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  1. scremme

    Pictures Scary Bump (>_<)

    Hello guys, I’m hoping for some more opinions on something! A few months ago, I adopted a sweet baby boy and named him Cricket. He is currently about 4 months old and is going through his first molt. He has many pin feathers on and around his head right now, so the other night, I was...
  2. willowtiel

    Urgent Budgie black foot spot

    My friend's budgie has been having health problems for a while now. He may have liver disease but has been receiving medication for liver, yeast, and bacteria which has shown great improvement. Suddenly today a spot on his foot appeared which is concerning my friend. He doesn't seem to be...
  3. E

    Injured Conure

    Hi Everyone. My Baby was bitten by a dog( 3 days ago). She was taken to the vet immediately. The bleeding stopped, The vet did not handle her, just observed. She seems to have a crack on one side of the beak and a dent on the other it was at the top of the beak. She is eating, poo normal colour...
  4. E


    I wasn’t there to see it but my pineapple conure was stepped on by accident. He flew onto the ground behind my dad and he didn’t see the bird there so he got stepped on. I think that one of his wings was stepped on and most likely broken. There’s no avian vet currently open currently and i would...
  5. Beki lou

    Urgent Hen vent prolapse?????

    Please can I get some advice. This is my poorly rescue hen and am I right she has a cloatal prolapse??? She’s been put on her own and is being treated for mites. She had this crusty face when I took her and 9 others. The rest are being treated for scaly face. She’s had a messy vent for a while...
  6. S

    911 Cocktail suffering from diarrhea

    Hi my cocktails is suffering from diarrhea it a 3 month old and look so weak what to do ?
  7. K

    Mating?! Inbreeding! Or just standing? Please help, moderately urgent (not very urgent as we are unsure of what we saw.)

    My sister saw my 2 cockatiels standing on one another twice. The 1st time Kiwi (for sure male) was nudging lemony (unsure of gender, but most likely female) to move from her perch so that he could cross (they share a cage) then when lemony wouldn’t move he walked over them, lemony- whose nails...
  8. F

    Urgent lovebird bleeding a lot but now stabilized

    Hello guys. I've just created this account because im really desperate for answers as I dont know what to do, today I went over to see my lovebird thats 2yo, raised by my family, and i noticed blood on the bottom of the cage and he was bleeding a lot from the tail part, I then applied a saline...
  9. A

    Urgent Conjure help

    Idk if this is the right place to post this but I just noticed my GCC sleeping on the bottom of his cage, is this concerning? He's completely capable of sleeping up top he has the strength to jump around and climb his cage but he just decided to sleep at the bottom? I'm unsure of when hes...
  10. bethaneh

    Help! Bleach fumes!

    I adopted two budgies 2 days ago, and this morning, I was sitting next to their cage, and smelled some chemicals coming from the kitchen. I asked my mother what that smell was, and she said she was cleaning with bleach! I know bleach is bad for birds, so I quickly moved them outside for 30...
  11. P

    911 Urgent!

    Pip had broken a part of her lower beak this morning and we wnet to visit a vet afterwards. They told us to feed her soft foods and give her medicine in the food. Shes always efused to eat anything soft or wet and it looks like when she tries to eat it hurts. Any tips on how to give her food or...
  12. Ashenghoull

    Injured foot?

    Rain is a 3-4 year old conure. Today I just realized that he has small reddish dots on the top of his foot as well as the bottom of them. He is not wanting to put pressure on the foot and looks to be struggling to climb with it as well. He seems fine when I touch the foot itself, but when I...
  13. Nestum

    Video Odd sounds

    While I was feeding my cockatiel today he started making this kinda muffled high pitched sound that I've never heard before... Is this normal??
  14. hrafn

    Urgent Broken blood feather or something else?

    I just heard a massive commotion from the bird room, and Aurélie screech, and when I rushed in to investigate she was in a panic, thrashing around her cage. I managed to calm her down and get her out, and blood smeared over my hand when she stepped up. I've only had one fid break a blood...
  15. T

    Video Budgie making strange noises

    Hi, I uploaded a video here of the issue: We have already taken her to the vet several times, and have tried antibiotics on her to no avail. The issue seems occur more at night, and has been getting worse over the last month or so. She had a similar episode last year which passed spontaneously...
  16. Kiwiscremsong

    OMG HELP!!! My Cockatiel ate avocado oil!!

    My cockatiel, Kiwi just ate a tiny bit of avocado oil and i bet i am just freaking out over nothing but im really concerned i cant go to a vet because it is 1:00 am. And i do not think its necessary. ( i dont know why im freaked out )And here's how it happened, " i was about to shower and i...
  17. Kiwiscremsong

    URGENT my cockatiel just ate a little bit of crayola crayon!!!

    Help!!!! My cockatiel named Kiwi just ate a little bit of crayola crayon its been 5 minutes and he is ok and all crazy again he is trying to tear apart and eat the leather on my purse lol. Keep trying to pull him away from it. Will he be ok from eating a very very very tiny bit. Thanks!
  18. P

    Help! Abnormal poops. Urgent?

    My ten month old tiel has been having abnormal poops. They are the usual color, but there are undigested seeds in them. What should I do? Is the urgent, should I visit a vet?
  19. M

    Object in Nostril?

    First of all, Judas has decided he doesnt want pictures taken easily tonight. Anyway, I checked the forum and I know now I should probably take him to the vet but I'm in the middle of packing my suitcase for overseas and theres no time for me to get him to one! I leave 10am sharp tomorrow...
  20. layinlow

    Urgent help! Some blood in droppings!

    Hello! I'm very worried about my bird, i recently got a new cagcage for him and he's been pooping red droppings. The blood isn't in the urine, but only in the poop itself. I can't really tell if it's bright or dark red. It's been about an hour and I'm not for sure if it's cleared up or not, some...