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cockatiel advice

  1. H


    So my cockatiel has a toy with paper just wanna know if its safe that hes chewing and swallowing it he seems happy playing with it ive had him for 2 days ill attach a pic of the toy
  2. P

    Feeding advice

    hello everyone!!!! I still have not gotten my cockatiel, but I have some questions about feeding; how much pellets should be fed per day? (preferably in tbs/tps.) I have Roudybush crumble food. should I add a seed mixture to the bowl too? how much seeds per day is a healthy amount? and should...
  3. P

    New buddy advice?

    hello, everyone! this is my first post on this forum as i'm getting myself a new cockatiel friend this sunday. i am a first time bird owner, and while i am aware cockatiels are not recommended for beginners, i've owned rats, guinea pigs, dogs, etc. i believe i can handle it, and over the past...
  4. M

    Cockatiel consistently blocked nose

    I have a 5 year old cockatiel who lives with 3 other cockatiels in the same cage and 2 galahs in a different home in the same room. For most of his life, he’s consistently build up blockage in his nostrils that needs clearing every few weeks to few months when it starts impacting his breathing...
  5. R

    Cockatiel advice

    He guys, i got my cockatiel 2 days ago and he is very quiet and sits still in his cage, he rarely eats his food, today i got him to eat some apple and spinach from my hand for breakfast, then some millet later on in the day from my hand. he never beats from his food container. we keep a balance...
  6. R

    New cockatiel not eating properly

    Hey guys, I got my cockatiel 2 days ago and he isn't eating properly, he wont eat much seeds/pellets and wont eat his veggies or fruits. Yesterday he would only eat spray millet and today I managed to hand feed him some apple and spinach because he wouldn't eat from the bowl/plate. what should I do?
  7. L

    Baby Cockatiel Age

    Hi i recently got my first cockatiel on May 20th i was in contact with the breeder from the 5th of May at that point he'd told me the hatch date of my bird was April 16th i'd received a bunch of pictures i'll add them here and since he's been in my care (just assuming gender) he's been seeming...
  8. S

    Urgent cockatiel foot twitching

    Hi everyone, Recently, one of my two month old cocktail, started experiencing strange symptoms. his feet keeps twitching and he seemed to have fever but not anymore. Unfortunately, there are no nearby vets, so I sought advice from a local pet shop. They suggested it might be a physical injury...
  9. S

    Cockatiel tips?

    Hello! Please I need advice! I bought a cockatiel. I have had it for 2 or 3 weeks. I am trying to do my very best for him! I had a budgeriar for about 10 years, very very very! He was used to both hands and people! I don't even remember how I got it, I bought it when it was small. I have...
  10. C

    Pictures Is this one nostril blocked?

    Hi just wondering if someone can give me advice on this little girls nose, and if there’s an easy way for me to clear it if so? thanks guys
  11. Phalonia

    Hormonal cockatiel

    Hello you lovely people! I am looking for some advice regarding my male cockatiel - Vega. I have had Vega since he was a few months old and he is now nearly five. He is very tame and spends almost all of the day out of his cage. I work from home and so he invariably spends the day with me...
  12. 3.7

    need some tips taming my new fearful cockatiel!!

    HELLOOO!! this is my second ever beg for help on this website, everyone has been so nice :))) im not a veteran bird owner... nor am i fully educated and im always looking to learn about cute little birdies. I have 2 cockatiels, one is named tequila, 4 months old, and she's adorable. she came...
  13. M

    Cockatiel being over preened by cage mate

    Hi there! I have a 3 year old white faced cockatiel who is currently being housed with an English budgie that’s about 1.5 years old. They’ve bonded well and have been together for a bit over 6 months without issue. I have them in a breeding cage to used to have the divider put in the middle but...
  14. Z

    Is my cockatiel's feet injured?

    I just got my first cockatiel a few days ago and it seems to have a slight grey spot on both it's feet. I'm wondering if this is normal? It can perch properly but when it wants to grab something with it's feet it will hesitate to use it's feet and will just hover open without grabbing the item...
  15. N

    First Tiel- Very Worried

    I just got a cockatiel named Pixel. She's been in my house and her new cage for over a full day and hasn't shown interest in exploring or even eating anything. It was a long drive here and bc of the carrier her breeder had her in, getting her into the cage was tricky. She hasn't really been...
  16. A

    Need help separating bonded cockatiels

    Hey fellow bird owners! I got my male cockatiel (Nacho) a hen (Navi) about 8 months ago and they have bonded a lot since. The problem is, she is not sharpest tool in the shed... She never got used to being handled by us, gets startled by the slightest movement and/or falls down the counter...
  17. pmlucy

    Pictures Questionable growth on cockatiel's nose

    My cockatiel has this weird, small growth on the right side of his nose, almost like an mal-developed feather. My bird hasn't exhibited any adverse symptoms since it appeared (about 6+ months ago), and has never flinched or reacted in any sort of pain when I go to touch it or pet it, so it seems...
  18. R

    Female cockatiel constantly squawking

    Hello, I hope someone can shed a bit of light on my female cockatiel's behaviour. I got her when she was around 9 months old, and she's around 3 years old now. Over the last couple of days she has been squawking constantly. I'm used to her squawking when she wants more food (she's on harrisons...
  19. Bicirik

    Need help with cockatiel training

    Hello, I had a budgie before but it's my time with a cockatiel. I just got a 2-3 months old cockatiel, its only been 1 week. He is very smart and very brave. But I have some questions training him. He eats from my hand, getting pets, he is even okay with grabbing ( I had to check under his wing...
  20. urvogel

    going on vacation and cant take my cockatiel help

    im gonna be on vacation with my mum for 4-5 nights and cant take my cockatiel with me and now i cant sleep for two nights stressing about it, the good thing is i have someone to take her while im away (my dad) but my problem is he never had a bird so for her to have out of cage time is not an...