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  1. LMan98

    911 My friend's African grey has bad diarrhea and is lethargic. What should he do?

    My friend's 12 year old African grey has recently been having bad diarrhea and is acting really lethargic. He says there are little green spots in the poop and he doesn't know what to do.
  2. LMan98

    My budgie isn't drinking water

    My 3-6 month old budgie (the pet store didn't tell us the exact age) has been with for about 3 days now. I've noticed he hasn't been drinking, but is eating just fine. I haven't seen the water level change every time I change it but I tried to feed him some apple to give him some moisture from...
  3. Nikorice

    URGENT PLEASE HELP (sad update #10)

    My Fischer's Lovebird, Peaches, is extremely sick. I'm on the way to an avian veterinarian because I don't believe in waiting these things out. I care about her so much and I found her on top of her cage this morning laying down and when I picked her up she felt cold and limp. I put her inside...
  4. N

    Roach Problem

    My little guy is a Green Cheek Conure. We have a small roach problem. We even moved to a new apartment but his cage still seems to attract them. Feels like we can never out run them. They show up only at night in his cage and mainly go for the water. No where else in the apartment to they have...
  5. B

    Urgent URGENT my cockatiel broken leg

    My cockatiel fell from the top of he cage and she has not been stepping on one leg. We think she broke it WE DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO. There was a bruise but it is gone now.
  6. U

    Urgent Cockatoo behaviour

    Hi, i need an advice on description below! My cockatoo is 3 years old this year. Recently, he started “freaking out”, flying crazily out of a sudden. It happened 3 times, the aftermath of the first is as shown in the attach image where his legs are folded inwards and stood that way. I saw an...
  7. Cheeko

    Foot fungus?? Infection? Bumblefoot?

    Hey I know I've only been posting about my frantic health scares since I've joined this forum. I apologise, but Im a new bird owner and anything I notice is new to me! I've had my budgie for almost two weeks now and only today did I notice this crusty bubbly thing on his foot. I attached photos...
  8. Cheeko

    Suddenly swollen chest/crop??

    Hello, today I noticed my budgie (Cheeko) crouching forward and looking intently suddenly, it looked weird to me because he was like that for several minutes. But I was leaving the housing so I couldn't keep watchin him. I left on some TV and went out, I came back 4 hours later and noticed...
  9. S

    911 Urgent baby bird not pooing

    I have a baby cockatiel about a week ish old and all the sudden he can no longer poop on his own he can digest everything just fine but it gets to just behind his butthole and I have to assist him by massaging his butt I can see him trying but nothing happens he seems to have low energy he will...
  10. BirdWorld

    Help chicken is very lethargic!

    I let the chickens out earlier and noticed one was just sitting in the grass with her eyes closed. When I came to take a closer look she looked at me and shuffled a bit but didn’t get up. I pet her and she didn’t move, so I picked her up and put her in the coop. I put some mealworms in front of...
  11. T

    Weird bubble on back/neck of bird

    Hello! First of all sorry for my english, it's not my first language, but there are no entires about my issue in my mother tongue. So the breeder told me that i can start bathing my bird at 3 months and since he loves water anyways, i let him shower after I was done taking a shower. After his...
  12. M

    Urgent!! Bug spray problem!!

    Hi this is urgent please!!!!! I don’t know how to put an urgent thing here but please! There was a wasp in my room earlier and without thinking I sprayed some bug spray on them, my birds (two budgies) were only a metre or so from where I sprayed it, I have removed the from the room and let a...
  13. J

    URGENT! Ran out of hand feeding formula for 4-week-old cockatiel!!

    I've been hand feeding Niko for the past week now. I'm not an experienced hand feeder and this is my first time taking care of a baby tiel! I understand that this is NOT IDEAL but under the circumstances, all I can do is take care of him as best as I can. Problem is I've run out of Kaytee Exact...
  14. A

    New Baby Pigeon Just Came in My Balcony

    A new baby pigeon though I guess a week older has arrived in my flat's balcony, It is unable to fly, its parents haven't arrived yet and he refuses to eat rice or drink milk. This is rainy season in India and night is going to fall soon I'm afraid that he will die of cold if left uncared and I...
  15. shubh298

    Parrotlet had a hard fall (New to this forum)

    Hey guy, I’m new to this forum and I found it while trying to find answers because I’ve been a little scared for my little parrotlet. I have two, but one of them had a rough fall while flying around two days ago. From what it seems, she had a concussion after the fall. No coordination, eyes...
  16. Arin

    Urgent HELP! Vomiting baby budgie

    Hello, I checked on my baby budgies as per usual and realised that there was a bit of vomit on the nests walls. I am not sure who it was but I think it was my second born (4 weeks old). I weighed him/her and despite his/hers age it is only 35 grams while the baby that is a week younger than...
  17. Z

    Is there something wrong here??

    Hey guys ive realized this with my lovebird who is 1 year old male red face. His crop seems to be pushed inside or something like that as you can see in the photos. No behavioral changes i saw it from almost a month ago ang he eats very well and is very active and playful There are no vets open...
  18. R

    Urgent Cockatiel - Very mild swelling between Nostril and Eye, towards the Eye side

    Hello, I need help here, I wish to prevent anything from developing from this new very small swelling near the eye. Maybe swelling is a word too strong. It's very subtle. She's a cockatiel of almost 2.7 years of age by now. I fear it's an infection and I wanna know how I can prevent it from...
  19. CuteConure

    911 Help! My bird bit my other conure and he has dried blood and lost feathers!

    I was on my computer and after a few hours I went into my room and I saw blood on the seed catcher net. I looked around and saw my GCC with dried blood on his foot and lost feathers above his leg. I searched up some websites but none of them had my situation. One said take your bird to the again...
  20. Arin


    PLEASE HELP! I found my two baby budgies severely attacked by another bird. I have separated that bird into a smaller cage. The greener baby has its beak loose on one side. I have absolutely no vets near me and I can not travel because of this whole annoying pandemic. The bleeding has stopped...