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    Lovebird Foods

    What does everyone feed their Lovebirds? I'm seeing that most bags of seeds also have other birds on them, can Lovebirds have a range of foods? Just for future reference I don't want to give them a food that's not okay for them if there isn't a lovebird pictured/labeled. I will eventually...
  2. M

    Toy materials

    Are there certain materials to stay away from in making/purchasing bird toys? (The birds are lovebirds if that changes anything). I have a small hoard of small animals and I'm always buying them toys, often I buy them small bird toys as well since they are often made of the same materials...
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    Newbie Looking at Lovies

    I'm going to look at a pair of "baby" Lovebirds on Friday. If they're the right fit they'll be coming home with me. I have a few questions I hope yall will be able to answer before that time, I've been doing a bunch of research but haven't found the answers to a few of them. 1. I have read...
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    New to Birds

    Hi all! I've been lurking around the forums for a little bit, reading here and there and trying to decide what bird is right for me. I've worked at an animal shelter for the last 3 years and we've had numerous birds come through, from budgies to macaws and everything in between. Ever since we've...