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  1. R

    2 very shy Linnies landed

    Hi all, I have 2 beautiful but very shy female Linnies just landed. I planned on just 1 but these two are sisters and seem pretty bonded. I’m aware it will take more time to bond and happy to put the effort in. I have recently had fantastic success with the tiel who was very shy and quiet and is...
  2. src517

    1 year old Rosebreasted Cockatoo Eyering Color Change

    Hi all, I’ve had my rosebreasted cockatoo Mochi for a year and she’s around a year and a half old. Today, I noticed the rings around her eyes were a little pink towards the front (her right eye ring more so) and her right eye ring looked a little bigger than normal. I’m going to wait a day to...
  3. BabyBirdMa

    Bird health update: Self harming and aggression

    Bit of a health update on Ms. Bailey, my African Grey and Danny, my Yellow-Sided Conure: We took Ms. Bailey to the vet for her foot-sores and it turns out they were self-inflicted. She turned out to be stressed because the eggs she laid weren’t hatching. I have since removed the cat-hut and...
  4. S

    conure and cockatiel breed??

    alright, this is a new acc so ill try to make this as short as possible. I own a female cockatiel and a male green cheek conure. They are not 1 year old yet, but around 8-9 months. Lately I've been seeing hormonal behavior. The conure becoming territorial and easily angered, and the cockatiel...
  5. B

    My lovebirds are terrified of me and fly away whenever i come near them (how do i tame 2 lovebirds)

    Hi there, sorry if this is in the wrong catergory i wan't sure where to put it as this is my first post (on any forum website) Details: 2 Black masked lovebirds. Pet store we got them from said they were about 8 months (don't know if true or not) Both male and are bonded to one another. I...
  6. Frogpasta

    HELP!! Running out of pellets!

    hello everyone! i’ve run into a hefty problem...because of covid ( i feel like i’m saying that sentence all the time ) i am unable to ship Harrison’s pellets from the USA to Australia. does anyone know of any suppliers inside of Australia? or perhaps something i could get here that is just as...
  7. chutik

    Urgent Green cheek conure closed eye

    My pineapple green Cheek conure has suddenly started closing her right eye and when I held a light it seems like her eye is red and possibly has bleeding on the inside of her eye( but I am not 100% sure) she is constantly scratching the eye and seems sleepier and calmer than usual around this...
  8. L

    Budgie poop help

    Hi, so my budgie has had dirty vent on and off for almost as long as I’ve had him. It’s something I’ve always been concerned about, so I took him to two different vets and they’ve said that he was fine. One even did a fecal exam and the results came out clean. But his poop is extremely watery...
  9. BabyBirdMa

    African Grey Has Red Spot On Foot

    So, I’ve recently noticed that my African Grey: Ms. Bailey has developed red spots on the tops of her feet. They look to be sores. She sleeps in a cat-bed since she can’t fit in regular, parrot-huts and she has recently laid infertile eggs that she has been sitting on for a while now. I noticed...
  10. D

    need urgent help please

    i don't know if this is the right subsection to post in but i have two greencheeck conures, and i guess they've been mating recently, i noticed that they were up to something and the female has laid eggs in our sofa in a nest they made and she comes out barely. it seems she still has more to...
  11. bird_mama

    Cardboard tubes?

    Hello! Does anyone have an idea where I can get bird safe cardboard/paper tubes? I just found out my African Grey loves them when I put one (glue free of course) in his cage. I’ve tried looking but I just want one that’s bird safe please! Thank you :•)
  12. conureluv

    Painting in other rooms?

    We are using latex paint in my younger sister’s room down the hallway, should I move my bird down to the basement? My parents think not because my vet said it would be fine..I just want to keep my baby safe.
  13. V

    Aggressive Electus?

    Two weeks ago I obtained a female eclectus parrot (a year or younger) that I was told was tame and did not bite. However on the second day of having her she did bite me when I was fixing a perch. It wasn't super hard, but it did hurt a lot as I have fibromyalgia (more intense pain). Needless to...
  14. N

    newfound sun conure aggression

    my sun conure and i have been good friends for the past 9 months, since i got him. he is very friendly and sweet, let’s me pet him, he steps up and even preens me, etc. we are very close. well, i just moved into my dads house, and upon my sun conure meeting my dad, he was instantly gravitated...
  15. Az97

    Why did my moms lovebird suddenly die?

    Thank you for whoever is taking the time to read this.. means a lot to me. I gifted my mom a lovebird, Ria, in summer 2019. She was already an adult when I purchased her but I never knew her exact age. Ria never enjoyed playing with toys nor was she active. She didn't allow anyone to touch her...
  16. Tibby_blu

    Chasing budgie

    Hi have two budgies taro and gumi, gumi is relatively new like 3 months maybe? They get along great, preening each other, regurgitating for each other and just chilling together. Problem is gumi always chases taro around sometimes flies at taro. Anything taro does gumi suddenly wants to do and...
  17. M

    Save a Lovebird

    Two days ago I saw a blue lovebird in the window of a petshop. The feathers around his neck was plucked, and the nails on one foot were missing and the fingers were short. He stood alone in an empty cage. I couldnt stop thinking abuk him and I went and got it today. The seller even gave a...
  18. T c

    Bonded rescue conures

    I kind of inherited a pair of green cheeks after their owner (family friend) could not keep them anymore. They have been in the same cage together since the original owner got them (3-4 years) and are now bonded. I've been training them every day for a few months now, but when it comes to cage...
  19. B

    My female is a terrible flyer

    Hello everyone New to the forum and a relatively new budgie owner. A bit of background. I live above a very active bike shop, one day passing I heard the noise of parrots. I stopped (being a super animal lover) and I saw 2 little beings in a cage SO SMALL I lost my mind. The 2 guys that run the...
  20. IsaBirds

    Urgent My lovebird has a bent/broken nail

    Happened around an hour ago and she keeps putting her foot up, it probably hurts a lot and her vet isnt answering the calls, should I be very concerned? I'm so scared. Please help.