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  1. S

    11 week weaning cockatiel throwing up

    My cockatiel is 11 weeks old today & we’ve been weaning from hand feeding. She’s been throwing up seed today & doesn’t want to be held. I cannot afford to take her to a vet but I am very worried about her. What could be causing this & what should I do
  2. Cutu Too Cute

    Cookie here!

    It's been two years since Cutu passed away. He had been with me for 9 years and was practically a baby to me. A few months later we got another baby bird from a friend but she too met a horrible end. I hate CATS. Last week i dared to get another baby bird and he/she is such a cutie but we...
  3. Cutu Too Cute

    A little advice please!

    I got a new baby parakeet, he's around a month old. Since he arrived, he's been sneezing and wheezing. My mother is a vet but not an expert in avian, she suggested some medicine and I applied Vicks around the nose. He is completely fine for some time then starts sneezing again. There's no fever...
  4. MoonBirdie

    Is it safe to give ginger and turmeric to budgies?

    Hi all, I’ve been on this site many times reading other posts, but this is my actual first post here! Hope it all goes well. :greet14: Main question: I heard many times across online forums and videos that ginger and turmeric mixed in water is good for birds, like for treating nausea symptoms...
  5. lolmcr

    Urgent Orange Winged Amazon health advice

    Hey everyone, I'm just posting here to get some advice. My orange winged amazon is about 45-50ish (we are unsure of exact age, he could be older or younger), but he has been quivering a bit (hes done this for past year or so, vet checked his breathing & did other tests and said everythings ok a...
  6. CreyzLulu


    My lovebird does this every few months or so! I do not know what gets him to do this! I know its the winter time and our house is really warm he even does it in the summer! Could it be the dust?? I rolled my windows down an hour or so ago so maybe it is because of that? He also scratches his...
  7. C

    Cockatiel dark poop

    I have a six year old cockatiel and all day today she has had black-looking droppings that are dark brown if looked at closer. She is acting completely normal (eating and drinking etc) so i'm not sure if I should be worried. I did take her to see my mom 4 days ago who has a conure and a yellow...
  8. ktluvszoe

    Occasional sneezing after nap—lovebird

    Hi all, I’m wondering if anyone has experienced this type of sneezing with their birds before. I have a lovebird (almost 2 years later this month). Sometimes she wakes up from a nap sneezing and/or boogery. She makes tiny little sneeze sounds and shakes her head quickly. It’s been going on for...
  9. A

    Urgent Budgie With Weird Symptoms

    Hey all, I am a semi-new bird owner. I got Basil (male parakeet) almost a year ago in March, and he's been a healthy and happy little guy up to this point. He was from a local pet store, so he's a bit skittish and I don't handle him too often, but he's very energetic and loves to fly around and...
  10. S

    Anyone have experience with raspy sounding contact calls?

    Hi all, About 5 days ago I noticed my GCC suddenly had a sort of raspy, hoarse sounding contact call. Just to be clear, I did call our avian vet ASAP who stated she believed that it was due to the dryer climate and we scheduled the next appointment to be safe but they were booked out almost 2...
  11. C

    Lethargic bird watery poops

    Hi guys, My little kakariki zazu suddenly got unwell today, she became suddenly lethargic. She’s just very fluffed up and sleepy but still is drinking and eating a small amount not much but she still is eating. My main concern is her poops are very watery, with the white uric acid in it. I can’t...
  12. L


    I found my budgie has been extremely weak cannot walk or fly and is always asleep. The weather has been cold and raining and this may have caused it. Is there any option other than taking it to a vet?
  13. Luvbirds

    Help! medicine advice

    My lovebird turns out has pneumonia and she was prescribed Enrofloxacin but she vomits it out right after, do I give him another dose? plus she has stroke like symptoms today , any advice?
  14. K

    Parrot coughing after due to intubation

    My bird had recently a liver biopsy, she has this cough when she becomes active, playing or eating her pellets. It’s like she becomes out of breath. I was told that she was intubated. When I went to pick her up she was like this. I am not sure if it’s coughing or if it’s sneezing. I have had her...
  15. K

    Bile acid and beta globulins

    Good afternoon, I got a cockatoo umbrella female in October 2022 she is 1 year old. I decided to take the bird to an avian vet for an anual wellness exam to see why this bird is not waiting much during the day. And they did fecal. And blood test. Her fecal came back negative for parasite and...
  16. Csolis22

    Urgent What’s wrong with my lovebird

    Hi, I took my lovebird to the vet yesterday to check on her frequent regurgitation, they did a fecal gram stain and it was clean. They did blood work but I have yet to receive the results, I asked for a crop swab but the vet didn’t want to resort to that just yet out of fear of the risks. Last...
  17. LemonMan

    Pictures Canary with stool stuck

    As the title suggests, I've had 2 canaries (M/F) who's been in my care for a year. Sadly one of them passed some time ago (M) and as a result of this I've been even more paranoid and cautious with my other canary (F). I've noticed that her stool has gotten stuck around her anus and some of the...
  18. K

    Please help! Foaming from mouth.

    My 2 year old lovebird has started foaming at the mouth. She’ll start by looking like she’s about to regurgitate then all of the sudden there’s foamy saliva all over her beak. She’ll violently shake her head til it’s all stuck to her face. I wiped some off and gave her water but she’s been up...
  19. JulietRose


    One of my budgies is seemingly pretty sick, I would take her to the vet, but for personal reasons, I can’t take her, and it may be a while til I can. I’m very worried she won’t make it and I’m wondering if anyone has any advice on what she might have and how I can help her. She been shaking and...
  20. S

    GCC Napping a lot but no other signs of illness?

    So I wanted to come here and get everyone else's opinions. I've had a few birds, but none have lasted long due to unfortunate reasons, so I'm still very new and over cautious. My Green Cheeked Conure shows no other signs of illness, he plays occasionally, eats just fine, drinks just fine but he...