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  1. P

    Safe VOC level in air?

    Hi there! I’ve been trying to dig up info on this to no avail. I am moving my 5 cockatiels from my parents house to my new home soon, and got an Airthings Wave Plus to scan for VOC levels in the air as a little alert system to know when to ventilate etc. What is the safe range for birds? So...
  2. ZY28

    Is the remaining sawdust and dead insect in perches after baking harmful?

    So, I just went out a pickup some mapple branches to make natural perches. I had to get the bark of since some mapple's bark is toxic to birds. By doing so, I saw some tunnels filled with sawdust. I saw on line that by washing, soaking and then baking the branches will kill anything alive and...
  3. Summzz

    Silly Question, Can parrots have Black Sesame Seeds?

    I just bought a jar of black sesame seeds for cooking and wasn't sure if my conures could have some. I know regular sesame seeds are safe but I wanted to double-check that black ones are too (even though the hull is just left on). Finding mixed answers so I wasn't sure. They are also roasted if...
  4. ZY28

    Are cardboard safe?

    Hi, So I recently cut out some cardboard pieces from ikeas packaging and toilet paper rolls(photos attached) to make bird toys. Then, I came across a article that said that corrugated cardboard and toilet paper rolls are not safe for parrots. I doubt this is true because a lot of parrot toys...
  5. J

    hair dryers!!!

    I've been looking for a bird safe hair dryer. I know that it can't have teflon, but most of the non teflon ones I see say they're "ionic"? I looked it up and saw a thread from yeaarrsss ago saying that it was bad, but I couldn't find any other info. Does anyone know about this? What hair dryer...
  6. D

    No aerosols near budgies, but what about in the same house?

    I am considering adopting a budgie. I know I cannot use any air pollutants (candles, Teflon, incense, air fresheners, etc.) around a bird. But every time I search for info, sources just say "don't use near birds." I find this unhelpful; what is considered "near" the bird? I do not live in a...
  7. J

    Bird safe scents?

    I'm having a seriously hard time potty training my 5 month old puppy (if anyone has advice on that feel free to leave it lol) and he's having a lot of accidents on my carpet. Despite constantly scrubbing the carpet with vinegar and Nature's Miracle, my apartment has started to seriously stink...
  8. ZY28

    Where can i buy safe twine

    I wanted to make my own toys so i got jute twine from the dollar store. It had a strange smell to it and probably was not safe for birds. I checked pet stores and they did not have any twine available. Does anyone know where i can find twine that is safe for birds? Thanks!
  9. M

    White crepe paper and party napkins, are they safe?

    I've seen lots of toys that use cupcake liners and I thought: the coloured napkins must be food safe, does that make them safe for parrots as well?? And I found some white (king of beige) crepe paper streamers and was thinking about using it for toys as well. Does anyone have any experience...
  10. BabyBirdMa

    Reflooring With Birds

    So I have nine rescue-birds: Four Conures, Four Parakeets and an African Grey. My parents are obsessed with the idea of refinishing the hardwood floor which I have concerns about the fumes hurting my babies. They also want to redo the tile. Is there anything in that process that could hurt my...
  11. FeatheredM

    Is this safe for DIY toys??

    Is it ok to use recycled stuff that has color on it for ex: caprisons box. My birdies don't ingest any of it or chew it much, just shred it to find treats. They are so useful, but are they safe?
  12. peachypjm

    where to obtain f10 disinfectant

    so far I've seen amazon, anywhere else I should be getting it from?
  13. conureluv

    Is this safe?

    So my bird (gcc male ) loves to chew his Snuggle Buddy (whatever it is??) and he loves sleeping in it as well. I took it out and I want to find a safer alternative. Hut, snuggle toy, I don’t care. Just something safe that he can keep warm with :) Now is this safe?
  14. ❤ HIɊᗰᗩ ❤

    Are Salvadora persica aka miskaw branches safe for green cheek Conures

    I'm new here and im about to bring my baby a GCC home and I've already set up a Couple of perches. However the only access to a real branch i have now is a Salvadora persica/ Miswak branch/twig. I'm not sure if its safe. i have a list of all the safe plants but this wasn't on any list. And id...
  15. KatieKess

    Safe humidifier for bird?

    Hi everyone! With this cold winter air, we’ve been struggling keeping the humidity up in our house. I have a small cool mist humidifier, but it’s hard to clean and not really raising the humidity much. I’ve seen a lot of parrot owners talking about this vicks steam vaporizer, and I happen to...
  16. J

    safe cage liners?

    i’ve heard that magazines and other colored inked papers are bad to use as cage lines but my apartment rarely gets the newspaper and it’s expensive to keep buying liners from the pet store. we do however get a log of catalogs and mags in the mail and i was wondering if it’s okay to use those...
  17. Hoshi

    Bird-safe lip moisturizers/facial products?

    Hi everyone, So here in the Northwest, winter weather is here, and with winter weather comes very cold weather that dries out your skin. My little one (Indian Ringneck:irnv:) loves to preen my face, nose, ears, and especially recently, my lips. He really enjoys trying to peel the dead skin off...
  18. Summzz

    Thoughts on Essential Oils.

    I'm a little conflicted and confused. I've been trying to do my research but seem to get mixed opinions. I have wanted to make something with essential oils to use around my birds. I actually found a recipe off a bird site that I love and I follow pretty closely. However, I always thought all...
  19. bird_mama

    Affordable bird toys??

    So I have a bit of a predicament, Romeo loves to chew toys, and I can’t stop buying them. I know every bird does, And nothing makes me more excited than going out or shopping online and finding things that he’ll love; But forking out so much in less than 2 weeks is undoable. I really need some...
  20. niamhk

    conure eating boogies!!

    So isla my sun/ jenday/ sunday conure she LOVES to preen my face. It’s normally my lips or nose... i always try too move but she’s very determined haha! so saliva isn’t good for them but i didn’t know about snot and them preening noses. she doesn’t really like to preen the outside of my nose...