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  1. Cosette Gagne

    Second Cage??

    Hello parronts! I currently have an extremely spacious cage for my GCC. Pic attached. He's fine being in it while I'm within view but the moment I step into another room he starts whining. He's my alarm clock which I really dont mind... loud screeches in the morning are very welcome in my...
  2. Mo Amjad

    Indian ringneck update!!

    What's up people I just wanted to show you guys an update on him. I got him 3 new toys today in which he is already destroying lol. He has been showing less stereotypical behavior since I got him a bigger cage and more toys.
  3. Zara

    Pictures My thoughts are with the future tenants

    I've just been out to pick up some balls for my birds and I thought I'd take a few pictures and show you the types of cages avail here. 1. Tall round cage 9" diametre x 12"high 2. Sphere cages 9"diametre 3. Rectangle cage 9.5" x 7" x 12" 4. Hamster cage 8.5" x 6" x 7.5" No, there...
  4. F

    What is your opinion on keeping parrot out during the day alone?

    My green cheek conure and I will be moving to an apartment fairly soon. I’m a student and, after spending the last year in a dorm with my conure, we’ve had a good time! He’s out for most of the day, but now that I’m moving to a place I’ll have my room, I’d like him to be out as much as...
  5. luckyducks

    Cage suggestions?

    We're getting ready to welcome a little pineapple GCC towards the end of June, and I'm working on slowly getting things ready before that. We're slowly switching out our pans with ceramic, bird-proofing the house, removing dangerous chemicals and the like. I've got some perches and toys...
  6. Bri_:3

    I need to know a cage size.

    For my bird I will be getting soon my mom ordered a cage. The dimensions are I believe 28x23x18-20. Are these appropriate sizes for budgies or cockatiels?
  7. Weelasmaree

    New Cage Setup

    I'm currently looking into purchasing another cage so my youngest tiel can move out of her's as it is just way to small now that she has grown. Both my tiels are separated while I'm at work or out of the house as Gromit and Ponyo are still bonding. Gromit has a large cage but would now be...
  8. Kestrel

    Pictures Should I return my Prevue Hendryx cage?

    I bought a Prevue Hendryx cage for my baby cockatiel which will be coming home in a few weeks. Its 20x24x65 with the playtop and had pretty stellar reviews. I paid just over $200 for it and when it came there were some bent pieces so I had to request replacement parts. The customer service has...
  9. Z

    Cage location

    I live in a pretty oddly shaped apartment which makes finding a spot for my lovebird’s cage a bit hard. Half of my apartment is floor to ceiling windows. I wanted to put him near a window because I feel like its better for his circadian rhythm and is more visually entertaining. But Im scared he...
  10. C

    Bird not going in its new cage.

    Hi there, this is my first post so sorry if its in the wrong section. I just got home my GCC Comet and he is refusing to go from the carrier into his cage. I have put his carrier in the cage, allowing him to come out on his own but that doesn't seem to be working. I have handled him when I got...
  11. Zara

    Pictures Adélies house set up

    So for a long time, Adélie was living in an 18x16x18 (the nursery/travel cage) while I observed her to figure out what she can and can't do with her closed foot. I originally was going to wait until weaned before making a purchase because I wasn't even sure on what cage to get. But Adélie is...
  12. Flynn

    Metal Smell From Cage

    Hello all. I received a used Prevue Hendryx cage that is made of wrought iron and is powder coated. I washed every piece very thoroughly, but noticed that there's a metallic smell coming from these holes that are in the metal poles. I was wondering what this could be from, and if I should be...
  13. M

    What is the minimum cage size for Cockatiels and budgies????

    Hi, I put my 1 pair of cockatiels in 24''x18''x18'' cage and 1 pair of normal budgies in (not english budgies) 20''x16''x14''. But I want to know what is the minimum cage size for cockatiels and budgies?? (using for both Breeding cage and Flying cage), Thanks
  14. Dexy2010

    Travel Cage for Budgie!

    Hey all! So I have a budgie that, due to a beak injury and inability to keep his own beak trimmed, he has to visit the vet frequently for trims. I want to find a small travel cage for him. Anyone have suggestions.
  15. M

    Can I pet Budgies, Finches, Java sparrows in same room in different cages?

    Hello, I have few pair of budgies and cockatiels in different cages in same room. But now, I want to pet finches and java sparrows in budgie's room in different cages. Can I will face any problem or my budgie will get disease from finches and java sparrows?? Thanks
  16. Sweet Louise

    Cage woes corrected!

    I had posted about a problem I was having with the stainless steel cage I purchased new. It took several months, but A & E did everything they said they would. They replaced the cage in full. It took months as they wanted to work with the manufacturer as the cage I bought had a serious...
  17. K

    Looking for a Vision L01 Cage

    Hello, I have 3 budgies and recently bought them the medium wide vision cage. However, I think it is too small and that the large would be the best. However, for some reason the large is almost double the price. Is anyone looking to sell a wide large size vision cage? Must be in good condition...
  18. R

    Conure Cage Upgrade?

    Ro is fully flighted now and knows how to fly so I was looking to upgrade her cage. However, even though she has the space to flap around now, she doesn't. Her cage is 14 inches deep, 31 inches long and 52 inches high. She seems very content in it and hasn't had any stress or behaviour problems...
  19. L

    Proper cage size for 3-4 cockatiels? Aviary ideas?

    This is turned out to be such a wall of text, there's TLDR at the bottom. I have had my two (male) cockatiels for about a year now and everything has been going swell! They are still fairly cautious about humans and hands, but nothing compared to the fear when I first brought them home. Not...
  20. charlieboy

    Pictures Hello World!

    Hi there, I'm new on the forum! I've had budgies ever since I was a kid, and after the passing of my best bud Cookie I decided to get a cockatiel for a change. I looked for adoptions to no avail, so I finally opted for a breeder. When I met Charlie, it was love at first sight! He was born on...