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  1. Zara

    Pictures My SWS haul from Kazoo Bird and company

    Yes, that's right, it just got here and I'm soo excited! Spanish customs have held this package hostage all this time! :sad3: I'm actually not home, I picked up the package at the post office and went straight to my office after, but here are some pics of what I picked out, later I will show...
  2. D

    Best Canary Cage

    Hi, I’m new to this website, so sorry if I’m posting this in the wrong section; I’m still figuring things out. I’m getting a canary in July, but I want to make sure that I have a proper cage. For those of you that have owned a single canary before, or just have more knowledge than I do, is...
  3. Ladybird29

    How to stop unwanted habit.

    My cockatiel loves preening my eyelashes and I hate it! I think she is trying to get the mascara off. Lol I like her close to my face so I can give her kisses and so she can kiss me and clean me, but she loves my eyelashes! Please let me know ways to prevent her from doing this. I’m not sure if...
  4. Nimbus

    Pictures The Palace Has Arrived!

    The girls’ flight cage arrived today!! Took me about two hours to assemble because I’m an idiot and put several different things on backwards. Pictures! And the new cage beside the one they were previously kept in: Still adding toys and perches, any recommendations for cage accessories?
  5. B

    Are knit/crocheted toys safe?

    I was wondering if I could knit or crochet some toys for a bird. I’m worried they could get a loose thread and get tangled, or get their claws stuck in the yarn.
  6. I

    Future eclectus entertainment/ companion bird

    Im thinking of getting an eclectus at some point either adopted or from a breeder, by the time i am planning to get this bird i am hopefully going to be working a nice 9-5 job. I was wondering what entertainment for their birds while they’re not home other eclectus owners here on the forum have...
  7. honeykat13

    Idea for Toys/Play Area. Would this Work?

    I would love to spoil my cockatiel, whenever I get the money to allow me to do so. I've spent some time thinking about what I would want to do, and I want to get some opinions to see if it's a good idea, would be safe, etc. I'm wanting to convert a cat tree into a playground for my tiel. I...
  8. Guibirb

    New toys for Gila!

    After a bit, all the toys and bits and bobs I ordered for Gila are here at last! She didn't make any fuss while I was placing things in, and has been meeting her new toys. The stairs are too big to fit in that cage :( Really need a new one, this is getting out of hand quite fast. When I...
  9. AkasyaEllric

    What has everyone ordered from the SWS?

    So far I've ordered from @Macawnutz for Slade , and even without the sale I had to pick up a new toy @Mizzely put out cause it's ginormous and looks like it might actually last Diggle more than a day or two :loltears: I also have a few more purchases I'm deciding on. What's everyone else ordered?
  10. Willzan

    Creating my own toy

    Hi there parrotlovers! Im thinking of creating a net to hang on the wall for my birds, i found this piece of rope that is about 20 meters long. I was wondering if i could buy that and build my own net to hang on the wall along with some Wood to kind of keep it all togheter and for them to bite...
  11. Kiwi's Mom

    Pictures What Is Your Budgie's Favorite Toy?

    Hello! I thought that It would be fun to compare our budgie's favorite toys so I made this thread! Post a photo of your budgie and their favorite toy! I'll start: This is one of Kiwi's favorite toys, he likes to ring its bell and swing on it. (of course he got distracted by the camera and tried...
  12. Zara

    Pictures Lovebird cage setup

    I have 4 cages for my 6 birds (I actually have 6 cages but two are sunbathing cages) so I thought I'd share my setups for my littles.... Adélie: She has a closed foot so has a short cage. There is already a thread about her cage on Special needs crossing but I will go over it here, The cage...
  13. Zara

    Pictures Quick and easy toys

    I just pulled out the supplies to make a few toys to give the bird something new to play with or shred. I thought I'd share, they're really nothing super special but they do the job, they're colourful and cater to what my birds like and what they are allowed. These sort of toys really don't...
  14. Mo Amjad

    Does this look safe for my bird to play with?

    Hey guys my ringneck really seems to love this headphone case I have. I'm thinking on putting it at the bottom of his cage because he absolutely tears it down do you guys think it's ok to chew on?
  15. Mo Amjad

    DIY toys

    Hey guys can I use these metals as for a toy?.
  16. Kestrel

    Pictures What are your bird's favorite toys?

    I was just curious what kinds of toys your bird likes the best? Please, if possible, post pics and what kind of bird you have too! :laugh: I have a cockatiel and her favorite toy hands down is this one by bonka bird. I ordered it from amazon.
  17. Zara

    Foraging; An easy How-to

    If you aren´t sure how to provide a foraging activity for you bird, have a read of this pdf. You may be surprised at just how easy it is and you don´t have to always spend a fortune on expensive toys...
  18. luckyducks

    Cage suggestions?

    We're getting ready to welcome a little pineapple GCC towards the end of June, and I'm working on slowly getting things ready before that. We're slowly switching out our pans with ceramic, bird-proofing the house, removing dangerous chemicals and the like. I've got some perches and toys...
  19. Kestrel

    Pictures Cage tour! Bird's eye view!

    So I have been working on this cage literally for weeks. I made my own natural wood perches and rope perches. I also had a bit of ordering troubles, sending back of toys that didn't quite meet up with safety standards. But now I believe I am finally about done! I may add a few more small...
  20. kiertje


    What kind of toys do your linnies like to play with? Tried a few now but my linnie doesn't really seem interested in it.