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  1. Lovebird27

    Lovebird Genetic Calculator

    Hello. Basically, I know how to use the calculator, but I have a doubt. I don’t understand what T1 or T2 mean. I’ve read their description, but it still doesn’t make sense. Can someone help, thanks.
  2. Dextine

    Lovebird troubles

    Hi everyone! This is my first time posting anything so bear with me for a bit. I am the new owner of two lovebirds since September. They were first in a 47 x B 36 x H 98 cm cage. Ive since upgraded them to a 82 x 54 x 153 cm cage. They love playing outside the cage and dislike going back...
  3. malibu

    Clicker/marker training

    Hey everyone, So my lovebird has now finally started accepting treats from my hands so tonight I did very basic target training and she picked up the concept pretty well. I was wondering if marker training with a consistent "yes" would be easier than clicker training. I have an Australian...
  4. malibu

    Getting a bird to accept treats from hands

    So my lovie that I have had for roughly 2 weeks currently won't eat any treats besides chopped walnuts and almonds and she will only eat them if they are in her food dish. I tried using millet and giving it through the bars since shes kinda hand shy but she straight up refuses millet unless it's...
  5. Zara

    Video I hear this every afternoon...

    This is the sound these guys make when they are winding down for a nap... Every single day. Bear in mind it is louder and more shrill in person. Sydney and Adélie don't get involved, this is all the blue team, mainly these two, Lapis and Nube. Why can't they just close their eyes and nap?...
  6. Zara

    The Blue Team

    *mostly new pics used (second group pic is older)* Meet the Blue Team; Members; Aldora, Founder and chief noise-maker. Jaime, Co-founder and emotional support officer. Lapis Lazuli, Underling 1, eldest. Nube (pronounced Noo-beh) , Underling 2. Backstory So a year ago...
  7. Zara

    Pictures Lovebird cage setup

    I have 4 cages for my 6 birds (I actually have 6 cages but two are sunbathing cages) so I thought I'd share my setups for my littles.... Adélie: She has a closed foot so has a short cage. There is already a thread about her cage on Special needs crossing but I will go over it here, The cage...
  8. Mo Amjad

    Food for an Indian Ringneck

    Hello, I was wondering if I can feed my Indian ringneck conure/lovebird seeds?
  9. teena87

    Flightsuits? Tents?

    Hello, I used to take my male lovebird out into the backyard in the first year that I had him as his wings were clipped. He very much enjoyed being out and never really even attempted to take off anywhere (he could fly a little) but he is generally a timid and calm bird. Last year I took him...
  10. DelilahPygmy

    Pictures New Lovie mom. Would love advice!

    Hello! I just brought home my first ever Lovie tonight. He is currently sleeping and I was just curious if it's normal for them to want to sleep so early after being put in a whole new place. I just feel like he would be watching everything and not wanting to sleep. Anyways, just curious about...
  11. Zara

    Video Lapis and Nube also got a new swing..

    This is the first wing they have had. They have the wooden climbing frame and it swings, but never a single perch swing before. They are just the cutest thing to look at all floofed up snuggling on the swing together! Here is when they first got it:
  12. Zara

    Pictures When the birds get there first...

    When you sit down to have a nice glass of water.... But the birds beat you to it! They've also all drank from there and 2 had a bath in it... :/ Story of my life!
  13. K

    Pictures Untame, bonded lovebird pair destroy everything in sight

    Hi all. About a month and a half ago, we got two lovely bonded lovebirds, Chino and Chai. They are extremely affectionate with one another, and my husband and I don't mind that they may never truly bond with us. We let them out of their cage every day for pretty much the whole day, only closing...
  14. Rainbowings

    Is there best cage for lovebirds???

    I have a typical rectangle flight cage, marketed more for finches. It seems okay in size for them but with the new babies I was thinking about upgrading to something larger... Is there a best cage you've found & do lovebirds prefer height or width? I was thinking of something like this...
  15. R

    Leaving lovebirds alone for vacation

    Hello, I'm currently leaving for a trip of 4 days and 3 nights. I have 2 lovebirds, one green and yellow. If they have sufficient water and food, would they be stressed over the days? Only day 2 and 3 I won't be able to see them. Nobody is avaliable to help me care for my lovebirds over the...
  16. C


    I recently just got a black masked love bird and on Sunday evening he suddenly died. I've only had him for about 2 months and haven't even help him yet, he was showing no signs of illness or lack of appetite. Before he died he was extremely active moving and climbing all around his cage when I...
  17. Leih

    Linnies and lovebirds?

    Hi everyone, sorry if this is posted somewhere but I'm not finding it. I currently one lovebird (female) and am really considering getting two linnies. I'm completely entranced by the two males at my local parrot shop, one cobalt and one turquoise. Does anyone have experience with this...
  18. Lindsey D

    Lovebird beak peeling

    Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum and a newish lovebird owner (we adopted our first-ever parrot, a lovebird named Belle, this spring). Since I'm new to all of this, I really appreciate your insight! I noticed Belle's beak looking off almost 3 weeks ago. Researching, it looked like normal...
  19. Julie-Anne

    violet hooded lovebird laying down what could be wrong

    Hi, I have two violet hooded lovebirds Billy and Silly, i am unsure of the sex, as my partner bought them home from the markets they are appox 12 months old, Billy (the Darker blue) has been ripping the paper from the bottom of the cage, putting it in water and taking it up to their snuggle pod...
  20. A

    Hai everyone :)

    Hello everyone! My name is Alanah and I recently got 2 lovebirds (grey headed) that I was told were a boy and girl but wasn’t sure which one as which. They also told me they only got them last December so they weren’t that old. Anyway everything was going great until my bloody cat decided to...