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Hissing but wants attention...?


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I have had my new tiel Louie for about a week and he was hand-fed so he is very sociable and bonded to me very quickly. He is about 11 weeks old and has been very friendly to everyone with no issues but today he started acting very strange. I went to pick him up and when I brought my hand toward him he started (hissing I believe) making a angry noise but when I got to him he happily stepped on. He really want to be on me but anytime I go near him or act like I’m picking him up he gets very mad and still happily complies. I am very confused and ended up just putting him in his cage to calm down. Along with the hissing he also bites me (warning bites not very hard) and yet still hops on my hand. There have been one or two times when he was angry and bit me and did not hop on my hand but only a couple of times. What is going on??? Someone please help!!

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It sounds like he’s telling you he doesn’t want to step up at the moment and you’re not listening. I would try to avoid bites so they don’t become a habit, and reward him with some millet (which you should save only for training) when he does step up. Also, you might want to have a couple very short training sessions each day to help him think stepping up is a good thing. Make sure when he steps up you’re not just putting him back in his cage because he might associate stepping up with playtime being over. You can also try target training to get him to go where you want him to. Just remember to never force him to do anything, but find a way to make it his choice.