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cockatiel advice

  1. sleepysami

    New seven week old cockatiel won’t eat formula

    hello guys I recently got a new cockatiel from a breeder and I brought him home he didn’t seem to be interested in formula I was given. i use a thermometer to make sure it’s around 105 to 107 but he just does not seem interested at all. do you think maybe he’s just scared of me right now? should...
  2. Raptor40

    How to tame cockatiel chicks with untamed parents?

    Hello everyone! I have two cockatiels, both of which I had bought as aviary birds from a pet store. The female laid eggs a few weeks ago and when i checked up on them this morning, I noticed a tiny chick beneath the male. I've never raised cockatiel chicks before, so I'm just looking for a bit...
  3. Aitheria12

    Cockatiel playing with tongue? Normal or not

    Hello everyone, I have a 10mo old cockatiel I got 2mo ago I am not sure the gender but they have had this behavior since I got LemonBerry, they play with their tongue. Its usually after chewing on something LemonBerry is extremely destructive to the toys I got them. But after a bit of playing...
  4. Birdman696

    Pictures Help identifying my new cockatiel

    I just bought a baby male (supposedly) cockatiel and was wondering if anyone could help me identify its mutation. Thanks in advance. Also any help identifying its gender would be excellent as I am unsure if it is actually a male.
  5. Annamxliss

    Cockatiel Sudden Aggression (Jealousy?)

    Hi everyone, I’ve decided to post on a forum about my question so I could get the best possible help. I have a two year old male Cockatiel, his name is Auggie. I’ve had him ever since he was a few months old so its safe to say me and him have a tight bond. I recently brought home another ‘tiel...
  6. PipTheBird

    4 Month Old Cockatiel Questions

    (Please let me know if this in the wrong thread! If so, I apologize and I'll move it to the appropriate one.) Hello! I just joined this site recently, mainly to ask a few questions about my Cockatiel. My boyfriend and I just got a 4 month old one a week ago, and he's technically our first bird...
  7. King_Kaitt

    Urgent Cockatiel peeling beak

    Hi so recently my cockatiel bruised her beak and had a purple spot, now it’s starting to peel away and I was just wondering if that’s normal
  8. King_Kaitt

    Getting another bird.

    Hi, I’ve been thinking about getting a lovebird(not for a few months as I want to know a lot more about them) but I have a 4 year old female cockatiel she’s very clingy to me and has always been the only bird in the house. They wouldn’t be housed in the same cage but would be in the same room...
  9. R

    Urgent My cockatiel's leg. Please help

    Hello, 2 days ago I heard my cockatiel putting some little screams she does when something is hurting her (usually lose feather). I went to check after few screams as I was sleeping and there was no lose feathers but I noticed that she wouldn't put pressure on her left foot and there is no...
  10. Sops1306

    Cockatiel sleeping techniques

    Hi how is everyone today? Just wondering if it's normal for a female cockatiel to sleep without her head tucked in, My male is quite a lot older and sleeps with his head tucked behind him where as my female is only about 7 month old and she always sleeps with her head straight forward, Is this...
  11. A

    Urgent Cockatiel suffering side effects after antibiotic

    Help! I have a question about my female cockatiel. She was having eye issues. Her right eye was watery and itchy. Wasn't red or swollen though. Just a few feathers lost around that eye. Also she had sneezed a few times in the past few days and had a somewhat sore throat (voice not normal) I...
  12. hetswe

    Cockatiel breeding - help !

    Hi everyone, I've had my two cockatiels for around two years now, Ronney (female, hand tame) and Pickles (male, not hand tame, but relatively comfortable around me). Now, about a month ago I put a nest box in their cage, and last week an egg appeared, and now there's three. Now I wouldn't...
  13. N

    9 month old wild cockatiel scared of people needs to be tamed

    heey i got my cockatiel a month ago and he is still so scared of me and won't come out of his cage nor eat from my hand he is 9 months old male. he whistles back and sings so well i really wanna become his friend and start a nice relationship with him is it hard to tame him since he is a...
  14. B

    Lovebird or Cockatiel?

    Hello! I'm very new to Avian Avenue, so if this isn't the correct place to ask this please inform me and I'll move it! So, about two years ago I decided I wanted a bird. And thankfully, I have done plenty of research on their care and what a huge commitment getting ANY bird is since then because...