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Introducing Two Birds


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Veronica Welke-Olmos
Hey! I’m going to write down my current plan for introducing two birds, I’m not sure if it is the best way to do it, please suggest any changes. A * means something I am not sure about.

Dino: Male Hybrid pyrrhura, I think painted x gcc. Hatch date Jan 12, 2018. Single bird right now. Friendly and gentle, weighs 60g. Had him since April 30, 2018.
Currently in A&E duplex cage, 72Wx18D I think with a divider in between. He is only in half the cage.
Pebbles: Female Pineapple GCC. Not sure of her hatch date right now, I think around April 25?? Getting her from a breeder in a bit less than a month.

1. We are starting with a quarantine of maybe 2* weeks, taking her to the vet within the first 3 days having her.
2. Putting both cages in the same room maybe 7* feet apart and moving cages close a foot a day as long as both birds are fine with it. Taking Dino out first to play and Pebbles second so he feels “more important”.
3. Keep cages close together for 4* days, over these four days introduce on neutral territory increasing the amount of time together as long as both birds are still fine with everything.
4. As long as things go well, begin to allow Pebbles into other side of duplex cage (still divided) for a hour, increasing time in this cage each day (there is a LOT of room to fly away and escape if needed)
5. As long as all is still going well, move Pebbles permanently into the still divided duplex cage.
6. If they end up adoring each other, take out the divider (this may never happen).


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