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  1. N

    newfound sun conure aggression

    my sun conure and i have been good friends for the past 9 months, since i got him. he is very friendly and sweet, let’s me pet him, he steps up and even preens me, etc. we are very close. well, i just moved into my dads house, and upon my sun conure meeting my dad, he was instantly gravitated...
  2. Az97

    Why did my moms lovebird suddenly die?

    Thank you for whoever is taking the time to read this.. means a lot to me. I gifted my mom a lovebird, Ria, in summer 2019. She was already an adult when I purchased her but I never knew her exact age. Ria never enjoyed playing with toys nor was she active. She didn't allow anyone to touch her...
  3. Tibby_blu

    Chasing budgie

    Hi have two budgies taro and gumi, gumi is relatively new like 3 months maybe? They get along great, preening each other, regurgitating for each other and just chilling together. Problem is gumi always chases taro around sometimes flies at taro. Anything taro does gumi suddenly wants to do and...
  4. M

    Save a Lovebird

    Two days ago I saw a blue lovebird in the window of a petshop. The feathers around his neck was plucked, and the nails on one foot were missing and the fingers were short. He stood alone in an empty cage. I couldnt stop thinking abuk him and I went and got it today. The seller even gave a...
  5. T c

    Bonded rescue conures

    I kind of inherited a pair of green cheeks after their owner (family friend) could not keep them anymore. They have been in the same cage together since the original owner got them (3-4 years) and are now bonded. I've been training them every day for a few months now, but when it comes to cage...
  6. B

    My female is a terrible flyer

    Hello everyone New to the forum and a relatively new budgie owner. A bit of background. I live above a very active bike shop, one day passing I heard the noise of parrots. I stopped (being a super animal lover) and I saw 2 little beings in a cage SO SMALL I lost my mind. The 2 guys that run the...
  7. IsaBirds

    Urgent My lovebird has a bent/broken nail

    Happened around an hour ago and she keeps putting her foot up, it probably hurts a lot and her vet isnt answering the calls, should I be very concerned? I'm so scared. Please help.
  8. Gemmy1057

    I Am At A Loss And Worried About My Budgie… I Need Advice!

    I have some bad news. I came home from work last night to find that Pineapple, my 10 month old female budgie, had passed away in her food dish. My other budgie, Sonny (Male 6M), was guarding her body and trying to nudge her awake. Pineapple was from Petco. I didn’t do enough research which...
  9. Lucario223

    Sudden aggressive hormonal behaviour

    Hi, Kiwi and Luna are my two lovebirds. Kiwi is the oldest of the two and has lived most of his life in solitude not having interacted much with other birds. That is why he bonded strongly with me and when I decided to give him a new companion things started rough. They were kept in separate...
  10. reetybird

    Anyone else having this issue?

    My bird will NOT stop going in my shirt, and if he isn’t allowed he’ll grumble and complain. What is this? I know he’s a nesting bird but how do I keep this little stinker out of my shirts? :tntrnm::hmmm:
  11. B

    Some sad problems, need help

    My Cockatiel, Lucy, 16.5 years or so old, is having a good deal of problems. Two years or so ago she had what I think was a stroke. She can't seem to focus on anything, has a hard time with mobility and can't fly any longer; she just flops. i took her to the vet at the time but there was nothing...
  12. B

    My finches want to nest...

    So my Java Rice Finches are attempting to nest in the tent I gave them a long while back. The finches are about 10 months old at this point, maybe 11. They've been trying to rip up the newspaper from the bottom of the cage and carry it to the overhanging tent I gave them. Now, newspaper isn't a...
  13. C

    Help! My cockatiels eye looks weird!

    Hello, I am here to ask about my bird, Wally, Wally is a male cockatiel, about 2 and a half years old and one day I looked at one of his eyes and it seemed a little weird.. I don’t really see him scratch it or anything, it just seems like it’s just “there” and not harming him but I’m still...
  14. S

    Urgent Baby Galah with deformed legs

    Hi last weekend we found a baby galah on the side of the road we searched and waited for a couple of hours for mum and dad but when we came back after 2 hours the little one was nearly dead and not doing well... we took her home warmed her up got her on antibiotics and started feeding her the...
  15. N

    lorikeet with lost mate, not sure what to do next

    hai everyone :) i’ve had two lorikeets, a male musk and a female rainbow for around five years, and they’ve been mated and have laid eggs and raised young. recently, there was a pretty bad accident and the female rainbow escaped her cage and unfortunately, the chances of me ever finding her...
  16. B

    Urgent Baby mousebird

    Hello everyone, I saved a baby speckled mouse bird 3 days ago, poor thing was ice cold on the road with red ants busy trying to get at it. He’s still a nestling and I suspect only just over a week old. It’s my first mousebird rescue and I have a concern. The baby birds head seems to twitch a...
  17. P

    Urgent Budgie Blood Spots?

    I am worried about my budgie. He has a few blood spots that weren't there last night and this morning I saw them... Any thoughts/advice would be greatly appreciated! The one spot on his one wing is the easiest to see. Above his cere and on the other wing is harder to see.
  18. Poochibird

    Am I feeding my cockatiel right?

    Hello, I am a new cockatiel owner as most of you know. I want to make sure I’m feeding him the right amount. My routine: Morning - 1teaspoon seeds and 1 teaspoon pellets (he doesn’t really eat the pellets yet as he was raised on seeds) Early afternoon - one leaf of Bok choy (he’ll eat about a...
  19. N

    Is baking playdough/clay safe?

    i hope this is the right place for this question! i want to make craft jewelry and all my other methods have failed. i thought clay/playdough would be a good idea, but i dont know if it would release fumes or something. so, is it safe?
  20. K

    Urgent Parrot Landed on Toothbrush, Dipped Wing in Toothpaste

    Something made my GCC decide it was a good idea to fly into the bathroom and, instead of landing anywhere else, land on my toothbrush that I was getting ready to use, complete with toothpaste. She managed to dip the edge of her wing and a section of her chest into the toothpaste. I’ve had her...