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Sudden aggression


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Hello :) My sun conure, Skyler, is 4 months old and has been biting me. The bites used to seem like they were just playful and happened when he was too excited or when climbing all over me and he needed grip. Whenever he bites, I calmly but firmly tell him “no biting” and put him away for a while. Overall, he is extremely affectionate and is extremely bonded to me. Skyler has never been an aggressive bird. However, we went on a vacation for 5 days and stayed in an unfamiliar house. I was extremely attentive to his behavior because I wanted to make him as comfortable as possible. The house was very peaceful and I kept our same routine; waking up at the same time, feeding at the same time, playing with him, letting him bathe, giving him fresh veggies, taking him outside for some sun, going to bed at the same time... he also had PLENTY of toys and treat rewards, etc. Throughout the trip he seemed to have lots of fun. He was his normal loud, playful, affectionate self. Until we came home yesterday. He has been aggressively and angrily biting me and doesn’t let go! I can definitely notice a change in the way he is biting. I am not provoking him in any way either. I am extremely attentive to his body language and I can recognize when he doesn’t like something I’m doing.

Is Skyler suddenly aggressive because of the changes in environment? Also, he is bonded to both my boyfriend and I but we don’t live together. During the 5 day vacation Skyler interacted with my boyfriend every day. Is it possible that he is missing my boyfriend now that we are back home? Will this aggression go away or have I traumatized my baby? :(


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I say give him a few days and see what happens :) he may just need time to unwind. Also avoid putting him in his cage when he bites. That should be his safe place, not a jail, and for some birds it can also encourage biting if they want to go back to the cage but are being lazy ;)