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  1. S

    Can I bring a male Cage mate for my male Greencheek?

    Hi everyone! I have a 5-8 months old turquoise-yellow side greencheek named Bingo! (Male) So I wanted to bring a cage mate for him , but I don't want them to have eggs so I don't want to bring a female. But is it ok to have two male ? Or a should I just don't bring a cage mate? (And I read...
  2. Lev

    How do I get my birds to adjust to a cage?

    So I've had my two cockatiels, both male, for over a year now. Jo is around 16 months and Niel has just turned a year old. Thing is, family agreed to let them roam freely around the house at first (and a big cage was way too expensive for me to afford then) so aside from bedtime, they've been...
  3. Blub

    Why is my lovebird panicking all off a sudden?

    My lovebird (male, about 4.5 months old) has been acting weird lately. He's acting very paranoid and panicky in his cage when it is bed time (online time when he is in his cage). First I thought it was Night fright, but it also happens when it's still light. This has been going on for like 2...
  4. Diana029

    Recommended cages?

    I'm currently looking for a cage for a canary that I'm getting in a month or so, and am wondering if anyone has any recommendations. Length can be up to 75cm, depth 45cm, and no more than 150cm high. I'm placing the cage on a shelf, so I would prefer not to have a built-in rolling stand. Would...
  5. Diana029

    Bird cage size

    Hi! I'm getting one parrotlet in a few weeks, and I'm currently looking for cages from amazon. I'm currently considering this one...
  6. katm89

    Cage for my conure

    Hello I’m searching for a new cage for my conure and came across this one from birdscomfort.com Has anyone ordered from them before? I’m curious if they’re reputable and about cage quality. Thanks!
  7. Raisins

    Budgie has to stay in her transport cage for a week

    So, today I brought one of my budgerigars to the vet, because there was a scar on her large growth on the abdomen. They prescribed an antibiotic ointment and feverfew extract and gave me a plastic cone-like thing to put around her head. They also told me to keep her in the transport cage for a...
  8. S

    Cage Bar Size

    Hi! I'm looking for a big cage for an African Grey. But all the big cages I find have a 1-inch bar spacing (I want a 3/4 bar spacing). I have been looking at several places like A&E and Kings Cages but have yet to find one. Please if you have any recommendations let me know. Thanks!
  9. ktluvszoe

    Xmas lovebird cage upgrade

    Hi! Looking for good suggestions for a lovebird cage for Christmas. She is an only bird, my first, and will have been with us for 11 months this Christmas, her first holiday. will be getting her a much larger cage. I really like the A&E elegant flight cage but the price point is a little...
  10. lippstikk

    Cage Questions

    Everywhere I read it says 1/2” bar spacing for small conures. I have a green cheek and a roseifrons. They are best buds and I’m wanting to move them in together. I have been putting them in one of their cages for short periods and they are so happy together. Normally they just scream to get out...
  11. N

    Help! Two conures bonded without me

    Hello, First time posting! I got a conure from Petsmart on Columbus Day (Cheeky - gray and green). It was very frightened but got more used to being in the house (still not warmed up to me though). Then a week later my fiancé got a conure (Angel) without consulting me and started putting the...
  12. flyzipper

    Clever cover for larger cages

    I saw this on a rehome link in Parrot Adoptions Ontario (Facebook) and thought it was quite clever if you need/want to cover a larger cage. It looks like they've added some stand-offs to the sides of the enclosure to keep the material away from curious beaks (a video shows the setup in slightly...
  13. katm89

    Best place to shop for cages

    Hi all! I’m looking for a new cage for my Jenday/Nanday conure and haven’t been satisfied with chewy or Amazon selections. Does anyone know of other, better online stores to shop? Favorite conure cage? Thanks!
  14. Tenleigh

    My bird is not going back in his cage

    I had my bird for almost a year now and he never had this problem before. After when I played with my bird, he won’t go back in his cage. He starts to bite me and hiss at me when I place my hand near him. He knows when I’m going to put him back in his cage, because he doesn’t bite me otherwise...
  15. shyanashay

    Is 7/8” Bar Spacing too Big for a Caique?

    I’m thinking about getting this cage for my caique. Only concern is that the bar spacing might be too wide for his toys, perches and stuff like that. Thoughts?
  16. Jeagerbrot


    My sun conure is chewing through the paint coat on his A&E cage and I don't know what to do!! Should I buy a better quality cage like stainless steel or aluminum? I didn't even know a sized beak like his could chew through the paint. I also don't know if I should get in contact with a...
  17. B

    Got a new cage need some advice

    So I bought my Java Rice finch a new cage, using the old one to quarantine her new boyfriend. The new cage doesn't have the metal bars that pull out from the bottom, the bars on the bottom separating the tray from cage are permanent which presents a safety issue. How should I clean that bottom...
  18. StarTrick

    New cage setup!

    Heya! This cage was such a nightmare to put together, and we've still had to leave some parts out. Hopefully when we try again next time it'll be easier and won't take 4 days and 4 men, lol. It's safe and works though! Luca is loving his new toys, and is particularly fond of the ladder.
  19. L

    My Cockatiel won't enter his cage

    Hello! When my cockatiel goes outside his cage, he won't enter back, and I always have to catch him with a cloth, which I hate to do because he is always extremely scared of this. What can I do to make him enter his cage? He seems not to be able to fly downwards (not sure about this), as the...
  20. Tenleigh

    Hows my birds set up?

    hows my cockatiel set up? I finally got done with making his play gym!! He loves it so much, he enjoys watching the birds outside. If you have any advice please let me know!