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Raising lost babies

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Good day to all,

I am new-ish to the incredible avian world. I have raised and released 2 Swifts and a Waxbill. I have a juvenile Cape Canary who I raised but she doesn't seem to be going anywhere and I'm quite fine with that. I have a baby Mousebird currently as well, and he's not doing so well. I've had him for about 3 weeks and he was a few days old to a week when I received him. Yesterday and today he's very lethargic and not keen on eating, he was like this the first two days when I got him and then once he had a good poop he perked up. I'm not sure now though why the sudden change and I'm very worried about him. Can anyone advise or has anyone experienced a similar thing?


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Vet ASAP! Birds hide ilnesses very well so if he's looking bad it propably is BAD. Maybe try giving him glucose (sugar dissolved in warm water), it should give him some energy. Fingers crossed his going to be better soon.