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  1. BeeBop

    Homemade Seed Mixes

    Hello! I have a few questions about homemade seed mix. Should millet be the first ingredient? Is hemp seed a good addition? Also, if anyone has a recipe for homemade seed mix that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. :)
  2. TurquoiseBirb

    Back Again (:

    My lil dude has been doing quite well! Step up training went great. He is going through his nippy stage currently but don't they all haha. Anyway, the only naughty thing is he will not stop shaking his water dish!! He doesnt do it to the food ones. He grabs onto the side of the water...
  3. W

    Good food companies for fids

    what high quality food companies should I be looking for my Quaker? He had Mayans but throws about half of it away. Stores have dyed food. I'd rather not get that. Can you guys point me in the right area?
  4. Barnaby Rose

    New Bird, New Species - need some advice please!

    Hey guys... Ok, so I am about ready to bring Oliver home (a brand new baby Timneh African Grey), and although they may seem stupid, I have some quick general questions. So right now we only have one parrot, Emma, and she is an Eclectus, so her diet is very specific. No seeds, no nuts, no millet...
  5. Julie260

    Jealous Behaviors

    Hi friends!! Looking for advice on my White Bellied Caique's new behaviors... A little back story: Mango is 5 years old and I've had him a few months. He's so fantastic, active, and hilarious, and I love him, attitude and all. He was such a catch. We also have a blue and gold baby Macaw (7...
  6. Sylvi_

    Pellet choices

    So along with their chop and small seed amount in the morning, my flock has pellets 24/7. Yuka and Mimi (GCC and 'tiel) love the Zupreem naturals. Never took to Harrison's but thankfully have taken well to the Zupreem. Now Kumo(Lovie) has nibbled a bit on them, but really isn't eating too much...
  7. M

    Lovebird Foods

    What does everyone feed their Lovebirds? I'm seeing that most bags of seeds also have other birds on them, can Lovebirds have a range of foods? Just for future reference I don't want to give them a food that's not okay for them if there isn't a lovebird pictured/labeled. I will eventually...
  8. Quill

    Linnie won't drink from bowl?

    my 10 week old Linnie, which I have already introduced in another thread, doesn't seem to drink from his/her bowl. He eats the seeds he has in one bowl but I haven't seen him drink from the water bowl. I've misted him and after I do that, he starts to lick the water off of his perches. Should I...
  9. Embad

    Appropriate Fruit, Vegetable, Protein and Grain Serving Sizes?

    Hi all! I just brought home my first conure yesterday and he (I don't know the sex, obviously, but I call him he!) is already such a joy! His name is Terry P and he's a 5 month old golden capped conure. I have read that fruits, veggies, legumes and whole grains are very important parts of a...