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how I got a new house!


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I can’t remember the first day I went home to my family very well, I was scared. It was all so new but they had this nice big cage, let me out and fly around and treated me so nicely. I loved them so much, they were amazing! It felt like I would never leave, and I’m sure they told me that I would be there for forever. In any case, that’s what it felt like. They were so kind to me and gave me my favourite foods, they gave me head scritches and they talked to me; they were so kind and loving!

They got some dogs which scared me. I didn’t like they way they looked at me and I tried to tell my family that these were bad creatures, they needed to go. They were scary and I was afraid that they were going to hurt my family or myself. I would defend them to my death to keep these scary things from hurting them.

One day they got my travel cage and put me inside and I got excited; we were going on a trip! Then I saw my big cage all packed up too and was wondering why they were taking that with us — were we moving? Why wasn’t there other boxes for my family? Were we all going to live in that cage? I sat in my boy’s lap and I tweeted and made noises to assure them that there was nothing to fear because I was right there with them. They stopped the car and brought me out and it was dark. I don’t like the dark but I was okay because they were there and I knew that we would all protect each other.

Then there was this big concrete building with lots of light and I knew we would be safe then! I made calming noises to my family but they brought the big cage in with me in my travel cage — surely we weren’t moving in here! It was so loud, the lights were so bright and there were dogs barking and it made me scared again. A nice lady talked with them and I heard some things like “looking for a new home” and I was confused. Who were they looking for a new home for? It couldn’t be for me. I helped protect them and I would warn them of predators. Why would they get rid of me? That’s preposterous!

But they set up a cage next to these machines that went beep, I was in my big cage now. They were saying goodbye but I was so confused; why were they saying goodbye? Then they were walking away. But they forgot something! They forgot me!

I called after them over and over again, begging them to come back because I was scared. Where was this place? Who were these people? So many scary people putting their faces in front of my cage and then there was this one person who came over to me after I was screaming for my family and this strange person with glasses said “I’ve found you a home, it’ll be alright” and I was so confused. I had a home! I had a family! Where were they?!

Staying there was so upsetting and it made me angry. My cage opened for the first time in a while and these two people (the one with the glasses) and one with curly red hair was sticking the travel cage in but I was afraid of it. I didn’t want to go in. Eventually, they reached in to grab me and before they put me in the travel cage they said “I’m sorry, you need to come with us to your new home” and I screamed for my family in the travel cage, and all the way back to this new strange house. I was in a small cage but it was much bigger than the little box they had me in so I figured it was okay.

There was a lady with blonde hair that came to pick me up. I was scared at first, I didn’t know what was going on. But she treated me nicely, I didn’t have to live in that big cage with the scary flying things that were in the bottom of my cage. The cage I was in wasn’t big but it was alright, I mean… I am a small bird, but I missed being able to stretch my wings. This girl was very nice to me and so sweet. But there was a man who came around that I didn’t like. I would chase after him and she would tell me no but she was my person.

The next couple of days I had to stay in the little cage. I was put in a car and then I was put into another car with the person with the glasses. They were so nice to me, scritching my head and saying nice things to me. Then they said that we were going home. I didn’t know what that meant but I figured that this might be another small stay so I guess I was okay with it. I just really wanted a family that loved me and didn’t want me to go away. I felt bad; what was it that I did wrong? Did I scream too loud? Did I not scream enough? Did I bite too much? Did they not love me? They said they did, but did they really not? I was sad.

But this nice person in the glasses, once I was at this new place, let me out. There were scary dogs in the room but they weren’t walking around. I sat on this new person and let them rub me. They said that this was my home now. They told me they were going to buy me a big cage and that they loved me and thought I was pretty. They made me feel warm and happy and I wasn’t scared anymore, I wasn’t sad anymore; I felt relief.

Now I have a nice big cage, and the scary dogs are somewhere upstairs and I can see them or hear them unless they bark but they bark upstairs. When I’m tucked safely away in my cage I’m not scared of them. I love this person. They give me lots of cool food, lots of nice treats, they give me plenty of fresh water to drink and I sometimes take showers with them! They showed me all the new toys they got me and they said my name was Leaf.

One night they were putting me to sleep and were snuggling me and telling me “I love you” and I tried to say it back but I’m not very good at talking. I love this person a lot, they take such good care of me and they’re so nice to me. I love them a lot. I want to protect this person and I’m so happy they gave me a big, nice cage to play in when they’re gone and let me come out to nibble on things with them and spend time with them. They don’t say I’m too loud or bite too hard and they only get stern with me when I try to play with their earrings. They called me the prettiest little birdie in the whole wide world.

I think they’re the best person in the whole world and I never want them to leave. They make me so happy.


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Hi Leaf...nyce to meet youse...youse hav a gud hooman now who will luv youse forever...an youse got all us birds heer dat luv youse too...

Milton da Too :umbrella2:

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