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  1. K

    Safe Humidifier?

    I've been using Levoit humidifiers. I had bought two at almost $90 each. They had an auto turn off when empty, hot or cold mist, desired humidity shut off, held 6 liters each, etc. When they worked, they worked amazing. Then they both died 3 months in so I'm done with them. I'm looking now for...
  2. K

    New Furnace

    My landlord had a new (central air) gas furnace (Arcoaire brand) installed after the last one failed. It began running 10/12. My birds have been kept at my parents since then (10 days today). The horrible chemical smell seems gone. The vent air smells 'hot' if that makes sense. The house smells...
  3. BirdField

    Carport Aviary

    Hello everyone, I've been looking into all sorts of aviaries recently, from ones made specifically for parrots to DIY ones to greenhouses with screen. I was thinking about mostly frames because stainless steel wiring with good spacing isn't crazy hard to find but frames seem difficult to work...
  4. Cockatango

    Pictures Is an oranges bag a safe toy?

    You know those meshy, plastic bags that oranges are sold in - would they be a safe toy for a cockatiel? I was planning to tie string to one so it hangs from the top of the cage but droops down so she has to stretch to reach any goodies inside. Is this a good idea? (Is this plastic...
  5. Rivka

    Wd40 ok to use?

    hey so i noticed my bird cage got some rust and I was wondering if it’s ok to use wd40 to remove the rust, or is it toxic and shouldn’t be used? Like if I use the wd40 the l hose the cage down with a sponge and soap should that be ok? Thanks I got the cage from a pet store that said it’s brand...
  6. Parakeet88

    Humidifier for birds?

    I live in the north east US and as winter is approaching I'm thinking of ways I can keep my birds comfortable. I live in an old apartment and it's difficult to keep the temperature stable (it never gets really cold but I have a hard time finding the right heat setting). I bought one of those...
  7. Parakeet88

    Bird safe dye/ paint?

    I'm looking for some safe ways to color wood. My new favorite thing is to buy tiny GCC sized things for my conure, Ben. I got him some little wood furniture from the craft store and would like to color it. These items are mainly for taking photos. He won't have unsupervised access to it and...
  8. 1234Starburst

    new baby budgie

    hello, i have a baby budgie and i just got it the other day, she is not eating or anything, i have only seen her eat once, and i'm not sure if she is sleeping or not? she goes to close her eyes, but keeps reopening them. i also put a blanket over top of her cage at night (when she is supposed to...
  9. saeruhmariee

    Organic Potting Soil WITHOUT Perlite, etc.

    Alright, I'm having a really hard time finding potting soil that doesn't have perlite (the little white balls) in it. Even when I google something like "organic potting soil without perlite" it gives me results for organic WITH perlite. Google has failed me, so I need your alls help. I need...