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  1. D

    Help with lovebird

    I need some help , i found a love bird in my chimney, managed to get him out cudnt find the owner so decided to take him on my self got him a cage bath food . I let him out the first time and he seemed to go back to his cage ok , but now if i let him out it is so hard to get him back i have to...
  2. E

    Breeder information for Lovebirds?

    Hey everyone! I’m new to the group so i’m sorry if this is in the wrong spot. First question: has anyone bought a bird from Toms Lovebird Farm in Perris California? He has good FB reviews but that’s all i can find on him so i wanted to see if any of you had gotten a bird from him :) hope that’s...
  3. Zerø

    Urgent NON URGENT for 2 lovebirds

    Hello. I got 2 female lovebirds that are sisters, though I'm not sure they are confirmed female but the person I got them from said the shop had tested them, Idk really. Anyway, sometimes they fight and bicker. And I wanna know if its a danger. Lily sometimes starts it with Filia and will play...
  4. Sunny_Cloudy:)

    Can other birds live with lovebirds

    hello everyone, I was just wondering if other breeds of birds or parrots with lovebirds I saw a sight that said if you raise lovebirds from chicks with parakeets or/and budgies it will be fine but I wasn’t sure to trust that so I wanted to ask you guys to make sure I always feel wierd mixing...
  5. EthanBoha

    Please Help taming Lovebird!

    I got my Lovebird Romeo when he was 3 years old, I don't know if he was tamed before that. I've had him for 3 years, and I was a minor when I got him, so I didn't really care for him. But now I'm ready to start working hard to tame and care for him. I was planning to take him to the vet in...
  6. Charqee

    Pico's Update! (Hand-Taming Advice Needed?)

    Hey, guys! This is my sweet boy Pico! He's officially been with me for over a month and things seem to be going very well! I've changed his feed from mostly seeds to a mix of unpellet and he's slowly been eating more of it! He's very active and loves to fly from place to place when I let him out...
  7. LoveBird<3

    Video For Good (Redone 2017)

    Hi, everyone. When Birdie first passed away, I sang this song for her. It's been over two years, but I still miss her every day. Something in me wanted to sing this again—with harmonies and updated vocals. I know it's not amazing, and I know it's not the most interesting videos. It's just...
  8. cherrytea

    Lovebird Travel Cage

    Hello everyone! Im looking for a new travel cage for Pekoe. We do some light travelling (1 hour drive to visit parents for the weekend) but could be taking longer road trips in the future. We have a "small pets" carrier that was perfect for when Pekoe was a baby, but now its a bit tight on the...
  9. K

    Could I get some help?

    Hello! I have a small inquiry considering my two lovebirds. This morning, we discovered two fairly large feathers that came from my Peach-Faced, Maddie. Something about their condition concerned me—they had small 'holes' along the center. We have never owned Lovies before and have had this...
  10. cherrytea

    Nail trimming Toronto

    Hello! I'm looking for a bird groomer or pet store in downtown Toronto that can give our baby lovebird a nail trim. Usually I'd take her to our vet but apparently they'll charge for a full examination. Pekoe just had an exam last month... it feels a bit excessive to pay for another one when she...
  11. LoveBird<3

    Video Sammy's Music Videos: Hyooman, You Must Love Me

    Okay, so, I may be a little under the weather (ewww), but I wanted to make a quick video. I apologize for my voice. Still, this is such a sad song, originally ("When She Loved Me" from Toy Story 2, I think). I wanted to make it happy. :)
  12. LoveBird<3

    Video "Into Food" - Sammy the Lovebird

    Hi, everyone~ I'm back to post a video. This is based on Ariana Grande's "Into You," so I thought I'd put the lyrics side-by-side to show what I changed. (See attached file.) As always, thank you for watching. I love you all. :)
  13. Spnfox

    Jester and Nimbus update

    Jester and nimbus are doing great, jester has really turnee around and has become quite the comical little girl. She likes to play with a little pink soccer ball and a jingle cat toy , made of colorful hard plastic. Shes enjoying her flight freedom now, and now i cant leave her anywhere for...
  14. Borncountry419

    Are lovebird chicks active?

    So far, 3 of the 6 eggs from my Lutino Fischers pair have hatched. This is my first time breeding lovebirds. I've only bred finches. When you open a finch nesting box, they tend to immediately beg for food. When I open the lovebird box, the babies seem to just bumble in circles with each other...
  15. BigRedDoberman

    Nesting material and other questions

    Evening - I just got two lovebirds, I am going to assume they are male and female, but that is more from their actions. The male - Leo - stays out of the nesting box, eats some, chirps some, eats some more. The female - Karma - has lived up to her name - she's a ***** around that box. The...
  16. EAZi Parrot

    Baby lovebird cage or what?!

    Hello, I was able to clarify my Lovebird's(Hoshiko) age from the shop and he's actually around 1.5 months old or a little less. I think putting him in the cage is a bit early. Although I keep the cage door open all the time it's still a bit harsh on him. He likes snuggling in a corner, or when I...
  17. Lovebirdlovex3

    Sick Lovie :(

    Hello there! i have a Little lovebird who is 4 years old! her name is Polly. it is currently warming up here in New York so my house is usually warm in for years i have never had a problem with my babies as i have 2 other lovebirds in the same room. to start she was perfectly healthy always...
  18. Morgan

    Pics Turquoise or Aqua Turquoise?

    Ok so does anyone know if its a turq or aqua turq you will see the definite aqua turq sitting beside it notice the difference the aqua turqs got the orange fore head and the possible turq has just the faintest cream. I am really struggling with this one so all help will be really appreciated.
  19. G

    Help me decide...

    I lost my cockatiel a week and a half ago. I miss her terribly and my home isn't the same without her. I know that no bird will ever replace her, but I feel alone and missing the mutual comforts of scritching a little one's head and cuddling. I wish I could bring home another cockatiel, but...
  20. M

    Lovebird Foods

    What does everyone feed their Lovebirds? I'm seeing that most bags of seeds also have other birds on them, can Lovebirds have a range of foods? Just for future reference I don't want to give them a food that's not okay for them if there isn't a lovebird pictured/labeled. I will eventually...