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  1. Z

    Lovebirds giving mixed signals

    Hi all, brand new to the group and thought I'd ask for some advice. We have 2 lovebirds, Kulu (peach face, assumed male) and Lola (blue, assumed female). We had Kulu first and he is v noisy but happy and always lively, but we were worried he was lonely during the day hence we bought Lola. We...
  2. K

    Are my love birds starting to love each other?

    Hi guys, my 2 little lovebirds are females names Ki and Fi. We bought Ki 3 years ago and Fiji is a new addition to the family. Ki is very hormonal and territorial and at the beginning it was very hard for them to be around each other. however now as months have gone Ki has now attempted to be...
  3. K

    Urgent Injured love bird

    Hi I’m new here and very worried I have 2 love birds called Fiji and ki. I used to have one called trevor and he passed away from an incident that caused to much shoc 3 years ago which broke my heart and since then I’ve always been extremely paranoid to make sure my birds are always okay...
  4. A


    Hi Just thought i would say hello :greet13: I've been kept by a few birds over some thirty years and find I they never stop being fascinated by me and visa versa. Lucky thing that. I find lovebird social dynamics incredibly interesting and fluid. I've had the privilege to live with many...
  5. Mango&Five

    hand reading formula?

    I know i’ve been asking a lot of questions, but i’m trying to be as safe as possible. Is this a safe and good hand rearing formula for a baby lovebird ? I live in Australia so i might not have the same options as people who live in different parts in the world.
  6. S

    Lovebird Prices

    Hey guys, I’ve got these chicks that I can’t take care of (I’m not a breeder or professional, but i let my lovebirds have chicks this one time) Anyways I’d like to sell them to earn back most the money I’ve spent on my lovebirds ($200 cage, $50 food ever couple of weeks, toys, etc etc). What...
  7. lov_ly

    Help my lovebird has a humping problem

    I have two lovebirds who both like to hump things and it hasn’t been a problem till recently. My one lovebird, Nibbler, has gotten so bad, the moment I let him out of his cage he will try and try to get away and start humping my couch, and the real issue is that he likes to regurgitate while...
  8. C2H4JOY

    Pictures NEED URGENT ADVICE!!! Newly adopted 6 month old lovebird

    Hello, everyone! I am quite new to this forum and this is my first post :D To give a short introduction: I have a 1-year-old lovie named Watermelon and a newly adopted 6-month lovie named Papaya. I recently adopted Papaya about a week ago because I wanted a friend for Watermelon, but I noticed...
  9. S


    I live in an apartment and own a pair of lovebirds and from time to time during the day, they will just continue to shriek as loud as they can for like 15 minutes straight, multiple times a day. Not only is it extremely irritating to me and the other people living in my house, but I'm sure the...
  10. DuccleDuck

    New To Avian Avenue

    Hi! I have kept birds for 10+ years. Only chickens and ducks, no parrots. I am very knowledgeable on parrots and I am adopting a lovebird soon. Someone has a Female Sex-Linked American Cinnamon White-Faced Violet Lovebird available for adoption. A person is going to see her this Friday, but if...
  11. S

    Lovebird Mutation

    Hi everyone! I hope everyone is doing well I’ve had lovebirds for nearly 10 years now and am quite familiar with a lot of mutations. I’ve also worked at an avian specialty store for 10 years, working extensively with breeders and our avian vet. However, my one baby lovebird has myself and a...
  12. K

    Clever lovebirds out of cage at night

    Hello everybody! I have 2 lovebirds, I got them about a month ago and they are still not tamed, but we’re working on it. Most of the day they spent out of cage on their bird stand playing. The problem is when it comes to night time. They love their play area so much that they don’t want to go...
  13. Fiveboy

    Worlds Cutest (Sneaky) Lovebird Babies

    My babies "hatched" a plan - to be cute, and sneaky. Mission accomplished!
  14. K

    Hate-love relationship of my lovebirds

    Hello everybody! I’m new owner of 2 cute lovebirds. They are about 8 months old and I have them since 2 weeks. One male and one female (at least thats what shop owner said), both untamed so far. Since start they are together in one cage. Most of the time they’re very happy and loving towards...
  15. D

    Taming my lovebirds

    I have two lovebirds in the same cage. I got them about three years ago and they are about 3 and a half years old. I didnt know much about lovebirds when I got them and that was a huge mistake from my side. I need help on how to tame them because I feel like Im giving them a bad life. I have...
  16. cerva0530

    Broken Glass

    Hello! I wasn’t sure where to post this, but this seemed like the best spot. correct me if i’m wrong please! Anyhow, recently a younger sibling of mine knocked over a small glass table, and it shattered all over the living room floor, which is where my birds spend their day. I have two...
  17. Fiveboy


    This turned out great. I took a LOT of extra time to make sure all wires that could poke were turned and totally blunted. The cleaning and efficiency of placing the whole thing on a towel (the debris passes through) and stabilizing it with a wire to my ceiling worked out great. In the...
  18. julia890

    Mating signs but don’t interact? (lovebirds)

    Hello! I’m a newbie so I hope someone can enlighten me on this ! :D Since my 1year lovebird kept humping my socks and sponges and tried to feed them by regurgitating on them (pretty much all day) , I decided to get a female lovebird and introduce them slowly. I wouldn’t mind...
  19. malibu


    I was wondering what mutation do you think my lovie is? I was pretty sure she was a creamino but she now has a bit of a light peach colour between her eyes but not enough that she is an australian cinnamon. Im not sure what the parents were since when I picked her up her and her siblings were in...
  20. Macaw mom

    Pictures New member

    Hi I’m a bran new macaw mom, he/she hatched yesterday but I can’t be there because of this dam virus ...I’m Irish there’s not as many large parrot owners here so it’s taken a long time ,,I also have a few rescued birds a pigeon with one wing, kids put an elastic band on the wing , I found him on...