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  1. BabyBirdMa

    African Grey Has Red Spot On Foot

    So, I’ve recently noticed that my African Grey: Ms. Bailey has developed red spots on the tops of her feet. They look to be sores. She sleeps in a cat-bed since she can’t fit in regular, parrot-huts and she has recently laid infertile eggs that she has been sitting on for a while now. I noticed...
  2. ZY28

    Urgent Help my bird chews on soap dispenser!

    Hello, My 4 month old green cheek was with me in the bathroom. Then he went and chewed on the soap dispenser! I stopped him right away, but I don't know how much he has ate! Every vet is closed! I don't know what to do! Plz don't tell me to go see a vet. I attached a photo of the soap dispenser...
  3. K

    Urgent Is this it for my budgie?

    I have two budgies, one that’s never had anything wrong (knock on wood) and the other that has suffered a lot of reproductive issues over the past several years. Her name is Kenora, she’s 6 years old, and she’s my absolute best friend. I cannot imagine life without her, even though I know it’s...
  4. C

    Help! My cockatiels eye looks weird!

    Hello, I am here to ask about my bird, Wally, Wally is a male cockatiel, about 2 and a half years old and one day I looked at one of his eyes and it seemed a little weird.. I don’t really see him scratch it or anything, it just seems like it’s just “there” and not harming him but I’m still...
  5. O

    Urgent I.Ringneck Help Needed

    Hello! So I recently got a Indian Ringneck as my first pet a week ago, which as ive heard wasnt the best idea bcs of how hard they are to tame. But i do think that i have a disadvantage as this is what mine is like everytime he sees you, he’ll jump all around the cage and start screaming He has...
  6. redrose27

    HELP BUDGIE INJURED (sad update #7)

    2 days ago kony 12 years old flew into a window and had a bad fall i didnt think much of it because she was fine afterward but today she was flying lop sided, and seemed to be limping, now a few hours later her condition us worse shes wheezing, peeing not pooping, and can barely stay on the...
  7. J

    My bird hit a ceiling fan, what should i do? (Sad update #8)

    My 5 year old sun conure ran into a ceiling fan i assume last night. I must have accidentally left the cage open while I slept. I woke up this morning and he was weak and could barely hold his head up. Currently he is sitting on me, bobbing his head up and down slowly, and chirping every once in...
  8. Mariam2020

    Cocktail 2 weeks old not begging for food.

    Hello everyone ; I have bought two baby cocktails four days ago , first I took them to an avian vet to check if they are healthy which they were . I took them home in noticed the bigger one named Nazoo did not beg for food at all , so I assumed she/he was scared of the new home she/he was in so...
  9. W

    HELP Female Eclectus Parrot

    Female Eclectus parrot about 17 years old she is on her perch with wings drooped and straining in distress. She has some clear droppings with a small amount of white. She is clearly straining as if trying to go to the bathroom but can’t. I’ve had her for almost all her life, and have no clue...
  10. M

    Urgent Baby budgie sleeps a lot and has dark poops.

    My baby budgie of 4 weeks have been sleeping all day, and his poop turned black. I asked to the person from whom I got Starlight, and he said it could be due to the sudden change in temperature. I have been giving him warm for about two hours. He looks better (he's fixing his feathers, chirping...
  11. H

    Need help please, 3 week old cockatiel not eating. (Sad update post #20)

    I recently got hold of a 3 week old cockatiel from a breeder. I was was hand feeding him for almost a week now and had no problems at all. Yesterday he started to try to vomit but nothing came out. Then today morning when I tried to feed, he wouldn't eat. I have tried to get hold of a vet but...
  12. B

    Urgent Budgie randomly taken turn (sad update post #4)

    Hello! My 2 (ish) year old budgie, Pierogi, has randomly taken a turn for the worse overnight. He is still eating and drinking (less than usual but still doing it) but is very lethargic and fell off his perch earlier. I can’t get to a vet for a few days, I’ve been keeping him warm in a travel...
  13. T

    Urgent EMERGENCY Baby Eclectus Slow crop(6 weeks old)

    Hi, i have a problem regarding my baby eclectus' crop. His crop is emptying but in a very slow manner. I am afraid that he has become under weight because of this. He can only eat 10 ml nutribird A21 formula and empty his crop in 6 hours. imagine it, 6 hours with a watery solution. I dont know...
  14. arayabd

    Urgent Thick clear mucus just released from her vent

    Hi all, Very scared right now. My little canary, who lives on her own with no other bird around, is going through her regular seasonal hormones. She's never laid an egg before, but has the typical hormonal behaviour. She's been incredibly active and her normal self, but she just sat on her...
  15. TheMacDadd

    URGENT There are mites in my birds cage

    Ok, so there are mites in my birds cage and as soon as I noticed i RAN to the store to grab some cleaning products so I can deep clean his cage. which of these products are appropriate to clean his cage? the first product is: all natural distilled white vinegar 2nd: dawn dishwash liquid soap...
  16. Haroobom

    Urgent Underweight cockatiel handfeeding, crop problems.

    Just got a food gram scale delivered, the baby cockatiel (35-36 days old) I'm nursing back to health after the mom stopped feeding him is 51 grams, at 5 weeks he should be the double. I don't know if he lost that much weight under my care or the 12+ hours the mother did not even go into the nest...
  17. M

    5 month old Parrotlet choking on Millet

    Last night I was giving my untamed Parrotlet, Rango, some millet through the bars. I do this each day and he's usually fine but this time while he was eating it he paused and had a very weird expression on his face, he was trying to act normal but started gagging (?) and making small cough...
  18. LMan98

    911 My friend's African grey has bad diarrhea and is lethargic. What should he do?

    My friend's 12 year old African grey has recently been having bad diarrhea and is acting really lethargic. He says there are little green spots in the poop and he doesn't know what to do.
  19. LMan98

    My budgie isn't drinking water

    My 3-6 month old budgie (the pet store didn't tell us the exact age) has been with for about 3 days now. I've noticed he hasn't been drinking, but is eating just fine. I haven't seen the water level change every time I change it but I tried to feed him some apple to give him some moisture from...
  20. Nikorice

    URGENT PLEASE HELP (sad update #10)

    My Fischer's Lovebird, Peaches, is extremely sick. I'm on the way to an avian veterinarian because I don't believe in waiting these things out. I care about her so much and I found her on top of her cage this morning laying down and when I picked her up she felt cold and limp. I put her inside...