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  1. LailaB

    Quaker with nasal infection is not getting better

    Hi everyone. My quaker Louie has been was on Baytril for 10 days (2 doses daily) for a possible nasal/bacterial infection. Even after the antibiotics his nose is constantly leaking fluids (which are clear and salty...he sneezed in my mouth) and he is constantly sneezing, he is also wheezing...
  2. hetswe

    Urgent !! Lovebird panting and squeaking !!- Sad Update Post #11

    I just recently hand raised two masked lovebirds, (although they aren't very tame). But one of them (unsure of gender), has been panting and squeaking since I came home from school (abt 3 hours). He's letting me hold him, which never happens, and is now sitting chest on the ground and tail in...
  3. MartinAndIndigo

    Urgent Help! Book fell on my bird! Strange things are happening!

    So my parakeet (who can't fly and isn't a year old) who somehow managed to get out of her cage, and onto the ground, while my other bird pushed a book off the shelf. The book fell on her, and she ran, although she shed alot of feathers! Now there's a hole where the feathers were, and 3 main tail...
  4. Jesse j


    Hi my names jesse, and i think i have a sick cockatiel.. Steve has been sneezing frequently, has a blocked nose which causes him to breath through his mouth more than normal. I think his tail is bobbing, but he is still eating and drinking quite frequently.. What should i do. I know taking...
  5. Rivka

    Help me with my baby conure

    My sun conure is 4 months and still gets formula 2x a day. In the morning she won't eat seeds and only beg for formula and the night I give her some to fill her crop up bcs also when she eats seeds her crop never feels full like it does when she has formula. Even when I see her eating seeds, she...
  6. T

    Urgent Conure hurt his toe?

    Hello! I'm new to these forums, and actually I've never posted on any forum before, but I felt I really needed to right now. Avian avenue has been really helpful in the past couple of years while I've had my bird. About 3 days ago I noticed that my green cheek conure is keeping one of his back...
  7. Anika Erin

    Urgent Urgent Help for a Sick Cockatiel

    Hi. I've a female pearl cockatiel Tuki and she's with me for 8years now. She's has never breed or took a mate though there's a lutino male with her. I live in a country where there's no avian vets or avian medicines. Even when I got her, there were no one with adequate knowledge about the diet...
  8. B


    hello, i am this accounts owners friend and will be posting this on hers since i dont have an account yet and this is an urgent matter. and i have 2 budgies. originally i had one budgie, snowie and then got another budgie, sunnie. at first i thought snowie was a boy because i got him when he was...
  9. B


    Okay guys please please help. Ive got my budgie today and a while ago he pooped fine. Now i was checking on him/her and i saw his tail a bit up so i checked his vent and he was pooing! Awhile after his tail was still up and it seems he cant pass his poo or its stuck to his vent. It looks normal...
  10. Nightingale

    Urgent Baby lovebirds vs. wildfire smoke

    It is now 11:55pm here in Cape Town. There have been several wildfires since this morning and even more now. I've tried to keep my home smoke free but it proves to be very difficult (even my asthma is giving me grief right now). My 4 week old baby lovebirds are sneezing and breathing very...
  11. BeeBop

    Sour Crop?

    Is it normal for my budgies crop to feel squishy? He has also been less active, which is concerning. Can fully weaned birds get sour crop? If so, what do you do to treat sour crop?
  12. C

    HELP! Linnie is suddenly attacking his partner

    I need urgent advice. About a week ago I moved my two linnies into a new cage (the old one has already been thrown away - it was rusty) and tonight my male bird has suddenly started chasing and attacking his mate. I am assuming this must be a territorial issue, or perhaps an adverse reaction to...
  13. HawkEagle

    Lovebirds in apartment?

    Hello! I am going through a mad research stage right now! That's the reason I haven't been posting for a long time: lots to do- no time at all! Sigh. :meh: The main concerns are these: the bird must be cockatiel-size or smaller, and quiet enough for an apt! I would like a hookbill rather than a...