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  1. Atomiklan

    Pictures Oppy's Atom!

    Decided that if I am going to get a parrot named Oppy (Oppenheimer), it is mandatory that I get him an atom to play on. Since I am fairly handy and these seem hard to come by, especially sturdy in construction, I decided to make my own. This is just a first initial test to familiarize myself...
  2. Atomiklan

    Bird safe woods and food colors?

    Recommendations on bird safe woods and food color dyes for home made toys?
  3. Atomiklan

    100% Cotton Rope Source

    Anyone have any recommendations for the best affordable source for 100% cotton rope (bulk purchase)?
  4. BirdDad

    Cat toys, dog toys safe for caiques?

    I'll be watching over my sister's caique sometime next month. (If anyone saw my previous post about that, I actually thought it was going to be June, not July. :P) I want to keep him entertained while my sister's away, and I was thinking of picking up some toys at the dollar store for him. I...
  5. Sweet Louise

    Great toys for a Grey?

    Louise is in need of some new toys. Ones she can chew up and destroy. She has quite the collection of bells from AS that she loves, but needs some to chew on. She has about destroyed a wiffle ball that had wood connected to it. She goes through small beads in minutes. Ideas and vendors? thanks.
  6. Atomiklan

    Average costs

    Hello again everyone! Starting to get a lot more serious about Caique ownership (Still have not decided on one or two yet) and so I am starting to put together a list of expenses. I wanted to see if everyone here could (particularly Caique or similar sized bird owners) help me build out this...
  7. T

    I'm New!

    I am going to be a first time bird parent in a couple of weeks. I'm adopting 2 three-year old linnies. They are a bonded pair, male and female. I am reading madly to learn as much as possible. (I've already learned tons here, thanks) I will appreciate all your help in answering my questions...
  8. McBird

    bird safe metals for hooking toys to the cage

    I'm going by Lowes Hardware after work today and picking up some hooks to secure the toys to the cage. what metals should I request? I know nothing with zinc or lead.
  9. Marina Engan

    Pictures My toys

    I would like to share my hobby with you... I make all the toys for my feathered friends and they seem to enjoy it a lot. Even the process of making the toys :-D This first one is a play-feeding-station for my little ones. When I sell a baby I prefer that the new owner buys this as well, so...
  10. ❤ Rosette ❤

    Overpreening From Boredom

    Hello, everyone. I'm having a problem with my Quaker Parrot and only just now realized that he overpreens his feathers. His belly and back have been reduced to down, he very frequently preens and nibbles his feathers, and I notice him ending up accidentally plucking out feathers and promptly...
  11. M

    Toys for my loves

    Hi everyone, We are Marley and Grey's owners, we've had them for a few months now and they seem very settled and happy. However they love to play and always want to come out. Their cage is on a table about 2 foot high. Can anyone recommend a ladder or toy or something I can use to allow them...
  12. ❤ Rosette ❤

    Affordable Bird Toys?

    I was recently browsing my local Petco, my hands clutching a mirror and bell toy, swing, fresh millet, and dried fruit, as I looked around at their bird toys. Gingerly touching some of the destroyable goods, I glanced at the prices and sighed with absolute frustration. Not very affordable, not...
  13. Spudpig

    Used toys?

    I'm in the process of transforming a cage of mine into the ultimate bird cage. Between making sure it's completely safe and finding things to put in it, it's taking a bit of time. I often by used furniture items and have started looking at used bird toys. I'm hesitant to buy one, I'm a worrier...
  14. Ittybit

    Favorite Toys

    What are your birds' favorite toys or places to play/things to play on? :chickenswinger:I'd love to see pics., if you can add them. Thanks!
  15. anuska

    recommend your favorite toy stores to buy from

    Hi all , I'm looking for good websites that sell toys for my Amazons at affordable prices preferably in the U.S , if any one of you have favorites that you'd like to recommend please feel free to do so. Also what are your favorite kinds of toys that you leave to your fids unsupervised , I have a...
  16. AYA

    Lorie's new haul

    I've been meaning to buy some more toys for Lawrence for a while now, as my selection is pretty slim (and dull-- quality toys that aren't just cheap plastic covered with bells and mirrors are hard to find where I live), but a few days ago I had the cash to splurge on my little buddy :D She's...
  17. M

    Cockatiel feather plucking (scratching with beak) back feathers

    A while ago she was laying dozen eggs but she has stopped. I'm now seeing her scratching (with her beak) the back feathers mostly. I think it's called "feather plucking" but she's not bald or have bare skin. I have seen some feathers on the floor and on the cage. And, one or two feathers still...
  18. M

    Toy materials

    Are there certain materials to stay away from in making/purchasing bird toys? (The birds are lovebirds if that changes anything). I have a small hoard of small animals and I'm always buying them toys, often I buy them small bird toys as well since they are often made of the same materials...
  19. Sweet Louise

    Toy suggestion for an African Grey

    short story: looking at an atom or a rope coil: something to extend the play space off a cage. long story: I bought Louise a 26x38x68 inches high cage and a cage that is 23x32 41 inches high guest cage for my friend's grey when he visits for socialization. Louise now spends all her time in the...
  20. Sylvi_

    Yuka's block

    One of Yuka's favorite foot toys are these little wooden blocks for small animals. She'll play with them for hours :D Got a few cute pictures easier: