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sick bird

  1. Luvbirds

    Is my bird ill?

    Hello everyone, I'm a worried mama right now hopefully you guys can give me some suggestions. So here's the context. Mama bird is widowed from about 1-2 weeks ago. Last bird Luno died due to pneumonia. The day he died was the day their first egg hatched. Currently there is only 2 chicks of 2...
  2. BabyBirdMa

    Did my Conure regurgitate or throw up?

    I am having a hard time telling but I am concerned. My brown-throat Conure bobbed her head a few times before spitting up a clear fluid. Is she okay? What does this mean? The vet was unhelpful, offered no advice and has us on a waitlist.
  3. moonlight_

    Vetafarm Triple C

    Hi, So one of our two cockatiels her name is Tiki, yesterday we noticed that she was looking a bit fluffed up, she was trying to regurgitate a bit (Nothing came out I really couldn't tell if she was really trying to vomit) and just didn't look happy I knew something was off, so we kept her in...
  4. K

    Parrot sneezing, gasping ? (Sad update #29)

    I am so so confuse. I don’t know if this is coughing, sneezing/gasping. I have taken the bird to the vet after her liver biopsy like 4 times already the last time he flushed her nostrils. I am so so frustrated and worried. He told me it was because of the intubation and she aspirated a little...
  5. K

    Pet cockatoo droppings confused

    Good evening my cockatoo was diagnosed with clostridium and heavy metal toxicity, I am giving her injections for the heavy metals and also an antibiotic called chloramphenicol, ursodiol and acetylcystaine . I am currently spoon feeding this bird because she won’t eat on her own. She likes soup...
  6. K

    Parrot coughing after due to intubation

    My bird had recently a liver biopsy, she has this cough when she becomes active, playing or eating her pellets. It’s like she becomes out of breath. I was told that she was intubated. When I went to pick her up she was like this. I am not sure if it’s coughing or if it’s sneezing. I have had her...
  7. K

    Injections for heavy metal intoxication

    Good afternoon, my bird was diagnosed with heavy metal intoxication. I was given by my avian veterinary a treatment for my bird which I would have to inject 0.1 ml two time a day for 5 days then once a day after that for 14 days. I am very scare of hurting the bird they told me how to inject...
  8. K

    Bile acid and beta globulins

    Good afternoon, I got a cockatoo umbrella female in October 2022 she is 1 year old. I decided to take the bird to an avian vet for an anual wellness exam to see why this bird is not waiting much during the day. And they did fecal. And blood test. Her fecal came back negative for parasite and...
  9. R

    Raising lost babies

    Good day to all, I am new-ish to the incredible avian world. I have raised and released 2 Swifts and a Waxbill. I have a juvenile Cape Canary who I raised but she doesn't seem to be going anywhere and I'm quite fine with that. I have a baby Mousebird currently as well, and he's not doing so...
  10. Csolis22

    Urgent Weird Lovebird behavior for years

    My lovie is 8 years old and she’s exhibited these behaviors for almost 4 years now. We have done every exam in the book- x-rays, blood work, crop swabs, gram stains. Everything comes out clear. She remains at a healthy weight, never loses any. I’m at a loss, she goes through periods where she’s...
  11. JulietRose

    Force feeding tips?

    I have to force feed my budgie some medication, and I was wondering the best way to do it? I’ll need to do this twice a day with a syringe (two medications with a smaller tip syringe, one with a fairly large tip syringe). So, what’s the most comfortable/least stressful way to do this? I’d like...
  12. JulietRose


    One of my budgies is seemingly pretty sick, I would take her to the vet, but for personal reasons, I can’t take her, and it may be a while til I can. I’m very worried she won’t make it and I’m wondering if anyone has any advice on what she might have and how I can help her. She been shaking and...
  13. AlfieMyBab

    911 Budgie regurgitating, fluffy, and lethargic.

    My sweet boy Alf, 8 years old, was absolutely fine yesterday. Today, he's been... Off... I love him so much and have never been this close to a rescue budgie before. He's been regurgitating a lot today, at first he was just eating it again, and he was talking to me, so I didn't worry (he got a...
  14. B

    Something is wrong with my male Java Rice Finch

    There's something wrong with my male, Java rice finch. All day today he's been puffed up and sleeping. He hasn't ate much either and is a touch pale in colour around his eyes. Until today he is usually the chipper, brighter of the two and usually gobbles down food in the am like he's starving...
  15. O

    Urgent my budgie keeps tail bobbing

    Hello everyone my budgie keeps bobbing its tail about 3-4 days i am starting to get very worried. Can someone look at the videos and tell me if this is normal. I appreciate it so much:) https://youtube.com/shorts/rVbQ9VjluFQ?feature=share https://youtube.com/shorts/TPD9NooVWlY?feature=share
  16. P

    We went to the vet but need a second opinion (lovebird)

    Hello, first i'm sorry for my poor english, not my native language, my lovebird has been acting sick lately (for a month now), he is 5 years old blue personata and mostly seed diet (I'm trying to change but no luck), used to drink tap water but changed to purified because mom told me it could...
  17. Z

    Cause of sickness

    Hi everyone, so long story short I'm here in hopes of finding some imput as to what caused the sickness and later death of my tiel. I had 3 tiels, one male and two females. Last Tuesday my male was his normal self, I typically let them out of the cage when I get home from work, and they all stay...
  18. shajeeb

    Loki breathe heavy after a short flight!

    Hi i have two cockatiels Loki and Gutu. Loki is a 9 months old boy and Gutu is a 11 months old girl. Gutu is really active, she likes to fly around in the house and check up on us! Loki likes to sit around a lot. He doesn't fly much. He only flys when he gets scared. But what i have noticed he...
  19. J

    Urgent Budgie with dirty vent , been sleeping a lot throughout the day

    I just got 2 new budgies around 3 days ago. According to their previous owner they were on an all-seed diet ( specifically canary seed). So on the day I first got them . I noticed that Sugar, the dilute violet budgie had some feces( quite dark colored and dried up) being stucked on his vent ...
  20. G

    Urgent Sick budgie

    Hi one of my budgies has a wheezy squeak, sore eyes and is bobbing heavily when breathing, can anyone give any advice as there are no avian vets in the area and I'm really worried about him