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  1. bird_mama

    2nd time making chop!!!

    Hey!! I just made chop for the second time! I’m so proud of this and Romeo loves it, so I had to share!:heart: (My ingredients are frozen & microwaved or blanched in water from my electric kettle, since my entire stove broke; smh ) Recipe: •Purple, white, green & orange cauliflower...
  2. Kiwi's Dad


    I've had this bag of millet in my pantry for about 6 months and I was wondering if the millet goes bad.
  3. Raisins

    Can wild birds eat expired pellets?

    So, a few days ago, when I was taking the pellets out of the fridge I've realized that they had expired by 11 days. I was horrified that I hadnt noticed it before and fed it to my birds. Thankfully, they seem okay and they didn't get indigestion. I was gonna throw it away, but my mum told me...
  4. BabyBirdMa

    Fatty Liver Disease?

    I just got the necropsy back and they’re saying Gus died of fatty liver disease?! I feed him a Kaytee diet which is mostly fruit and vegetables but there are some seeds. How could this happen? Could he have been born diabetic or born with this at all? Was this my fault? I’m freaking out.
  5. wizerdspel

    Fun fact and a question

    Did you know that you can give a parrot a (fully cooked) hard boiled egg as an occasional treat. Also, my amazon parrot, Paco never wants to eat millet. Is this because millet is only for smaller birds?
  6. mochiballs

    Regression at 2years old?

    Sulley, my caique, has just turned two years old and has regressed back into eating only food that has been pureed much like the baby bird food and being hand fed with a spoon. He's been to the vet and is healthy and they believe it's just behavioural. Has anyone dealt with something like this?
  7. GalaxyDog9

    How do I make my house smell nice? (Bird friendly)

    So ya, my title says it all lol. Am I forgetting something? No essential oils, air fresheners, or candles. Also feel free to share chop recipes! :)
  8. Viridity

    Urgent Problems With Food!

    I would be grateful for anyone's advice on my cockatiel, Cosmo! (He is 5 yo) He is slowly losing weight, and I'm extremely concerned, because he is already underweight. I feed him a seed diet, I want to convert him to a pellet diet, but he is refusing to eat the fine-pellets that I've tried...
  9. Xoetix

    Hungry noises, but not hungry?

    Hi y’all! My (still nameless) little poop machine today is making noises like he’s hungry (the aaaaaah!aaaaaah! noise) but he’s already eaten, and isn’t interested in more, once it’s offered. What else does this noise mean? He’s on my shoulder and I’m talking/whistling to him, so it can’t be...
  10. ZY28

    Are all species of letuce safe for parrots?

    Hi there, So I just grew some lettuce in my garden from seeds I bought from the grocery store. It was a lettuce seed mix with a variety of lettuce. I was wondering if it would be safe to feed it to my bird? Thanks!
  11. Q

    Urgent How can I properly feed a budgie that lost half of his upper mandible?

    Hello! My budgie has lost a part of his upper mandible in February. Recently, he started not being able to de-husk seeds. Now, I am feeding him dehusked millet seeds, but I heard that they are high-fat and low protein. What can I feed him for a balanced diet? Also, how can the beak problem be...
  12. GeezLouise

    Portions for a Green Cheek

    I feel that recently Louise has been wanting to eat more. Her usual one full tablespoon of pellets doesn’t even last until noon, when a couple months ago it was eaten throughout the day and she didn’t yell or search the ground for left over pellets. I give her chop but that’s gone quick too...
  13. cricketiel

    Behavioral Issues and Not Eating

    My cockatiel has taken to shrill screaming all day long, regardless of if I am near her or away. She has toys of every kind and a large cage and is free to leave and enter her cage as she pleases all day long (cage door is always open). I assume that her screaming is related to her being hungry...
  14. S

    My 1.5 months old cockatiel not taking formula, she is eating seeds by it's own

    Yesterday i got a lutino cockatiel, it's name is phoenix (i don't know the gender as the pet shop owner said it can be told after 4-5 months), i am giving him seeds and he drinks clean water. He is able to eat and drink on his own and also through my hand when i pick him and put some seeds on...
  15. Haydenb

    Grapes safe for birds?

    Hi, I keep hearing a lot of conflicting info on wether grapes are safe for birds. Is it completely safe, safe if the seeds and/or skin is removed or completely unsafe? I have a green cheek conure in case breed is a determining factor
  16. ZY28

    Kirkland unsalted nut mix safe?

    Hello, How you're well! I have been snacking on a nut mix I got at Costco and I wonder if it would be okay to share with my bird... It is Kirkland unsalted nut mix. They are cooked. The ingredients are: cashew, almonds, Brazil nuts, pecans, macadamia nuts, peanut oil. Thank you!
  17. Haydenb

    My bird room a bite out of cheesy breadd

    Often I'll bring my bird to the kitchen table to feed her some fruits and veggies while I'm eating and she's usually well behaved and almost never goes for the people food, but today we were eating Dominos near her and she took a little bite out of the cheesy bread which has a little bit of...
  18. BirbFriend

    Angsty cockatiel gets hangry

    I have a rescue cockatiel who is about 3 years old. He's been with me for 7 months. For the first 2-2.5 years of his life he was in (I suspect a very small) cage with another cockatiel. Then the previous owner got a cat and his friend died. Then he was alone for about 6mos-1yr before he went...
  19. H

    How much should I feed my canary

    I've had several different reccomending tips on how much to feed my guy. I currently just keep his bowl of food in cage all the time, and put fresh veggies out every day. Haven't had any luck getting him to eat any fruit. I put a quarter of a boiled egg in his bowl once a week. Is this...
  20. Poochibird

    Food portions for cockatiel

    Hello again, you were very helpful on my last post so I have another question. How much food do I give each day in his bowl? He is around 3 months old. If you could tell me in tsp or spoons that’ll be more helpful haha. For seeds/pellets and veges.