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  1. Kestrel

    Pictures What are your bird's favorite toys?

    I was just curious what kinds of toys your bird likes the best? Please, if possible, post pics and what kind of bird you have too! :laugh: I have a cockatiel and her favorite toy hands down is this one by bonka bird. I ordered it from amazon.
  2. Zara

    Foraging; An easy How-to

    If you aren´t sure how to provide a foraging activity for you bird, have a read of this pdf. You may be surprised at just how easy it is and you don´t have to always spend a fortune on expensive toys...
  3. luckyducks

    Cage suggestions?

    We're getting ready to welcome a little pineapple GCC towards the end of June, and I'm working on slowly getting things ready before that. We're slowly switching out our pans with ceramic, bird-proofing the house, removing dangerous chemicals and the like. I've got some perches and toys...
  4. Kestrel

    Pictures Cage tour! Bird's eye view!

    So I have been working on this cage literally for weeks. I made my own natural wood perches and rope perches. I also had a bit of ordering troubles, sending back of toys that didn't quite meet up with safety standards. But now I believe I am finally about done! I may add a few more small...
  5. kiertje


    What kind of toys do your linnies like to play with? Tried a few now but my linnie doesn't really seem interested in it.
  6. Kestrel

    New cage setup, open to suggestions!

    Hello fellow bird nerds! So I am actually waiting on a replacement part because the top of my Prevue Hendryx cage is not fitting correctly (you can see its wonky in the photos) but I thought I would go ahead and play around with "stuff" placement anyway. I'm still working on getting some...
  7. hrafn

    I accidentally just spent $400 on new toys at Petsmart lol

    Bipolar disorder is a horrible thing to deal with, but apparently it's GREAT for the fids because I just spent a whoooole lotta moola on new toys for them. :laughin: Granted I also got some stuff for my other nine animals, but the VAST majority is new birdie toys. It's going to be an adventure...
  8. R

    In search of bird toy. Help!

    So I was at petsmart and I saw two parakeets having a blast with a toy. They don't carry it there and didn't know where I could find it. I NEED this toy. Please help me identify it. Hmmm, this isn't working with Google photos... be back after I find a better place to post the pic lol
  9. charlieboy

    Pictures Cotton Threads On Boing

    Are those cotton threads too long and a possible choking hazard? (I'm guessing so) And if so, could I just trim them? Also, is cotton a risk for ingestion? I'm trying to think of possible risks in Charlie's toys and eliminating them after reading all of the horror stories on this forum. Thank...
  10. charlieboy

    Video Charlie's T4W Toys are here! :)

    They arrived yesterday night, took these pictures this morning :) I think he approves! We are both super happy :heart: P.S. Please excuse my pajamas haha! Also, I am aware Charlie has unusually squinty eyes in these, they're back to normal now and I'm taking him to the vet soon just in...
  11. Zara

    Where to buy toys in Europe?

    Hi guys! Does anyone have any recommendations for online pet stores/websites that sell good toys and ship to Europe? I´m in Malaga, Spain and use Zooplus and Tiendanimal. Is there any others? It would be nice to mix it up and try new toys from new places :) Thanks :)
  12. S

    Stations for the Budgies

    Hi everyone. I'm trying the search bar and I'm not using the correct words so I apologize as I'm sure this has been posted a million times. I will be the owner of English Budgies(probably wild crosses)..yay! I want them to have an amazing home.. What I'm visualizing is their flight cage..I'll...
  13. hrafn

    Pictures New foraging boxes!

    Taco, Kamara and Aurélie got some new foraging boxes today! :D So far we've got lots of paper and cardboard to shred, wooden foot toys, coin sorters with nutriberries stuffed inside, and some paper cups with their favourite treats. They all seem a little bamboozled but intrigued. Taco's eyeing...
  14. hrafn

    Pictures Wild Thing Contest -- Taco's goodies have arrived!

    There's one happy macaw in the hrafn household tonight!! :D I've wanted to get Senõr Destructor an Impenetrable Block for ages, and what better time?! The amazing @Macawnutz even threw in a couple of foot toys for him to demolish. :heart: He's having insane amounts of fun, and I'm in...
  15. Cockatango

    Pictures Cage set up advice

    I've had Tango for over a year now, and this is her first cage. I'm very aware that cockatiels need lots of toys and stimulation. I rearrange and switch out almost all her furniture when I clean out her cage. I keep the door open all day so she can move around as she likes. I put lino on the...
  16. Goffinsmamma

    Something I've noticed...

    So I've mentioned before that my Kiwi doesnt have much interest in playing with toys - but she does have a few staples... mostly things that go crinkle or crunch. Well one of her favorite toys that we try to keep stalked up on is the braided pieces of straw (does anyone know what I'm talking...
  17. miloandmax

    zinc in my toys? where to find stainless steel

    hiya! so recently i read up on zinc toxicity in birds and read about how to test for zinc using magnets. I tested all of my birds toys and all the metal parts on them are magnetic! so that means it can't be stainless steel or aluminium which are bird safe as far as i know and according to the...
  18. AkasyaEllric

    Slade's love of Cheeky Chirp Toys is never ending!

    I put a new one from @webchirp into his cage right before bed last night, and this video was too cute to not share with you guys! He really does love everything she makes.
  19. Atomiklan

    Pictures Oppy's Atom v2.0

    So I started building atoms again. I'm not going to detail the entire process again as I made a really descriptive post here: Pictures - Oppy's Atom! | Avian Avenue Parrot Forum Just wanted to post my attempt at the 4 ring version. Wow its tough to get it right! Tough geometry. I am currently...
  20. McBird

    Bird cage do’s and dont’s

    Hi! It’s been a while since I’ve posted, I’ve been super busy and got all tied up in life. Anyhow, I’ve upgraded Leaf to a giant boy cage and I’m looking for help on what is okay and what is not in terms of putting stuff in his cage. I’ll attach a picture and see what you guys think as well...