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  1. S

    Are these mites on the canary?

    Hi, This canary flew to us asking for help, looks like it was really tired and needed a safe place to rest. Now, we have budgies and we're definitely keeping them away from the canary as we're trying to help her. We just noticed something around her eyes, are these mites? If so we're going to...
  2. Hello there

    Urgent Injured wing!

    My Indian ringneck parrot has an injured wing! I was so scared when I saw it, I searched it up (which I knew I shouldn’t have done because it makes me panic even more seeing the results) and it came up with info about tumours and stuff like that. That made me break down crying, I’m really...
  3. RainbowFlo

    Dehydrated/Freeze Dried food

    Due to the fact that I'm not always at home, I would love to give the new birdy ( who is come home in a few weeks! Had to be pushed forward due to slow weaning :) ) some vegetables whilst I'm gone everyday (obviously not for very long though). Is it ok to offer dehydrated/freeze dried veggies...
  4. G

    How do I breed my congo african grey and african grey (repost cause I need answers)

    are female and male. I would like to breed them...but I only know the basics. Like I need an L shaped nest box and they need to be in a dark place? I have a room with led lights and i could put it on mode white and put their cage in my room..and put headphones when looking at videos. Outside...
  5. G

    What aviary should I get for my birthday? I need a cheap but big one around 100-400.

    Hello! I have 6 birds. I'm planning on expanding my flock :) But I need an aviary to put them all (hopefully they don't fight if th do i have a spare cage) anyways, I already have had the hexagonal aviary and it broke..so that's a no on my list. If you have a STAINLESS steel aviary that's even...
  6. PippinLovebird

    Cockatiel Droppings?

    Hey! So I just got this male cockatiel yesterday. He is about 4-5 years old. I was curious, just to get some other people's opinions, do his droppings look normal to everyone? He did just come from a 2 and a half hour drive yesterday. Thanks!
  7. Birb Mom

    blood feather

    okay so i know it’s been just a bit since i posted my last thread but i really need some advice here my cockatiel max is a very clumsy bird and he’s had a broken blood feather a month ago but it bled very little so it healed without having to be taken out. (i asked the vet over the phone and she...
  8. P

    Sleep schedule etc

    How important is a ggcs sleeping schedule and does the time matter when u do it example: 10pm-10am or does it need to be before that? And does it matter if she is maybe up a bit more on weekends and wakes up a bit later? And how important is it that she gets to interact with me before she wakes...
  9. P

    Feather disease unknown

    So my lovebird (make) Lanana for the past month now has had feather plucking problem. It’s important to note he’s about 9 years old and lives with a female named Papple who is 10 lanana has picked his rump bald and also under his wings. He’s very itchy but no change in playfulness or eating...
  10. R

    Urgent Cockatiel - Mild Yellow Urine and Head tilting with abnormally sedentary behaviour

    So I thought my male cockatiel was having mild indigestion because of eating something.But the sickness worries me now because I'm noticing Headtilting and Yellow tint in the stool. I found that the second millet bowl had a lot of droppings. What should I do now? How can I help curing...
  11. honeykat13

    How to teach my cockatiel to not scream when I'm gone?

    So I have a new tiel (his name is Ollie) who is very attached to my husband and I. We've had him for about a month now. Due to the virus, my husband has had a hard time finding a new job, so he's been home most of the time. But a week ago he got a chance to work at a temporary job for a couple...
  12. E

    Please Help! My conure doesn’t have his cage

    I recently just had to leave my mom for a night with my conure, i have his old petco box and bed and also food and water, i poked bigger holes in the box to give more air, but im afraid to leave him to sleep in there for about 6 hours. i couldnt grab his cage due to an emergency and cant let him...
  13. HenryFinch

    Urgent Lump on blue gouldian finch head

    Hello everyone, this is my first post. My name is Sebastián Barco, I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina, I'm 23 years old and I'm about to graduate as a computer engineer, but I've always been passionate about birds. I've lived with pet birds since i was born: 4 budgerigars, 5 canaries, 1 red...
  14. E

    Few feathers on my conure?

    My sun conure Rio has much less feathers than my other conure Sonny. They’re both basically the same age and it worries us that they have so little feathers! Does anyone know what could be the cause of this? (P.S we don’t know the genders of our birds yet, we’re hoping to get a DNA test soon)...
  15. conureluv

    Fan Safety?

    I am getting a yellow sided green cheek soon, and I am wondering if I can use my fan when it is in the cage. I know that i will never use it when the bird is outside the cage because that wouldn’t go so well with him being fully flighted once his wings grow back. My room gets hot during the...
  16. V

    I can't function, all i think about is our potentially sick budgie.

    I've been posting threads and forums the past couple of days about our parakeet with sudden tail bobbing and signs of respiratory illness. My parents are practically impossible to talk into going to the vet. But I'm so stressed out by the idea of him struggling and us doing nothing to help him...
  17. budgiezila

    Trust with my budgies

    Hello, I have had three budgies for over half a year now. I have not been aware of how to handle them, and I have been forcing them into my hand (I thought it was okay to hold them, I did not ever put pressure on their chests). I kissed them with dry lips and put them back after a few seconds...
  18. reecespuff

    Biting Feathers

    Hi! I’m new, but I have been really worried. My sun conure Peach has been biting his flight feathers. We just moved, so it might be the fact he’s in a new environment? I don’t know, I’m just beyond worried. He is my little baby. He is currently on the Zupreem Fruit Blend pellets, and he gets...
  19. N

    Help? New owner of budgies

    Hello, I’m new to Avian Avenue! I recently got two budgies who a little over a year old (male and female) I’ve noticed that they keep fluffing up their feathers here and others and occasionally itching/picking at their feathers. They also sneeze here and there. They’re eating fine and they’re...
  20. Picadilly

    Weaning a 6 month old Cocatiel

    Hello everyone! My name is Jessica ( I am new here) and I have a 6-month-old whiteface pied cockatiel, Picadilly. Dilly for short .:) We got him from a pet shop. I know that inexperienced people should never take an unweaned baby home. But we are currently in a difficult time and the pet shop...