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  1. birdashes

    GCC personality trait?

    hey, I'm new here and I've got a question! So I've got a pineapple GCC named Gigi - she's about 4 years old and I got her a year and few months ago from a breeder who got her back from someone who couldn't take care of her and another pineapple GCC anymore. I love her a lot and I'm pretty...
  2. Sylvi_

    Yuka being adorable.

    My Pineapple GCC girl,Yuka, enjoying some morning scritches. :D Love her to bits! <3
  3. H

    Eclectus vs GCC?

    Hi there! =3 I'm not too experienced, and I'm looking into some parrots as a friend. I'm really considering the Eclectus or a Green Cheek Conure. ^-^ Overall, what I'm looking for is an animal that appreciates my presence. I just want a feathered companion. I don't ask for much. It doesn't...
  4. Tyler_G

    Need a home for my GCC

    I have a young (1.5 yrs) unsexed GCC named Ollie that needs a new loving home. His companion GCC recently passed away and he needs to be at a home with another bird(s) as a companion. He has spent his whole life with my other bird and that along with our very prey driven dog has led me to the...