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  1. Nimbus

    Pictures The Palace Has Arrived!

    The girls’ flight cage arrived today!! Took me about two hours to assemble because I’m an idiot and put several different things on backwards. Pictures! And the new cage beside the one they were previously kept in: Still adding toys and perches, any recommendations for cage accessories?
  2. Scarlet&Annie

    Bird cage has rust...

    I just noticed some rust in Annies cage. It's around the area that holds her water bowl, I assume this is from when she takes a bath and gets water all over. I wiped it away the best that I could but it definitely makes me very nervous. There's some that I can't quite reach but I don't...
  3. BirbBirdy

    New cage suggestions for my cockatiel

    Hi all, I have recently gotten a new cockatiel, along with him, I brought a new cage for temporary use until I could find a larger cage suited for him when he grows larger. The cage I have now is of minimum size for a cockatiel and I would like to get another soon but I have had no luck for...
  4. MxBirbo

    How's my cage setup?

    Can I have some advice on my cage setup for my cockatiel, Aries? When we're home, he's basically out of the cage the whole time unless he's ready to go to bed. (I am going to be getting him a larger cage soon!) Any advice? Praise? Constructive criticism? Thanks birb fam!
  5. Evenlydz

    Recommendations for a new cage

    I am getting my baby Senegal in 2 weeks. I have been searching endlessly for a cage for over a month and now I need help deciding between these two! I have included interior dimensions. 36Lx24Wx36H with 3/4 bar spacing or 64Lx21Wx34H with 1/2 bar spacing. If neither is ideal, I would...
  6. Littlelovebird

    Weaning process Lovebird and cage time?

    Hi everyone! I have some questions for you! I already posted similar questions in the Loverbird Lane but I have more questions and it might make more sense to post it here to get more answers related to weaning! A couple days before Christmas I got a new lovebird and it wasn't completely...
  7. I

    Baby eclectus cage?

    So ive read or watched somewhere that when you first get a baby birdy you shoud keep them in a smaller flat topped cage, so im thinking although i have a great huge cage for when hes older, that ill keep him in a “large rabbit cage” with a towel on the bottom so that he feel more secure would...
  8. A

    Flightless Budgie climbing too high?

    Hi all, I posted earlier about my 5 week old budgie who is currently flightless. I was worried, but after the group analysed her wings we realised she is not clipped or plucked, she’s merely very young and hasn’t yet learnt to fly. She is showing pre flight behaviour like grabbing perches and...
  9. Guibirb

    New toys for Gila!

    After a bit, all the toys and bits and bobs I ordered for Gila are here at last! She didn't make any fuss while I was placing things in, and has been meeting her new toys. The stairs are too big to fit in that cage :( Really need a new one, this is getting out of hand quite fast. When I...
  10. BalloonyDino

    Geo bird cage

    Hi! I've heard a lot about these Geo bird cages lately. I've seen a lot of good reviews and was wondering how many budgies (I have three) would live comfortably in one. Does anyone know anything about it? Thanks!
  11. M

    Pictures Which cage for green cheek conure?

    I’m looking into getting a green cheek conure pretty soon but I don’t know what cage would be best. I heard flight cages are a good choice but the thing that worries me about the flight cages is the thinness of the bars. I was wondering if GCC’s can break the bars? These are the two cages I have...
  12. Guibirb

    Update on Gila!

    Hello everyone, I bring you a little update on my baby, and with it some questions! I think this is the 4th day maybe? I have kept reading and keeping her beside me while I'm playing videogames, she is still quite lively in the morning, and loves singing and chirping, though the days in the...
  13. Diveks

    Macaw in outdoor aviary

    I have a 1,5x3 (5 feet x 9 feet) outdoor cage for my macaw, it is protected from drafts from every side of it, and has a roof. I have toys and different perches in it (well had, since she destroyed almost all of the toys in there, currently ordering new toys) im wondering if its ok to keep her...
  14. TheToddicus

    First Time Bird Owner

    Hi all! I'm a first time bird owner with a hand-tame lutino cockatiel called Bambino, coming up to 6 months old. He bonded with me really quickly and now loves my partner too. We decided not to have him clipped and he's really good at flying now, he can be a bit mischievous but he's got a...
  15. BalloonyDino


    Hi! I was thinking about a idea where you can corner off part of a room with some type of material for a cage instead of getting a moveable cage. Is this a actual concept?
  16. Cat Winter

    Cage Help

    Hello, In a few months I'll be adopting another cockatiel to keep my current boy company. Right now I have him in a L18xW18xH30 cage. I need recommendations for a larger cage that will comfortably house two cockatiels, as I do need to put them away when I go to work. A flat-topped cage or a...
  17. M

    Is my cockatiel cage size ok???

    Hello, I order 2 cages for my cockatiels. I give cage size to the cage maker 24"x24"x24" for 1 pair cockatiels. But unfortunately, the cage maker make my cage 24"x24"x18". They make height 18". He can't take it return and not return my money. I heard international cage size for cockatiel minimum...
  18. P

    Is this budgie cage too small?

    Hi, I was wondering whether this cage (Montana Cages Madeira - I antique) is big enough for 3 budgies? It’s the one I currently have but I’m not sure if I should get a larger one. Thank you!
  19. Zara

    Pictures Lovebird cage setup

    I have 4 cages for my 6 birds (I actually have 6 cages but two are sunbathing cages) so I thought I'd share my setups for my littles.... Adélie: She has a closed foot so has a short cage. There is already a thread about her cage on Special needs crossing but I will go over it here, The cage...
  20. M

    This cage for a Senegal?

    Hey Everybody, I recently cleaned down an old cage that I got used and would like to use it for a Senegal parrot. However, it seems kinda tight. The dimensions are 18W x 18D X 32H. If this is deemed too small, I will opt for a larger one. It looks fine, but most sources ask for bigger...