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  1. J

    Future Bird Momma Here- Looking for suggestions

    I am trying to figure out how to feed my soon-to-be budgie. What amount and ratio of seed to pellet to fresh fruits/veggies is best for proper nutrition? Along with that, what brands are best, and which fruits and vegetables are the most nutritious? I attempted to find answers through Google...
  2. M

    Pictures Macaw's droppings

    Hello everyone. I am worry about health of one from my parrots. She is Gold and Blue macaw 4 years old. I noticed that her behaviour became more quiet as usually. And also her droppings doesn't look normal to me. It has bright green color and urine is also green. So I am worry that it might be...
  3. Aubszoo

    Help this new momma out

    A little background... I had budgies when I was younger, my husband had tiels when he was younger, and we have had a tiel for a year. I've always wanted other breeds. About 3 months ago we decieded to add a sun conure to our home, when we went to meet our baby we fell in love with a green...
  4. LydiaB

    Video Eddie's Obsession With Doritos: Video

    Every time he hears that bag crinkling, he starts throwing a little fit, hoping I'll give him some Dorito. Not this time buddy, not this time.
  5. LydiaB

    Eddie's Dorito Obsession

    I made the mistake of giving eddie a tiny piece of dorito as a treat. Now every time he sees a red bag or hears crinkling bags, he starts running around and screaming and yelling, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? COME HERE!". He goes through phases of being obsessed with various foods. Sometimes its a...
  6. diitrex

    My conure is so picky!!!

    I've had my green cheek conure for a few months now. and one thing that i have found is that he will not eat pellets! I've tried him on a few different pellets of varying sizes and shapes and flavours, and they've been all i offer during the day after he had a bit of morning fruits and veggies...
  7. R

    Healthy Diet

    I got my first bird, a budgie named Navi, about two weeks ago (or a slight bit more). He’s been eating seeds so far, with ocassional millet mixed in when he steps up (still in progress of taming). I put in a fresh raspberry on the first week, but he didn’t touch it. I’m a little paranoid about...
  8. Kiwiscremsong

    OMG HELP!!! My Cockatiel ate avocado oil!!

    My cockatiel, Kiwi just ate a tiny bit of avocado oil and i bet i am just freaking out over nothing but im really concerned i cant go to a vet because it is 1:00 am. And i do not think its necessary. ( i dont know why im freaked out )And here's how it happened, " i was about to shower and i...
  9. AkasyaEllric

    TOPs Birdie Bread

    Has anyone tried this yet? I know it's relatively new, but I'm almost out and saw it when I was checking prices for my normal bread, Harrison's. I'm also wondering if anyone knows whats in the Mediterranean flavor since I can't seem to find ingredients on any of the flavors anywhere.
  10. Kiwiscremsong

    Flour muffins? Cockatiel

    Hi guys, so i recently discovered healthy muffins for birds so i looked up on YouTube for a few recipes since birdzone (where i found the muffins) doesnt ship to my area. So i found a video on youtube with several healthy ingredients for birds to eat and the start of the ingredients was flour...
  11. AkasyaEllric


    Does anyone else love the way they smell? I find myself sniffing the jar through the whole process after the initial soak. I'm glad I finally found a mix both I and the fids enjoy also.
  12. Pip and Gracie

    My bird wont eat

    I got my bird from the shelter about a day and a half ago and she hasn't eaten since then. I put some millet and some yogurt bird treats to try to entice her but she hasn't really eaten it. I'm getting worried and I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on getting parakeets to eat.
  13. Pip and Gracie

    Can parakeets eat papaya?

    I have some organic dried papaya can I feed some to my parakeet?
  14. C

    Home made cockatiel formula

    Hello fellow tiel lovers! I was wondering if there is a home recipe for cockatiel formula? Thanks!
  15. layinlow

    Best Cockatiel Pellets?

    I was thinking on switching my 4 month old cockatiel, Mika, from his seed diet to a pellet diet. I've looked into some different brands of pellets but I'm still not for sure which one to get.. I feel like the seeds are a little too fatty for him, so far he won't really eat any other fruits or...
  16. Whoviana

    Eating eggs

    We have been slowly introducing Sunflower to new foods, and we gave her some scrambled eggs. She absolutely loves them. I was wondering how much she can eat. Right now, she eats one egg a week, and I give her a little bit each day for about four days. It's her new favorite food, and I was...
  17. SkyeSweetheart

    Dehydrated snacks?

    I just recently got a black capped conure, and also a food dehydrator! What are some yummy fruits that birdies love dehydrated??
  18. Ashley123

    How much should I feed my bird?

    when I say how much I mean like how many cups. I have a green cheek conure, about 6 months old. The pet shop I got him from was feeding him half seed and half pallets, and I'm doing that, I just don't know how much I'm meant to be giving him every 24 hours. I give him 3/5 of a cup in the morning...
  19. C

    With all the food drama what do you choose

    With the different companies responses to the Birds and Beak rescue deaths and the fb thread with a common line of Zupreem Fruit Blend (which I feed) in the other mentioned bird deaths it has me looking into other food sources then just Zupreem for my pellets. I’m talking only pellets here. I...
  20. AmandaFitz

    Is this a good diet for budgies?

    Hi everyone, I am looking for some advice regarding my budgies’ diets. I give them ZuPreem fruit blend pelleted food as a daily diet staple. Once or twice a week I will give them a commercial seed blend as a treat, as well as some spray millet. My real questions regard what I prepare for them...