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  1. Tommymarshall

    Cage question.

    Hi all! I have a cockatiel as well as a pineapple gcc, and a dog. Anyways both birds have their own cages and the dog is kennelled in the night time. Both birds are really part of the family, they are aloud to do pretty much whatever they want to do while we are home within our rules and will...
  2. Leafstem

    Are mealworms okay?

    I have a bottle of freeze dried meal worms that I bought for my turtle (who recently passed away), so I was reading the packaging and it says it's okay for birds, reptiles, and fish. I let my GCC have a little bite and he wanted more so he enjoyed it. Is it okay for me to give him a few every...
  3. Sylvi_

    Panic-filled morning

    So in the mornings, I change all the water and whatnot for the babies. This morning, I felt rather ill so was in bed for maybe an hour more then usual. So trying to be nice, my brother(bless his heart) tried to change water for me while I was asleep. Doing so, he forgot the little latch that...
  4. birdashes

    Parrot makes strange poping noise

    Hey all! My pineapple GCC Gigi makes this strange noise and none of my searches online explain it... the only thing that it might be is tongue clicking from what I've read? It's a quiet little 'poping' noise she makes with her beak. Sometimes while she's sitting on my hand and happily fluffed...
  5. birdashes

    GCC personality trait?

    hey, I'm new here and I've got a question! So I've got a pineapple GCC named Gigi - she's about 4 years old and I got her a year and few months ago from a breeder who got her back from someone who couldn't take care of her and another pineapple GCC anymore. I love her a lot and I'm pretty...
  6. Sylvi_

    Yuka being adorable.

    My Pineapple GCC girl,Yuka, enjoying some morning scritches. :D Love her to bits! <3
  7. H

    Eclectus vs GCC?

    Hi there! =3 I'm not too experienced, and I'm looking into some parrots as a friend. I'm really considering the Eclectus or a Green Cheek Conure. ^-^ Overall, what I'm looking for is an animal that appreciates my presence. I just want a feathered companion. I don't ask for much. It doesn't...
  8. Tyler_G

    Need a home for my GCC

    I have a young (1.5 yrs) unsexed GCC named Ollie that needs a new loving home. His companion GCC recently passed away and he needs to be at a home with another bird(s) as a companion. He has spent his whole life with my other bird and that along with our very prey driven dog has led me to the...