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  1. Birdsbirbs

    Conure behaviour out of control. HELP!

    Hey guys, so recently my conure has had the worst behaviour he has ever had. I think it started about two weeks ago, but it could have been sooner. He's about 2 1/2 years old, suspected male. Out of the blue, he started eating everything. He's never done this before. He's eaten 3 cords, a...
  2. aurelius

    Confused about sprouting

    Hey everyone, I'm very new to this forum. I've been interested in sprouting seeds for a long time and decided I'm going to try it for the first time for my tiel Pepper. I'm a little confused on what the best way to sprout seeds is because I hear a lot of different methods from a lot of...
  3. H

    Im new an need help

    I was willed a tramitized female parakeet named tweet. She was approx 8 mth when I got her. She witnessed her cage mate brutally murdered by my g-mothers dog :( I took her a little over a year ago after GMA got dementia an passed. She would freak out anytime someone got near her cage...I watched...
  4. L

    Problem with parrot's leg

    Hello! We noticed something on our parrot's leg. She doesn't feel well these days and we noticed this things on both legs. Could someone help us what are these and how we could help her? Thank you! Adél and Sarolta :)
  5. N

    Urgent HELP! My Green Cheek Conure swallowed my gf nose stud!

    My 8month old conure swallowed my gf nose ring. We took him out of his cage to play and while hanging out on her chest he snatched her nose stud out. It’s a 7 millimeter’s tiny nose stud stainless steel. We plan on taking it to the vet in the morning but we are very concerned. We were on the bed...
  6. K

    Please help! Foaming from mouth.

    My 2 year old lovebird has started foaming at the mouth. She’ll start by looking like she’s about to regurgitate then all of the sudden there’s foamy saliva all over her beak. She’ll violently shake her head til it’s all stuck to her face. I wiped some off and gave her water but she’s been up...
  7. BluJay

    Urgent Sun Conure Yeast Infection? Intraconazole Treatment?

    Hi, Thank you for taking the time to read my first post. I have a 20 year old Conure who was diagnosed with a yeast infection via stool liquid gram stain. She was first taken to the vet at the first signs of runny stools. The first vet performed a gram stain which came up gram negative (she...
  8. S

    GCC Napping a lot but no other signs of illness?

    So I wanted to come here and get everyone else's opinions. I've had a few birds, but none have lasted long due to unfortunate reasons, so I'm still very new and over cautious. My Green Cheeked Conure shows no other signs of illness, he plays occasionally, eats just fine, drinks just fine but he...
  9. S

    Cockatoos Screaming

    Hi, I’m thinking about getting a rescue Moluccan cockatoo. It screams very loud during the day and I’m not sure if it’s also loud at night. If you have any cockatoo experience with screaming during the night please let me know.
  10. D

    Urgent Need help for my cockateil bird, i think he is having seizures?

    Hi, i have a 3.5 year old cockateil bird, his name is Ame. The thing is, it is sort of a untamed one and is not trained that much but i try my best to take care of it. I normally give him pearl millet mixed with sunflower seeds (minimum quantity), sometimes spinach, or other green leaves. The...
  11. JulietRose

    Urgent Bleeding budgie

    Today I let my budgies out of the cage as normal but I just realized one of them is bleeding from her foot. It must have happened recently because I checked on them about 1/2 hour ago and she was fine. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of blood but she is quite obviously in pain, she’s fluffed up...
  12. P

    quick sprouts question about when they are good to eat

    Hey all, I've given sprouts to my bird before and she loves them, the batch im currently making (lentils, mung beans, and adzuki beans) was a little faster to grow than the others I've made so some of the mung bean sprouts have little leaves, is that still okay to give to her? Like are the...
  13. Coconut

    Idk what to do (Sad Update #10)

    My cockatiel, Coconut, has been very very weak lately. She's not eating or drinking and I can't force feed her because she's too weak for even that, she has what looks like seizures every once in a while but I'm not sure they are. Rarely she opens her eyes but I'm not sure she's there, I took...
  14. S


    Hi! Where do you buy your parrot toys online? I am struggling to find a reputable website for larger parrot toys.
  15. S

    Help! My 3mth cockatiel is eerily quiet

    Please help.. I brought home a 3mth old cockatiel yesterday. It has been in the same position where I left it, no movements and not a single sound. I have not seen it eat or drink by itself. It nibbed on some millet when I hand-fed it but that was it. It is tamed and is not afraid of hands. I am...
  16. JulietRose

    Anybody know where to get an Alexandrine in Texas?

    I live in southeast Texas and I’ve been having a hard time finding anyone selling alexandrines, I’ve been thinking about getting one but I feel like nobody sells them. Does anybody knows a place I could get one (it doesn’t have to be a baby, but preferably already tame) that is priced...
  17. R

    Help with untame Sun Conure?

    So, I am 19 years old and have wanted a sun conure for years, I got a cage setup and was currently searching for a hand-fed baby(I wanted a more cuddly attached bird since I have plenty of time and attention for one). But before I could locate a breeder my father sadly got me one from a bird...
  18. katm89

    Hormonal feather destruction

    Hi all! My bird is at it again with barbering/chewing her feathers. I found out this past spring she was a girl when two eggs appeared in her cage initially I thought her barbering/over preening was due to low humidity in the house over fall and winter, but now it seems the barbering begins...
  19. S

    I want to help my bird

    I rescued common myna from the park and he is eating good but today when I touch him I feel his body is not warm as it was before and sometime his body is shivering little bit and one thing he go to sleep right after eating and he is sleeping more than before when I take him to my house he was...
  20. beaktomie

    Lorikeet baby beaks and licks EVERYTHING

    I am new to owning lorikeets, and let me preface this by saying I love this baby. I’ve never met a more confident bird, maybe that’s a lorikeet thing.. But thing is, she beaks and licks EVERYTHING, and she does it quite hard. My fingers and phone are her favourites, there is no rest. When she...