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  1. C

    Video I hope this is not him dramatizing but...

    My cocky cockatiel Zizo has been limping for the past two days.. it's always his left foot. It all started after my mom presumably stepped on his teeny tiny foot in the dark (she wasn't sure..). He doesn't react at all when I touch his little grippers, (except for the usual silent whining (he...
  2. A

    Need help separating bonded cockatiels

    Hey fellow bird owners! I got my male cockatiel (Nacho) a hen (Navi) about 8 months ago and they have bonded a lot since. The problem is, she is not sharpest tool in the shed... She never got used to being handled by us, gets startled by the slightest movement and/or falls down the counter...
  3. K

    Getting an Amazon post egg stroke

    So I'm getting a yellow shouldered Amazon and the person said she's recovering from a n egg stroke... I love taking care of special needs animals and I agreed that she's right up my alley but I've got some questions (yes I'm going to take her to the vet as soon as I pick her up or the next day)...
  4. JunoTheIRN

    How to delete a post?

    I want to delete my last post; I am making the item as a surprise and the person it is for is on this site, I posted it expected to be able and delete it but I don’t see an option. Im afraid to spoil the surprise. If any mods or something can remove my most recent post about thin lineart, thank you
  5. xbabybree

    Help! I accidentally put cassia cinnamon in my conures food

    Hi all. I was meal prepping my gcc's chop for the month, and I accidentally put 1/2 tsp of cassia cinnamon. I did the math and it's about .2 mg of coumarin per days worth of food which i know she won't even eat remotely close to this much. Is this too toxic or am I good to use it still? I would...
  6. R

    Urgent my budgie has a scratch/wound on his cere, i'm not sure if it's normal

    i'm not sure of the particular reason for this but a few hours ago, my budgie had a scratch on his nose. i didn't notice it at the time but i've noticed it now. i attached his nose before and after. if it's bad what should i do?
  7. Frogpasta

    Avocado oil in hair products

    Hello everyone! What are your opinions on hair products (to be specific shampoo and conditioner) that contain avocado oil? i’ve avoided them up until this point, but i guess i started to question if my hesitance was necessary… like obviously avoid leave in products that contain it, because...
  8. babybirdii

    quaker parrot aggression, pls help!!

    I have an 11 month old female quaker (bubbles) that i have had since she was only 3 months old and I’m looking for some aggression advice. I have 8 birds total but bubbles is by far my most difficult to work with, she hates all my other birds and hardly gets along with me, only rarely she will...
  9. Luvbirds

    Help! medicine advice

    My lovebird turns out has pneumonia and she was prescribed Enrofloxacin but she vomits it out right after, do I give him another dose? plus she has stroke like symptoms today , any advice?
  10. tinyparrot

    Cage help

    First time poster here. I tried to search for an answer but had no luck, sorry if I missed it! I'm looking for a cage for my budgie that has horizontal bars and I'm having a hard time finding one that isn't tiny and seems sturdy. Wondering if anyone here has recommendations.
  11. MoonBuny

    Help! my parrot just laid eggs and idk what to do

    I woke up a few minutes ago and when I went to the bedroom where my parrot sleeps, i removed the blanket we use to cover her during the night to get darker and warm her from the cold and there's and egg on the floor of her cage and i don't know what to do. This isn't the first time this has...
  12. P

    Injured parrot

    My Indian ringneck parrot got injured and has a wound under his left wing at the joint. It's not that big of a wound but it's still big enough for it to pain. We put betadine on his wound and gave him a drop of medicine prescribed by the vet the same day but he has been acting very sleepy...
  13. LilFrodo

    Urgent Frodo dropped a feather with a slight bit of blood at the end

    So far he seems fine, and no obvious/major bleeding after a few look-overs. He’s in bed right now and I’ve popped over to check on him a couple times and he seems just fine. I’m just extremely paranoid and would appreciate some reassurance. He was sitting next to me when something freaked him...
  14. Z

    Urgent Something wrong with my cockatiels foot

    I was playing with my cockatiel today and I noticed a white/pale bump on his right foot. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t there yesterday as I would’ve noticed if it was. He’s acting completely normal and doing his regular daily activities, although It seems to be bothering him now as he is avoiding...
  15. S

    Nice to meet you all! From a shocked small flock owner!

    Hello All! So nice to meet you all. I’ve been a long time lurker of the forum but thought I’d make an account as looking to get some advice! After researching for quite some time I decided that parrotlets seemed like the bird for me! They sounded like the perfect little characters and I really...
  16. bird_mama

    Is this cage ok?

    My 7 year old African Grey desperately needed a new cage. I saw Gizmo the grey with this cage and the websites I saw said it was OK for Greys, so I assumed it was good enough for him. Fast forward to now, after purchasing, I’m convincing myself that it’s not appropriate. Here is the cage in...
  17. bug_inarug

    URGENT - Transporting birds in wildfire smoke

    Please respond! I need to bring my birds to a boarding facility because I'm going away. The air in my area right now is full of wildfire smoke, the air quality right now is a 10, with 11 being the worst. Is there any way I can keep my birds safe in their carrier? Maybe a blanket to cover the...
  18. B

    Obsessive Behavior Causing Issues

    Hello all! This is my first post here, I found this site while searching my issue and decided to try since you all seem very helpful! Our 1yr 5m old female(?) GCC named Ivy has lately become very problematic when it comes to our 16yr old daughter. I understand she is most likely going through...
  19. K

    My new adopted bird just laid an egg please help

    My cockatoo just laid an egg. She is 7, and I don’t know what to do with it. She doesn’t have a mate. But this past two weeks she has been masturbating. She is doing good and she eats and doesn’t have any health issues. How can I stop her from laying eggs. I don’t pet her below the head. I also...
  20. xbabybree

    Toy Suggestions for my GC Conure

    I'm a very new conure owner, and I desperately need some help! My Pineapple GCC, Applejack, seems to not be interested in any of her toys. I know she is still warming up to our home and her cage. She does play with a few types of toys, but I am looking for suggestions on what other toy types...