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Cage size for Rock Pebbler or Indian Ringneck


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I got Rock pebbler parrot home yesterday. It's 3.5 months old and already little bigger than cockatiel in size. I guess might be around 12-13 inches now.

He is in a taller cage right now which is more meant to be for tiels. This guy I know grows upto 16.5 inches which is little longer than IRN so will need both taller and wider cage.

I wish to get a bigger cage for him, but trying to figure out which one should I buy. What size cage do you guys have for IRN or rock pebbler parrot?

Also can I see some pics if possible? I will also have to buy some toys to keep him busy and maybe a swing too. So wanted to see the cage arrangement.


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My guy lives in a 32" x 21" x 36" cage
currently. In my opinion it's the absolute minimum size, so I'm looking into something bigger when space and finances permit. In the meantime he gets lots of free time outside the cage to fly when I am home, and lots of foraging and destroyable toys while I'm gone.

My guy didn't really get much bigger than his weaned fledgeling size. Birds tend to reach adult size pretty fast (in some species the babies are heavier than the adults), and then after weaning and fledging you mostly just see muscle mass increases rather than any skeletal growth. They don't keep growing for months or years like dogs. Your baby is probably as big as he's gonna get, length-wise, at 3.5 months.
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