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  1. R

    Leaving bird and going on vacation, how do you guys do it?

    Hi everyone! I own a 11 month old Indian ring neck parrot and I LOVE HIM to death. He is my beautiful beautiful baby. I am leaving for 5 weeks to go on a holiday trip in a month time and I don’t know how I’m going to leave him. I will be leaving him at a family members house as they have birds...
  2. Tenleigh


    I have a 4 month cockatiel. I’m leaving for vacation on this Saturday, for 2 weeks. I already found someone to watch my bird. (she has experience with birds) Is there anything that I should be worried about, or am I gonna lose the bond with my bird when I’m gone? Should I tell the person who’s...
  3. D

    About vacation

    I have had my sun conure since October of last year at 10 weeks old, and I am generally new to having a parrot (had budgies before). We get along great minus some bites here and there lol. But I have a question, this summer my family is having a big wedding in our back home country. Is it ok for...
  4. Gizmo

    Going on vacation!

    Hi everyone!! So I am going on vacation this Monday, and my aunt is babysitting my budgie Tweety bird. I’ve had him for a year and we have bonded a lot.I’ve educated my aunt with all the stuff she needs to know to babysit him. I am bringing him to her tomorrow and He will be staying in his...
  5. jadesha

    Going on a vacation for about a month, will my lovie be okay?

    Hey! Been a while since I've been here. I'm going to be visiting my dad in another country for a month, and will be leaving my lovie with my mother and a friend. They will be supplying him with water and food everyday, keeping him company by sitting and talking to him, but aren't able to take...
  6. SnowB

    Sudden aggression

    Hello :) My sun conure, Skyler, is 4 months old and has been biting me. The bites used to seem like they were just playful and happened when he was too excited or when climbing all over me and he needed grip. Whenever he bites, I calmly but firmly tell him “no biting” and put him away for a...
  7. SnowB

    Leaving on vacation with my bird

    Hello :) I have a 5 week old sun conure and I live with my family. My living situation is complicated and I am being forced to go on a vacation with them. I am hand feeding my bird at the moment. I don’t have anyone who can bird sit for me and I really don’t feel comfortable leaving him with...
  8. chondlr

    help! leaving Conure for extended time

    Hey all I have a crimson belly Conure who I’ve had since he was 3 months old, and he’s been with me for about a year and a half. In this time the most I’ve ever been away from him has been the occasional overnight stay during which my parents looked after him (they also have a bird so they put...
  9. Kiwi & Co.


    Yay! Vacation! Two days ago on Monday we arived in Bluffton! As soon as I opened the travel carrier Kiwi flew out onto my head! (he really wanted to get out) We got to Bluffton at around 8:30 (Kiwi's Travel Journal coming soon) so I set up the cage! Fast foward to yesterday, we went to...
  10. JellotheTiel

    Vacation cockatiel sitting

    I’ve has my bird, Jello, for a year now, but today we are leaving to go to Germany for 4 weeks. Jello will be staying with my dad, for the first two weeks. I’m worried that Jello will get lonely, because he works in finance and his work goes from 8:30 to 7PM, longer than usual work hours. I...
  11. Cosette Gagne

    Bird Watcher for a Vacation???

    Wanted to post this where it might get the most traffic! I'm a new bird owner and have a GCC of 6 months old (my first bird). I am planning a week long vacation in mid July and have no idea where to start with finding a service that will watch my bird while I am gone. Do those services exist...
  12. R

    Leaving lovebirds alone for vacation

    Hello, I'm currently leaving for a trip of 4 days and 3 nights. I have 2 lovebirds, one green and yellow. If they have sufficient water and food, would they be stressed over the days? Only day 2 and 3 I won't be able to see them. Nobody is avaliable to help me care for my lovebirds over the...
  13. T

    Going away for 3 days

    Hi, We are going away for 3 days. We have two budgies in the same cage. We have auto feeders for food and clean water. Is it possible to leave them alone for 3 days? Please share your thoughts and experiences. Thank you in advance! Kike
  14. V

    Leaving conure for two weeks? I've been reading some forums

    I'm leaving on vacation for about two weeks in January, I have had my conure for almost a year and he is bonded to both my boyfriend and I, we live together. I got him from a friend who had him for about six months, she was good to him but didn't have time for him so he spent a lot of time in...
  15. Saya

    Vacation and Tameness

    (This is the friendliest budgie, she decided to take a bath in a wet leaf in my hand, literally the first time she ever did anything like this) Hello! I have two budgies that are housed separately because they don't really get along. I have been working to tame them for about a year now but only...
  16. shasta

    Going on long vacation

    I'm going on a long trip next summer and am getting a green cheek. I've heard many people comment that if you have a bird you just don't go on vacation but that isn't a option for me (I'm a minor). It's a family vacation to Europe for 6 weeks and I don't know what to do!! I have some time but I...
  17. T

    Leaving the flock for vacation

    Has anyone had experience boarding birds? Just wondering what to do if I travel outside the US. My Gray goes with me on most road trips, I also have a Goffins, a conure, a budgie and a cockatiel. Maybe pay a pet sitter? Most are only experienced with dogs and cats...
  18. R

    Help! What to do when going on extended vacations?

    Hi there. I live in the Buffalo, NY area and have a Sun Conure named Piper. My family and I go on vacation frequently I'd say, but it is usually only for a few days to a week, and we always get a family friend in the neighborhood to visit the house every day in order to change Piper's water and...