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  1. tameem

    Stool Status

    (I don't know where to put this, so mods can put it wherever appropriate if this isn't) (FYI: My timezone is GMT+3) "Again" meaning I took my cockatiel to a vet this Oct 2nd because of stool/poop suspicions (notably seeds in stool, bubbles in stool, the vet noticed diarrhea too). "Saturday"...
  2. F

    Wits End - Health/Behavioral Concerns

    Hoping I post this in the right place. Long time reader, finally created an account to post. Warning, long. My 8yr old female tiel is tearing my house apart, while teaching my new 4mo old possibly male her behaviors. I have 20 years of parrot hobbyist experience and I've never encountered such...
  3. R

    Sneezing cockatoo

    Hi for the past few days my cockatoo has been sneezing more often than normal my room is decently dusty as he wont bath or shower under any means so thats one of my suspicions but my worst case is a fungal infection as mould grew in a dark corner of his cage (i removed it quickly) and i also had...
  4. S

    Urgent Cockatiel - Stroke or Seizure?!

    My 8 year old cockatiel (who I have already posted about) suffered from an episode today that scared me immensely. Took him to the vet and they couldn’t figure it out either. I’m hoping someone can help me identify what happened. Basically he was sitting on my lap, when all of a sudden he had...
  5. M

    Urgent Hurt toes

    A few days ago I checked on my bird and noticed blood in its cage and found that most of its nail on 2 toes (same foot) are almost completely gone and I had quick stop for the bleeding but now I’m not quite sure what to do. Please give advice on what to do next (currently my bird is not bleeding...
  6. CGrillo

    Recovery Advice?

    I had a crazy day today :wacky: So I officially need to find Luke a new vet. The office I’ve been taking him to was not a avian specialist but as you may have read in my last thread that because of COVID the avian specialists in my area are all on leave and that this new vet I’ve been taking...
  7. M

    Sad matter happen to Birds

    Hello, Yesterday there was a sad matter happen to birds. I am very worried. My close friend give his budgies zinc supplement in drinking water. I also use it too. After, he gave it to birds they are died in few moments. From yesterday, I heard that same matter happen to many birds owner. I use...
  8. McBird

    how many snuggle bird can we post??!

    I want to see all your fluffy little birdies enjoying your love and attention!! here is Leaf!
  9. McBird

    new travel/sleeping cage

    Leaf has been chewing the paint off of the travel cage that I put him in to sleep. he absolutely refuses to sleep in his big cage. he'll go to the bottom of the cage and scream until I get him out and put him in the smaller cage. so I'm looking on Kings Cages for another travel cage that won't...
  10. McBird

    Leaf, the crazy

    this insane bird was being a cutie then he attacked this video I took of himself because he hates anything that competes for my attention. including videos :lol:
  11. McBird

    well.... looks like the family will be growing

    a friend of mine was talking about having to go recollect her bird after the rehome went south. the guy fricked it up and she got a message saying her super sweet Cockatiel was biting which means that he doesn't understand birds. so she's going to have to go pick her up and then she'll come live...
  12. McBird

    maybe molt time? :o

    looks like I'm about to start my feather collection!! I wonder how many baggies I'll end up with. :cool:
  13. McBird

    my silly yellow scrembolina

    he decided to roll over on my chest last night while we were having birdie time :laugh: pardon my face lmfao I had just gotten off of work and I look a hot mess:rofl:
  14. McBird

    Leaf's vet report

    this Monday or Tuesday I got a call from the vet about Leaf and he is a boy!!! also, he is completely healthy and there are no issues so he can get his shots!!! I'm so glad that he came back with a clean bill of health considering he had never been vetted (to my knowledge) and I'm so glad he's...
  15. McBird

    how I got a new house!

    I can’t remember the first day I went home to my family very well, I was scared. It was all so new but they had this nice big cage, let me out and fly around and treated me so nicely. I loved them so much, they were amazing! It felt like I would never leave, and I’m sure they told me that I...
  16. McBird

    the journey of Leaf, as told by me

    Part 1 of Leaf’s journey: On January 13 of 2017 I was working in the salon with a coworker when we both noticed this giant cage looking thing standing in the middle of the entrance. We surmised several different things that could inhabit this cage from sugar gliders to birds. My gut feeling was...
  17. McBird

    the snuggle burb

    he was being super snuggly this morning before I interrupted it to get him som cool treats for him to eat. he's cleaning on my knee right now being his cute little self. I'm waiting for him to start his molt here soon so my floor is covered with bright yellow and orange feathers so I can start a...
  18. McBird

    foot issues?

    Leaf had this visible on his foot before we went to the vet. it wasn't there when we were there but I finally captured it on camera. he has: - a rope perch - two pedi-perches - an edible perch - four wood perches he also has various toys to sit on and two swings. no dowels, nothing that's too...
  19. McBird

    is there any such thing as too big of a cage?

    currently Leaf's cage is 32” W x 23” D x 69” H and the cage that I'm looking at for an upgrade is 42"W x 26"D x 5ft 10”H. the reason I want to upgrade is so that I can add more perches and toys to keep him entertained while I'm gone. the second cage would be from King's Cages as well but I just...
  20. McBird

    first vet visit!!

    this little man has no idea what's in store for him lol he's about to get his first vet visit in his whole 8 years of life