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  1. L

    Urgent Keel Bone Help!

    I have a tangerine dove and he’s been very healthy for a whole year, but when I was struggling with depression and other factors, I didn’t notice how sick my bird was... My vet told me he is malnourished and needs vitamins so I’ve been giving him some Harrison’s, but he only eats like 6 pellets...
  2. T

    Urgent EMERGENCY Baby Eclectus Slow crop(6 weeks old)

    Hi, i have a problem regarding my baby eclectus' crop. His crop is emptying but in a very slow manner. I am afraid that he has become under weight because of this. He can only eat 10 ml nutribird A21 formula and empty his crop in 6 hours. imagine it, 6 hours with a watery solution. I dont know...
  3. charlieboy

    Charlie HATES his new sleeping cage!!

    Welp, not sure where I went wrong, but I definitely did something because he just won't go in his sleeping cage!! He is already used to the cage, he loves going outdoors in it, but when its to sleep or even just while I clean his main cage its a whole other story. I've also tried to get him...
  4. S

    Video Help! My female cockatiel is making strange and concerning noises!

    As of this morning, Cicero started making these weird ''snotty/clicking'' and ''hiccup'' sounds. I have no clue as to what they are or if she's in any danger. I'm worried that maybe she's sick or has something caught in her throat. However, her poop is normal and she doesn't really have the...
  5. maounm

    Video 8 weeks old GW macaw regurgitating formulae

    Hello everyone. I switched my 8 weeks old GW’s formulae to psittacus high energy plus. Before switching he was getting 125ml three times a day now he is getting 100 ml 3 times a day. He throws out some feed sometimes eventhough i have decreased the total quantity. He just throws out some not...
  6. maounm

    6 weeks old greenwing macaw

    Hello everyone i am new here and i need help. I have a 6 weeks 3 days old Greenwing macaw and i have been handfeeding him tropican 125ml 3 times a day. I crop feed him with a psittacus red soft tube. I add about half tea spoon of peanut butter in every feed. Is my feeding schedule alright? He...
  7. R

    Jealous of baby conure

    Hey, so I got a baby conure yesterday about 5-6 weeks old and I also have an Indian ring neck who is almost 1 year old and he is extremely curious and gets pretty jealous when the baby is on me. He will fly onto me and try to nip at the baby, of course I don’t let him get that close to get...
  8. 3

    Is he moulding, plucking his feathers, or is he ok?

    So I recently got a pet canary as a gift, and so far he's been well, happy and singing. Today thought, he's very silent and he keeps ruffling his feathers and grooming them I think, I'm not sure. I saw someone say that during their moulding periods male canaries don't sing (he's a male) and...
  9. sheeps

    im a new bird owner xc

    i have this conure that flew into my house and ive been taking care of it for about five months now. i wanted to know if anyone had any tips or tricks on taking care of this kind of bird
  10. T

    Mutilation is scaring me

    I don't know what to do. I have two parakeets. They're my firsts and they're coming up on their 2nd birthday with me. My girl has been plucking for months and I've been trying to get her to stop. The vet confirmed it was hormones. I'll admit that I've been slacking on play time because of work...
  11. conureluv

    What is this?

    He gets this patch of colored “beak” that looks like his beak previously flaked off and food got under it. It’s red when he eats strawberries and yellow when he eats his pellets. Is this bad? background info: 10 months old, male, hand fed, diet is Zupreem natural but I am switching him to Rowdybush.
  12. EmmaAndEiffel

    No parrot suppliers in Ireland

    I'm not sure where the right is place for this thread, I'm living in Ireland and due to the UK leaving the EU no parrot suppliers are delivering to Ireland, we do not have a parrot supply store here we only have regular pet stores with a "bird section" that's mostly for budgies, canaries and...
  13. N31

    New cage help?

    I bought my budgie a new cage recently, I’ve had him a few yearshe has a tall cage but he never goes further then half way down, spends all his time with one toy even though he has a fair few and rarely comes out of his cage other then to sit on the top. I bought him a bigger cage with more...
  14. BirbDex

    Budgies and diets?

    Hi, so I have a lot on my mind currently but I don't want to come off as causing trouble as soon as I arrive so I'm not going to disclose any names what I am going to say is I was advised to put my budgie on a diet from a so-called professional bird trainer. Being someone who takes advice but...
  15. T


    Hi, I have an male Indian Ringneck who just turned 3. I’ve only had him for a year and for the first part of it, he behaved well and was trained to play with his own things. however, in the last half of the year, he started regurgitating on everything that was metallic, reflective or had a...
  16. F

    fast clicking sounds and wiggling??

    hi everyone!! i am new to the bird club, but i’ve had my 3 month lovie for almost 2 months now and she’s started doing this weird thing when she’s super energetic where she’s click her beak super fast and wobble her body. when i first saw it i thought she was choking, as it is like fast wiggling...
  17. Pastel

    Urgent Red spot on new baby budgie feather

    Hi, So I just saw a medium sized (like a penny) red (or pink) spot when my new baby budgie (I got him today and the guy at the shop had to take him with his hand to put him in the box, after that she was in her transport box for almost 30 minutes). It's located on it's feathers but I only saw...
  18. R

    What’s on his feet

    Does anyone know what these are on my 9 month old ringnecks feet. Doesn’t seem to be bothering him at all and is acting normal.
  19. S

    Why can’t my parakeet fly??

    This yellow bird’s name is Lemon. I’ve had her for 6 months now, and when I got her she was under 8 months old. She still can’t fly at all! She can’t sort of try and flutter away a little further than she used to but it seems like her long flight feathers just won’t grow! And when they do grow...
  20. M

    Flaky budgie cere

    Hi guys, I have two budgies, Kiwi (male - green) and Winter (female - blue) and I've noticed recently that they have flaky ceres. I know that the cere is supposed to look waxy and slight flaking is okay but I was wondering if this looks concerning to any of you? I was wondering after you’ve...