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  1. deftpwnes

    Bells: yes or no?

    Hi everyone! I see so many posts and videos and webpages about how great bells are for birds, but then I see the horror stories of birds’ beaks, feet, etc getting caught in them. So my question is… are bells bad or good? Is there a more complicated answer? Thanks!
  2. L


    Hi guys! Last Thursday I adopted a caique called gizmo, he is 8 months old. He is settling in really well, he loves spending time with us I have started to convert him to a pellet diet as he was previously on a seed only diet- it is going well! I have been crushing up Harrison’s pellets and...
  3. Kesshi

    Regurgitating Help!

    Hey everyone, first post, long time watcher. But I just recently rescued 2 Congo African greys. Beauregard is 40 and Basil is 10. they both came from an abuse situation. When I picked them up, their cages were rusted and they had maybe 2-3 perches each and Beauregard had no toys (but Basil had...
  4. Carp5699

    Budgie hangs out at the bottom of cage and other questions

    So I heard budgies or other birds stay at the bottom of their cage if there's a problem. Cloudy is a healthy budgie and goes to the top of his cage to eat and sleep, but for the majority of the day stays at the bottom. I think it may be because he loves the sola ball toys down there, but I'm not...
  5. Tapew0rrm

    Any good out of cage toy advice?

    I wanna get toys and such for outside the cage so that it feels more inviting for Aro to play in given he seems a little nervous to explore, but I feel completely clueless on where to even start. I've been looking into play gyms but all the ones that would be a good size for him are pretty...
  6. S


    Hi! Where do you buy your parrot toys online? I am struggling to find a reputable website for larger parrot toys.
  7. Carp5699

    What sola toys are best for budge

    I'm looking at a few different kinds of Sola toys on Amazon right now, and im stuck on which ones to choose because I'm not sure what's best for a budgie. They all say foot toys, and I'm not sure I've seen budgies use foot toys before Here are the links: https://a.co/d/9FmpFUb...
  8. Xoetix

    How exactly do foraging toys work?

    I was looking at toys for Tteok, and noticed that anything listed as “foraging” was weirdly expensive. So I thought I’ll make some myself! Got rattan ball thingies, some finger traps, tissue paper (the kind usually stuffed in gift bags), and some twine. Sixty minutes, lots of cussing, and much...
  9. Codyyjohns


    So I recently decided to add a tree stand for my two cockatiels next to their cage. The only issue was that I couldn’t find something narrow (but tall) enough and I didn’t want to spend an outrageous amount of money. I found an Etsy shop that happened to be semi-local to me called Blooms &...
  10. flyzipper

    Nina Ottosson games and toys

    I have no experience with these myself (if you do, please share your thoughts!), but I saw them mentioned on a local wildlife rehab site and thought they looked interesting, so here's the link... https://www.nina-ottosson.com/products/wooden-games/ They have numerous options with differing...
  11. BirdLady13

    Favorite Toys - Small Bird Edition

    I need to replenish the toy stock for my lovebird and two parrotlets. What is your small birds favorite toy?
  12. B

    So I need toys for my Java Rice Finches...

    My Java's only have a swing and a toy that looks like a stoplight for pure "entertainment". They do play with them from time to time but was wondering if I should get more toys to amuse them with and what kinds would be best for birds that size.They do have a bath that they LOVE, several perches...
  13. MiniMarie

    Advancement of a chewer?

    Formatting will not be great cause I'm on mobile. So! My Jade is learning about toys still. She started with preening strings (not fabric, but grass type) to sea grass and other stringy things she would run her beak along.... Then she discovered she can actually remove pieces from her toys and...
  14. Zara

    How to make things at ¨zero¨ cost?

    I thought it would be a cool idea for us to have a thread where we can all post tips, ideas, inspiration and tutorials on how to make things for our birds (toys, foraging activities, accessories) at basically ¨zero¨ cost. Things like little DIY foragers, reusing broken toys, using items found...
  15. ZY28

    Is non-toxic Elmer's School Glue safe to use on bird toys?

    Hello everyone! I hope your having a good day :). I wanted to make some DIY toys for my GCC and I was wondering if a non-toxic Elmer's School Glue would be safe to use as an adhesif on the toys. Thank you!
  16. Oscarbird

    Find the lovebird!

    Can anyone find Oscar among his toys? Just sorting through them to see if any were worth keeping and Oscar decided to join me!
  17. barbs0nly

    good vendors from AA avenue!

    i would rlly rlly appreciate links or website info or rlly any information on toys i can buy from ppl on AA, i like that most are all natural and everyone’s birdies seem to have a lot of fun with them! (personal promo is welcomed and appreciated ;))
  18. LydiaB

    Best types of wood and rope for bird toys?

    So recently I've been working on re-making my birds favorite toy that has been discontinued in every store I've looked at and I'm trying to figure out what wood types would be best to use. I'll include an image of the toy that I'm recreating so you can all get a better idea of what it looks like...
  19. J

    Looking for Natural toys

    Hey guys, Just wondering where I can find natural wood perches, toys, foraging toys. I live in Singapore, can't find much avian shops here, the local pet store only has plastic toys and wooden dowels (Im looking for something which isn't perfect in shape like dowels). Is there any e commerce...
  20. casehulf

    What are your favorite ways (or your budgie's favorite) to entertain you budgie?

    Hi all, My budgie, Lemon, is super active and I am trying to figure out new ways to entertain her. She gets free reign of the house when I am home, which is most of the day. She is fully flighted (I firmly believe that she is a bird and is meant to fly. It would be like not allowing a...