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  1. conureluv

    Eye scratch 2 days ago not healing much??

    Ok, so long story short, my green cheek conure had a swelled eye when I got home from a movie 2 days ago. I was a little worried because part of it was bruised but assumed it would be better the next night. Next night, nothing really changed. He still tried to keep his eye shut and was rubbing...
  2. layinlow

    Head banging and regurgitation (then eating it?)... normal??

    Hello! Curious if this is normal behavior or if I should seek a vet over this... (check linked video my cockatiel (male, 3yr old) for the past two or three days has been, what I can assume is, regurgitating. I don’t own any other birds. Ever since he was a baby, he’s absolutely LOVED to bang...
  3. BabyBirdMa

    How To Preen?

    I have an African Grey, Ms. Bailey. As you all probably know finding her a cage-mate is an extremely difficult task since Greys are so hard to come by. I can’t even find a breeder that has any on hand right now. Anywho, Ms. Bailey’s feathers seem a bit scraggly and with her being an older bird...
  4. X

    Sprained finch leg Help needed!!!

    Hello. Saturday evening I noticed my zebra finch had hurt her leg. It’s been hard for her to fly and stand on her perch. Today I took her to the vet and there was no fractures in the x ray. I was given pain killers and antibiotics. They told me she sprained her leg. They did not put a splint...
  5. Cecil

    Conflicted Lovebird Sighting

    Hi There, I've been a long time watcher first time poster of this site. It has helped me immensely with my little GCC. I'm looking for help and advice with a situation I'm feeling very uneasy about. I was recently in a neighourhood garden ctr and noticed the cutest lovebird sitting alone in it's...
  6. dandruff

    little thing at the bottom of posts that shows the type of pets you have

    Hey! Im new here (obviously) and i was wondering how you add that little thing that shows at the bottom of posts telling what type of bird you have. I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but thanks for any answers ^_^
  7. S

    special needs Ring neck / antisocial behavior

    I recently adopted a special needs Indian ringneck who is three years old, was born with one deformed foot and at some point had their other foot broken and not set properly which has now left it mostly unusable save for 2 of the appendages. She came to me from a woman running a bird rescue...
  8. M

    Urgent Need advice and some help

    Hello! This is my 1st time own a bird or any pet. I wanted a pet for a long time, but was not allowed to. One day, I bought some budgies and now one for them is sick and in my country there aren't many vet hospitals for animals (and birds specially) , also due to covid, I'm not able to go...
  9. SnowB

    Severe biting! Please help!

    Hi, I have a 13 week old sun Conure that won’t stop biting me! I know that birds do occasionally bite for certain reasons but I don’t have this problem with my other birds! My conure has bitten my finger nails so hard that he punctured my nail bed and I had to go to the ER and the second time I...
  10. J

    Urgent Cockatiel Green Droppings

    Hey everyone, So since I got my cockatiel her droppings have been very green even if she's not had any greens to eat. Should I be concerned? I'm hoping nothing like parrot fever but from what ive looked up the droppings seem to match the description. Pearl (my cockatiel) doesn't have any other...
  11. sunnysara

    Video (Hormonal?) What is she DOING?

    My sun conure is 9 months old and has started to do this weird "walk" towards my phone, my hand, a charger. Is this hormonal behavior? She's still a baby isn't she? Here's a link to the video: https://linksharing.samsungcloud.com/ctnDbVrHDQ0U
  12. W

    Crippled Budgie Help

    I'm new to owning budgies, I used to be a fish breeder but birds are new to me. I have two budgies and one of them cant use his right leg. When we got his wings clipped, the person doing it broke his leg. It's healed now and he isn't in pain, but he cant use it anymore. I've put all his toys on...
  13. Shack

    My tiel is sleeping and eating allot, is she ill?

    Her age is between 3 and 5 months, and she seems to always be either eating or sleeping. It looks to me like she's eating a fair bit over the recommended daily food amount for tiels, and whenever she's not eating she's asleep or foraging for more food. To me she looks like she might be a bit...
  14. L

    Urgent Keel Bone Help!

    I have a tangerine dove and he’s been very healthy for a whole year, but when I was struggling with depression and other factors, I didn’t notice how sick my bird was... My vet told me he is malnourished and needs vitamins so I’ve been giving him some Harrison’s, but he only eats like 6 pellets...
  15. T

    Urgent EMERGENCY Baby Eclectus Slow crop(6 weeks old)

    Hi, i have a problem regarding my baby eclectus' crop. His crop is emptying but in a very slow manner. I am afraid that he has become under weight because of this. He can only eat 10 ml nutribird A21 formula and empty his crop in 6 hours. imagine it, 6 hours with a watery solution. I dont know...
  16. charlieboy

    Charlie HATES his new sleeping cage!!

    Welp, not sure where I went wrong, but I definitely did something because he just won't go in his sleeping cage!! He is already used to the cage, he loves going outdoors in it, but when its to sleep or even just while I clean his main cage its a whole other story. I've also tried to get him...
  17. S

    Video Help! My female cockatiel is making strange and concerning noises!

    As of this morning, Cicero started making these weird ''snotty/clicking'' and ''hiccup'' sounds. I have no clue as to what they are or if she's in any danger. I'm worried that maybe she's sick or has something caught in her throat. However, her poop is normal and she doesn't really have the...