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  1. Flyover

    New Disabled Parrotlet: Need Cage Advice

    I went to a fair yesterday and found the Bourke that I've been seeking for some time, but in addition to him, I fell for a pair of female parrotlets that a woman was almost begging me to take for next to nothing: one is disabled and very tightly bonded to the female she lives with, and people...
  2. Zebez

    Can you help me pick a cage?

    I'm new to the forum but I have owned budgies for about a year now. I really love them, but I would also like a more affectionate, interactive bird that can live in my apartment with me. I decided I would like to bring a green-cheeked conure into my home. I was going to gradually gather supplies...
  3. birdyjas

    Suitable cages?

    Hi, this is my first post, so sorry if it's not quite right. Basically, I'm getting another bird (a GCC) in the next few weeks, so I'm trying to prepare, but this is my first time owning a parrot (I used to have canaries ) and I'm unsure whether these cages are suitable for one. I live in the...
  4. Ravenclaw88

    Best cockatiel cage brands?

    Hello, I'm looking to potentially buy a new cage for my cockatiel, Totoro. His cage currently is large enough for him, but I think i'd like one that is much more sturdier and has more space horizontally rather than vertically, for flight space while I'm out during the day. Any suggestions...
  5. haze

    Best Cages for GCC?

    Hello! I'm shopping for a new cage for Biscuit, because he likes to climb and his old one doesn't allow him to. Problem is, I don't know which cages work for green cheek conures. All the ones I see that seem big enough have macaw sized bar spacing. Please help! The sort I'm looking for is a tall...
  6. Sweet Louise

    Pictures Kings travel cage, what are these parts?

    I purchased the small Kings travel cage and I don't quite see were these parts belong. Anyone know? Pic of the parts and cage attached. Thank you Pat
  7. D

    Green Aracari Cage Size

    Hello, Over the past few months I've been looking into getting a pet bird and an aracari seems perfect, although I'm unsure if I have enough room for an appropriately sized cage (it would have to be indoors only as I live in an apartment complex) and it's very hard to find what size that should...
  8. RedCarpetEclectus

    Is this a good indoor cage? Or suit outdoors?

    I am getting an Eclectus pair, and am wanting to get them this: Walk-in Bird Aviary Dog Reptile Cage Wrought Iron | GTmall Online I am not sure how it would work indoors as I have never had an indoor aviary, so I dont know about cleaning and other stuff (apart from having enough floor space haha)
  9. Mochipmunk

    Overseas - Cage Shipment/Online Shops

    Hello everybody! I am desperately looking to find shops that will ship bird cages to Japan. Unfortunately the majority of cages they sell here are from HOEI (google HOEI "hoei 鳥かご" if you're interested), which I find to be too small and they may just be okay for my conure, but I am planning on...
  10. RedCarpetEclectus

    Double Macaw Cage Pictures Wanted!!

    HI! Could anyone post pictures of their bird/s in a double macaw cage setup if you have one? Trying to get a grasp on their size :)
  11. RedCarpetEclectus

    Where to buy SS Double Macaw Cage in Aus?

    I am really wanting to get a stainless steel double macaw cage for my Eclectus pair, though I cant seem to find anywhere that sells them in Australia? I don't really want to spend a million bucks on shipping after buying a $4000+ cage.
  12. RedCarpetEclectus

    Double macaw cage pictures?

    Hi! I am thinking of getting this double macaw cage for a pair of Eclectus Big Kahuna Extra Large Double Stainless Steel Bird Cage - Double Macaw Bird Cages and Double Extra Large Stainless Steel Bird Cages at Bird Cages 4 Less Does any one have any pictures of their eckies (or similar sized...
  13. CagedStardust

    Pretty Daisy (A few questions!)

    :hello1: New here! And new to caring for a cockatiel too. I have a cockatiel named Daisy that I my dad gave me two months ago. Probably from a pet store...I don't think she's used to interacting with humans and has probably been kept in a cage all the time. She's still not used to me, but I...
  14. Sylvi_

    Thoughts on bar spacing and brand?

    So I've seen this cage on CL for a few weeks and debated if I should get it. Thing is, I can't tell if the bar spacing is too big. :unsure: If it's too big I'll just end up getting another 32x21 flight, but it may be a good cage for Yuka(GCC) if the bar spacing is right. If she gets this one...
  15. M

    Canary Cage

    Hello Avian community, I have a Canary cage that is a bit loose wire are a bit loose in certain areas. I want to know how to secure them without risk of harming the bird. Are there any safe glues? Or welding? It's like 7 tiny spots only. May I varnish the little wood on the exterior of the...
  16. M

    Cage wire loose

    Hello Avian community, I have a Canary cage that is a bit loose wire are a bit loose in certain areas. I want to know how to secure them without risk of harming the bird. Are there any safe glues? Or welding? It's like 7 tiny spots only. May I varnish the exterior of the cage? without the bird...
  17. Sylvi_

    Tips on Lovebird setup?

    So I've been gathering some supplies for Kumo's new flight cage and was wondering what other Lovie parents find is a necessity for them. Or certain toys they go crazy for. Kumo has been loving the shredder toys(Planet pleasures etc.) but do you find a certain toys yours loves? Also, perches...