?

    Hello! I believe this is my first post to these forums, so I apologize if I’ve made any mistakes, I’m still not used to the website. I’m also trying to add as many details as possible, so sorry if it is long. I have a DNA-sexed female GCC named Fiji (although mostly responds to “bird/birb”)...
  18. W

    Inseparable Siblings

    Hey all! I've decided to purchase two GCC siblings who are really close to each other. They are handled daily by the breeder and her husband and I'm told they are very sweet, but after reading about bonded GCCs becoming intolerant of their owners, I'm getting worried. Any suggestions for how to...
  19. RiccaE

    Bent then broken tail feather

    My baby GCC had a bent tail feather. It was roughly a 45 degree angle for a few days. Today when I changed his cage bottom, I noticed the feather had either broken off at the bend mark, or did he maybe chew it off? Is it normal for a bent feather to break off and will he be okay with just the...
  20. Mason and Kiwi

    Is this hut safe for my conure?

    I saw one hut that said it was specifically NOT safe for conures so instead I got this one. I understand they chew up their tents, but could this one be safe? There’s only soft cloth on the outside, not fur, and on the inside is more like almost plastic with some soft rubber buttons for friction...