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  1. Coconut

    Idk what to do (Sad Update #10)

    My cockatiel, Coconut, has been very very weak lately. She's not eating or drinking and I can't force feed her because she's too weak for even that, she has what looks like seizures every once in a while but I'm not sure they are. Rarely she opens her eyes but I'm not sure she's there, I took...
  2. S


    Hi! Where do you buy your parrot toys online? I am struggling to find a reputable website for larger parrot toys.
  3. S

    Help! My 3mth cockatiel is eerily quiet

    Please help.. I brought home a 3mth old cockatiel yesterday. It has been in the same position where I left it, no movements and not a single sound. I have not seen it eat or drink by itself. It nibbed on some millet when I hand-fed it but that was it. It is tamed and is not afraid of hands. I am...
  4. JulietRose

    Anybody know where to get an Alexandrine in Texas?

    I live in southeast Texas and I’ve been having a hard time finding anyone selling alexandrines, I’ve been thinking about getting one but I feel like nobody sells them. Does anybody knows a place I could get one (it doesn’t have to be a baby, but preferably already tame) that is priced...
  5. R

    Help with untame Sun Conure?

    So, I am 19 years old and have wanted a sun conure for years, I got a cage setup and was currently searching for a hand-fed baby(I wanted a more cuddly attached bird since I have plenty of time and attention for one). But before I could locate a breeder my father sadly got me one from a bird...
  6. katm89

    Hormonal feather destruction

    Hi all! My bird is at it again with barbering/chewing her feathers. I found out this past spring she was a girl when two eggs appeared in her cage initially I thought her barbering/over preening was due to low humidity in the house over fall and winter, but now it seems the barbering begins...
  7. S

    I want to help my bird

    I rescued common myna from the park and he is eating good but today when I touch him I feel his body is not warm as it was before and sometime his body is shivering little bit and one thing he go to sleep right after eating and he is sleeping more than before when I take him to my house he was...
  8. beaktomie

    Lorikeet baby beaks and licks EVERYTHING

    I am new to owning lorikeets, and let me preface this by saying I love this baby. I’ve never met a more confident bird, maybe that’s a lorikeet thing.. But thing is, she beaks and licks EVERYTHING, and she does it quite hard. My fingers and phone are her favourites, there is no rest. When she...
  9. B

    Advice needed

    My Java Rice Male Finch passed some time this afternoon. My female is unsettled. I don't know what to do for her. Advice? I don't know what happened to the male. He just got sick, was puffed up, feathers, and started sleeping tons. He was still eating and drinking. Vet appointment was next...
  10. B

    Something is wrong with my male Java Rice Finch

    There's something wrong with my male, Java rice finch. All day today he's been puffed up and sleeping. He hasn't ate much either and is a touch pale in colour around his eyes. Until today he is usually the chipper, brighter of the two and usually gobbles down food in the am like he's starving...
  11. P

    My Macaw is spending long periods of time at the bottom of his cage

    Hello, I have a Scarlet Macaw named Rufus, he's nearing 50 and I've had him for 15 years. For the past month or so he has started spending prolonged periods of time at the bottom of his cage, sleeping down there and spending most of the day down there only really coming up for food and water, he...
  12. M

    Kakariki parrot obsessed with mirrors

    Hello, I am new here and signed up to try resolve this issue and learn avian behavior. For some background info I own a Kakariki called Rico that is around 2 years old now. I am not sure if it's a male or female yet, but the beak is pink so I assume female. Rico free flies around my room for...
  13. S

    Urgent Budgie post-vet injury

    Hi all, my first time posting but I'm in a bit of a bind. I took my little guy to the vet yesterday for a checkup but he hasn't been acting normally since. He took a big tumble at the vet after having his wings clipped and he's normally free flighted. Now he's holding out his right wing and it's...
  14. B

    Java Rice Finch dud egg problem

    My Java Rice finch female, named Mrs. and her hubby the Mr. have had a few eggies. One landed first on the floor of cage/busted. Second in nest, nesting material all there and being sat on. Third got dropped while she was out getting food. They're both just over a year old and these are their...
  15. cocotiel

    URGENT!!! 2 week old cockatiel with sour crop (Sad Update #8)

    Hi, hope you all are doing well with all your feathered friends. Mine on the other hand is extremely sick. I got a 2 week old cockatiel, Mini, which already had a severe case of sour crop. The vet asked me to mix the handfeed with gripe water and prescribed Nystatin along with cephalexin twice a...
  16. Tenleigh

    Blood on head

    My cockatiel has blood on his head. It’s hard to see in the photo but you can see it. He’s only 5 months and i don’t think he can have Pin feather or blood feathers?? He seems fine, he’s talking, climbing, eating and drinking. I just noticed this a hour ago. Should i be worried? Again you cant...
  17. M

    Cockatiel suddenly hates me

    I’ve had my cockatiels not for a long time, but the one I’m talking about is the first one I got. Both of them don’t really like humans, me included. Recently I’ve spent more and more time with them and rocky, who was pretty traumatized when I got him was fine with stepping up and moving around...
  18. Tenleigh

    4th of July with birds

    Hi! I only had my cockatiel for a couple months, he’s just a baby and haven’t experienced fireworks or bright lights and sounds. Are birds scared of fireworks, should i be worried for 4th of July?? Any tips or information would be so helpful!!
  19. D


    My sun conure is scared of things like our broom, and when we sneeze he flies, and more like this. He is even scared of things like simply sitting on my bed or going on a new stand. We also cant get him to learn to bathe in a water bowl or container, we have to go in the shower with a shirt on...
  20. GalaxyDog9

    Mild discipline question

    Hi everyone! So, spending more time with my birdie, dance partys lol I’ll put music on with my phone and we’ll both sing the song :sing:But sometimes he will step on my phone and mess up the music, not a huge deal, but got me thinking, I’ve seen stuff about don’t hit/scream/spray with water to...