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  1. B

    budgie not recovering?

    hello, my budgie has been having really sticky droppings and diarrhea and recently got diagnosed with coccidia. the vet prescribed medicines for her which we are supposed to give for 10 days before going back to the vet. however its already been 5/6 days and my budgie is not showing any...
  2. harum.t

    Pellet recommendations?

    My parakeet, Zuko, has been lethargic and his poop/behavior has been abnormal (green and semi-watery) so I of course went to the vet to get him checked out. They said they really weren't sure if anything was wrong with him (due to covid, I'm not in the room to see the vets inspect him, so this...
  3. helppetra

    Urgent Baby Cockatiel Sick :( Please help!

    This is a recent photo of Petra and she is about five months old. Lately, her behavior has become odd because she has begun to sleep more often than normal, she is sometimes found resting at the bottom of the cage [it seems like she is too weak to perch], and her droppings have become abnormal [...
  4. S

    Urgent Apollo looks very sick.

    He is acting totally out of character. Usually he is quite noisy and loves to run around and yell at me but today he has been dead silent. He threw up twice and his poop is discoloured. It looks red/orange. I gave him carrots the other day but he might’ve gotten into some sweets of mine I had on...
  5. JustADingo

    Cockatiel cold symptoms but NO aviary vet??

    hello!! my bub Matcha (pearl pied cockatiel, 2.5 years old, bit of a hefty gal) has come down with some cold symptoms she probably caught from me. (usually after a cold i deep clean my room to make sure theres minimal germs and i also want to make sure that i get back on track asap but i didnt...
  6. E

    Budgie acting different after medicine

    Last Friday (5 days ago) I brought my budgie to the vet as her faeces was wet and she had been fluffed up. The vet said it was a gastrointestinal problem and he also said she might get lighter. He prescribed her enrofloxacin which we give twice daily. Ever since we started giving the medicine...
  7. B

    Does my budgie closing his eyes necessarily mean he is sick?

    Hello! I'm a long time bird fan, but a very new and inexperienced bird owner. My family recently got me two budgies to help us cope with the loss of another bird we had been caring for (long and sad story, I may post about him in the Highway to Heaven area). When I was talking to them to help...
  8. B

    Urgent Budgie randomly taken turn (sad update post #4)

    Hello! My 2 (ish) year old budgie, Pierogi, has randomly taken a turn for the worse overnight. He is still eating and drinking (less than usual but still doing it) but is very lethargic and fell off his perch earlier. I can’t get to a vet for a few days, I’ve been keeping him warm in a travel...
  9. S


    I've been monitoring my cockatiel for a week. He seems to sneeze occasionally when he preens, or while asleep. Maybe a couple of times a day. He also does this weird exhale with his mouth for maybe 3-4 times, happened about twice this past week. Vet says this all could be dander and dust, hard...
  10. J

    Urgent Budgie Respiratory Problems

    Hi Everyone, I noticed that my budgie Blu had a blocked nostril the other day as well as audibly panting after flying, and had, still has, a bit of a tail bob, I brought him straight to the vet, unfortunately there's no avian vet near me as there's only one in the whole country here. The vet...
  11. Nnbal

    Is my parrot sick

    Hello. I have a 1 year old Macaw parrot. His name is Pasa. He sneezes especially at night. Its current is ignored. Light colored He eats well. He is very happy. It has no other problems. Just sneezing. Our vet gave antibiotics. We used. But it did not pass. I bought an air filter in his room...
  12. Angel&Char

    Pictures CHARLIE - Pastel face, several problems (Sad update post #11)

    This is about Charlie, our baby pastel cockatiel. He is currently around 32 days old. Last week, he already had an internal infection of fungi in his throat and some bacteria in his digestive tract, causing his droppings to be like a suspension (some powdery stuff like undigested formula...
  13. I

    Budgie is looking sick, what do I do?

    I got my male budgie Sky about a year ago. Just today we noticed he was very sleepy during the day. When he came out of the cage, he ate a few seeds and then just perched on my hand with his eyes closed. We tried to offer him some spray millet but he wouldn’t take them which was very worrisome...
  14. P

    Urgent Sick African Grey

    Hi, my African Grey, Kiwi, appears to be sick for the past few days. I’ve noticed that she has been sleeping a lot and not eating as much as usual. Yesterday I noticed that she is off balance and unable to walk. I took her to an avian vet who took some X-rays and did blood work. I was told that...
  15. NotKayli

    Urgent Yeast Infection Cockatiel Help! (Sad Update #15)

    hello first time on the forum but i use it to get opinions on bird things big n small but unfortunately today my heart is breaking. yesterday night he seemed really cold it’s been uncomfortable in our home due to a number of things & we’ve been doing what we can & thankfully tomorrow we’ll be...
  16. F

    Urgent Cockatiel with infection

    Hi guys, my cockatiel(2yo) had a raspy voice couple days ago like when you catch a cold and you lose your voice. I took her to vet and she was diagnosed with infection in her air sacks and was given antibiotics. She’s been on antibiotics since last Thursday, today marks the 5th day. I’m giving 3...
  17. B

    Sick or chill budgie? - Very confused owner

    Tweety is 3-4 years old. She has always been VERY relaxed and chill often sleeping most of the day and playing more around night time. She'll sing sometimes and loves being scratched. She also molts very often, maybe every 3 months? I should have kept a log but never did. My concern is that...
  18. S

    Urgent Bird Vigourously shakes head

    My female African peach faced is vigorously shaking her head as if trying to gag/getting some stroke. She's very sleepy. I don't know what to do. We don't have an avian vet here and it's midnight.She looks sick.
  19. C

    No idea what to do with Lovie

    Hi all, I have a single female lovie, who this entire year has shown such weird behavior, she used to lay eggs but now she doesn’t. instead she just regurgitates on every single toy and eats it non stop every other day. I have taken her to the vet every month, and they’ve run every exam...
  20. C

    Strange Lovebird Behavior

    Hi everyone. I hope someone can bring some light. I take my bird to the vet literally every month at this rate for testing because I pick up on every little weird behavior. and for the past few months (she’s a single female lovebird) she’s been exhibiting extreme mating behavior and...