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  1. Rhi95

    IRNs constant screaming

    Hi all, first time user/poster here, brace yourself for a long post. We have two IRN’s, a female approx. 2+ years old and a male, we’re assuming around the same age (has his full ring). Both were purchased from a store specifically selling only birds from local breeders. Anyway, here’s a bit...
  2. Birb Lady

    GCC sleeping in corner at bottom

    (I apologize if this is hard to read) I have a green cheeked conure that I may have accidentally conditioned her to stay at the bottom of her cage at night. My desk where I do schoolwork and play video games and such is near the bottom of her cage. Her bedtime (7:30) which she refuses to follow...
  3. EmmaAndEiffel

    Disabled parrot no perches??

    My rosella had bumblefoot surgery on his feet years ago and since then we've been battling blisters on his feet, I go up and down to the vet often and they can find no cause so I've been told "it's just something that's gonna happen because of the surgery". He's on long term anti inflammatorys...
  4. Mariam2020

    Cockatiel help one month old

    My babies are now both around 28 to 30 days old they are slowly starting to refuse formal and more interested in bedding “soft wood nest” beneath them and yesterday my 30 day old started to nipple on some seeds I left on the ground. My question is should I take them out of the nesting box and...
  5. B

    Okay, more questions about my Java Rice Finches

    So, I finally had to cut their toe nails, my two finches nails were SO byond long. I hate the idea of grabbing them because I know it'll scare the living crap out of them. Had to though as allowing their toenails to continue to grow wasn't good for them. Fortunately I know how to trim the nails...
  6. Mariam2020

    Cocktail 2 weeks old not begging for food.

    Hello everyone ; I have bought two baby cocktails four days ago , first I took them to an avian vet to check if they are healthy which they were . I took them home in noticed the bigger one named Nazoo did not beg for food at all , so I assumed she/he was scared of the new home she/he was in so...
  7. T

    Urgent My bird is sneezing but no discharge

    Hi, I’m new here snd this is my first post. I have a 2 month old parrotlet named Tweety. I handfed him ever since he was 3-4 weeks old. This post is gonna be a long one but I’d appreciate reassurance and advice thank you so much! Now that I think of it he’s always gone through phases where he...
  8. conureluv

    Birds and college?

    What did you do with any birds that you had in college? I’m a planner, so I’d like to know if people just keep their birds at their old house or take it with them to the college for reference. Sorry this post was so short
  9. D

    Can't take care of budgie anymore, what to do now?

    So, I'm 18 and I've had a lone budgie for a few years now and ever since my aunt has officially moved in with her two cats at my parents house 7 months ago (against my wishes), taking care of my pet has been real tough. It doesn't help that I've recently been working full-time and going to be...
  10. L

    Swallowed unhusked seed?

    Hi. A couple days ago while hand feeding my budgie, I mixed some Harrison’s super fine pellets into the formula because I heard that as baby budgies wean, their parents will start to make the food they regurgitate more solid (I’m not going to do this anymore because I don’t want to risk...
  11. Nikorice

    I need to give my Conure to a trustworthy human being who cares

    I would like to give my yellow sided green cheek conure away. I’m very sad to do this but i have realized that i have severe depression and anxiety and was recently officially just diagnosed with ADHD as well. I had to take a step back and realize that a person who is unfit to take care of...
  12. Chestery

    Anti-Inflammatory Chop mix recipe anyone? Plz Help!

    Hey Guys, New here, have no idea what area to post this in, so please feel free to share or put it in the right place. I have a 7y.o Male Black headed Caique, only child. He has just been diagnosed with Avian Bonavirus after we saw PDD signs on his Ct scan and investigated further ($4000+...
  13. L

    Is it crop burn?

    We just finished hand feeding our around 5 week old budgie. While we were feeding him, he leaped towards the spoon and ate some of the formula when it was too hot. We took it away immediately. It was only a little and at 113° Fahrenheit. Is this enough to cause crop burn? Is there anything we...
  14. N

    Cockatiel botched wing clip help

    My birds wings are cut too short Is there a possibility that they will not grow back? Is there anything that we can do to help the bird? When I got him his wings were clipped already clipped from the pet store, so I wasn’t involved in the process he is about 7 months old
  15. Fahim

    Help please

    My gcc's dropping seems to be abnormal. It hangs from the cage. He's almost 6 months old.. what could be the possibile reason for this kind of poop. I am attaching a pic of her morning poop which was hanging from the cage..
  16. carfish

    my new english budgie randomly flies around for no apparent reason when sitting on her playground

    i got a new english budgie 2 days ago she already steps up onto my hand and loves head scratches I have another bird named charlie also a female she is 6 months old, when my new budgie is sitting with charlie max randomly starts to fly in the room squawking,I also noticed that charlie tries to...
  17. S

    Urgent Apollo looks very sick.

    He is acting totally out of character. Usually he is quite noisy and loves to run around and yell at me but today he has been dead silent. He threw up twice and his poop is discoloured. It looks red/orange. I gave him carrots the other day but he might’ve gotten into some sweets of mine I had on...