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  1. M

    Cockatiel suddenly hates me

    I’ve had my cockatiels not for a long time, but the one I’m talking about is the first one I got. Both of them don’t really like humans, me included. Recently I’ve spent more and more time with them and rocky, who was pretty traumatized when I got him was fine with stepping up and moving around...
  2. Tenleigh

    4th of July with birds

    Hi! I only had my cockatiel for a couple months, he’s just a baby and haven’t experienced fireworks or bright lights and sounds. Are birds scared of fireworks, should i be worried for 4th of July?? Any tips or information would be so helpful!!
  3. D


    My sun conure is scared of things like our broom, and when we sneeze he flies, and more like this. He is even scared of things like simply sitting on my bed or going on a new stand. We also cant get him to learn to bathe in a water bowl or container, we have to go in the shower with a shirt on...
  4. GalaxyDog9

    Mild discipline question

    Hi everyone! So, spending more time with my birdie, dance partys lol I’ll put music on with my phone and we’ll both sing the song :sing:But sometimes he will step on my phone and mess up the music, not a huge deal, but got me thinking, I’ve seen stuff about don’t hit/scream/spray with water to...
  5. I-am-Groot

    Conure with splayed legs

    Hello everyone! I’ve acquired a 4 almost 5 week old green check conure baby about a week ago. I’m a vet assistant and one of the doctors I work with is helping me out with him but I figured I’d post on here for some tips and tricks. I don’t have pics of his legs before we started taping them...
  6. P

    Baby conure

    I’ll be getting a 7 week old green cheek conure. I know the age is not idea but it seems they want it gone and fast. I know I have to syringe feed for a week or two. Any other helpful advice. The conure I currently have was 8 weeks when I got him, and he is health and fine. Any tips would be...
  7. C


    WHAT ARE THESE THINGS???? we got an amazon from a previous abusive owner and we don’t know what these things are, they are inside the quill too!!!
  8. ..Heron..

    Macaw abuse(advice needed))

    I believe a macaw on my street may be being abused. I see it out side every day. Its a Green Winged Macaw. 1)It has a small cage coverd in rust. There are no toys and no preches. 2)Its fed a diet of only seeds. It constantly looks sickly. 3)It just sits on top its cage all day. I've never seen...
  9. Birdman696

    Indoor aviary cohabiting

    Hi, so I’ve recently decided to convert my new dog crate into a sort of indoor aviary as my dog doesn’t use it. It’s 94cm wide, 55cm wide and 61cm deep. And as there is an opening at the top i plan on putting a cage with similar height and depth measurements on top. I have 2 budgies, 2...
  10. T


    Hey budgie owners! I hope you and your birds are doing well! I have 1 female and 1 male budgie. I was never planning on breeding the two (in fact, I thought my female was a male until I caught them doing the deed ). My female has laid many eggs in the past few months, but a LOT of them fell down...
  11. Barakon

    Is basil a safe perch option?

    For much needed context; I have taken out a dead basil plant from my back yard and cut out the dried up roots, thinking I could save it for later as a perch. I already washed in my bathtub with boiling water and also want to use a mixture of distilled clear vinegar, water, and lemon juice as its...
  12. Maryame6b

    Help is it normal ?

    Hi I’m new in this forum I got a GCC Conure suncheek of 2 month she is happy playing a lot and I think she scratched one of her eyes because she don’t control yet like an adult even her walk sometime when she want to play she walk like a drunk person. Anyway the problem is that my other Conure...
  13. Lucario223

    Mite Problem

    Hello! A while ago while getting my two lovebirds through a vet check-up i was informed there was a mite issue. I got the medication that the vet perscribed (Ivermectin) and for the past few months i have been applying two drops every two weeks. Recently for some reason the mites have been...
  14. B

    Zebra Finch Cage

    I have a pair of zebra finches they are in a 42 inch wide, 22 inch deep and 37 inch tall cage. My local pet store is saying I could put 8 finches in there (4 pairs). I want to make sure that is appropriate and he is not just trying to get me to buy more. How many finches could that cage house...
  15. B

    Zebra Finch Housing

    I am new to Zebra Finches, I got a male and female from a friend with the intent to bring life to the house. Indeed it did. They are in a 42 inch wide, 22 inch deep and 37 inch tall cage. They quickly bonded and it’s been about 3 and half weeks. The male built a nest but they rarely sleep in it...
  16. doucmates

    Urgent I need advice asap

    After months of searching and contacting lots of vets near the area I thought I finally found an avian vet but I was wrong. My cockatiel had constant yawning, sneezing and clicky breathing and nothing else. I went to the appointment and he checked her poop under a microscope and done x-rays to...
  17. M

    Breeder birds

    Hello, I need any help or advise. I am considering purchasing a pair of eclectus. The person I am going to purchase these birds from said he had them for two years and had 4 chicks over the two years. They are aged 6-7 years old. The female was always a breeder, the male was a pet turned...
  18. J

    Urgent Urgent!! Help!! Crop hasn’t empty

    Hello, I have a 10 day old chick that has been doing well over the last week, slowly gaining weight, while Ive been hand-feeding it myself after it was abandoned by its parents. Its the first time Im doing this but have followed all the rules online on how to hand rear the a chick from young...
  19. N

    Baby green cheek with badly splayed legs

    Hi! I’m new here so I’m sorry if I don’t format properly. I just took in a baby green cheek with two badly splayed legs. I was told this bird was about five weeks but appears much younger. I am handfeeding this baby now. I didn’t want him to be put down. my vet made some hobbles for him and I...
  20. BabyBirdMa

    Avian Flu???

    So apparently there’s an avian flu going around that’s highly contagious to all birds and caused a bunch of turkeys to be put down. I can’t find any information about this disease so I’m reaching out here. How deadly is it to birds? Can it be treated at all? What is the treatment? What should I...